Warning to Orthodox Church: False Teachers and Deceitful Venues That Contradict and Distort Church Teaching

Warning to Orthodox Church: False Teachers and Deceitful Venues That Contradict and Distort Church Teachingby Fr. Ioannes Apiarius –
The Orthodox Church is being attacked by false teachers and deceitful venues that question, challenge, mock, deconstruct, contradict, and distort Church teaching, practices, and theology.

With help from the Orthodox editors, I have compiled a list of articles, essays, and petitions written by Orthodox Christian priests, deacons, professors, and writers warning the Church about false teachers and deceitful venues (especially Public Orthodoxy, The Wheel Journal, Orthodoxy in Dialogue, Fordham University’s Orthodox Center, Lazar Puhalo, Sister Vassa) that question, challenge, mock, deconstruct, contradict, and distort Church teaching, practices, and theology.

These links summarize the extensive true and public witness of approximately sixty three (63) Orthodox Christians (mostly priests) all of whom are in good standing with the Orthodox Church (spanning multiple jurisdictions). They represent Orthodox bishops, priests, archpriests, hieromonks, seminary professors, and two deans of Orthodox Christian Seminaries. These preachers and teachers speak and write from within the Moral Tradition of the Orthodox Church. They speak with the authority of the Church, the Apostles, Fathers, Theologians, and Saints. Their words align with Scriptures and exemplify the true and universal teaching, theology, and practices of the Holy Orthodox Church across two millennia.

The same cannot be said of those fomenting rebellion inside the Orthodox Church.

The ranks of the false teachers include academics who openly promote the homosexualist agenda and oppose the Orthodox Church sacred Tradition. Some of these individuals openly and proudly self-identify as “homosexual” or “LGBT.” Many are not Orthodox Christians. Some are women “married” to other women. Others are men “married” to other men. Some were deposed by the Orthodox Church, openly declare and celebrate their “gayness,” and publicly promote the LGBT ideology. Others abandoned the Orthodox Church to become priestesses in other churches. All want to radically change the Orthodox Church teaching and Tradition to accommodate distorted and corrupt ideas.

List is provided in reverse chronological order, beginning in 2012, the earliest article we could find.

The Orthodox editors on this blog will continue to add more articles and links as they become available to warn the Church and the faithful about the false teachers who pridefully consider themselves “wiser and smarter” than the Apostles, Fathers, Theologians, and Saints of the Orthodox Church.

The Pro-Abortion “Orthodox” (The Birth of a New Religion, Part 1)
5/5/2022 – Fr. John Whiteford

Academics Incorporating Leftist Dogma into Orthodox Christianity
2/16/2022 – Orthodox Reflections

Morality Not Black and White, Fordham’s George Demacopooulos Says in Abortion Article
2/7/2022 – Orthodox Christianity

What Happens When “Scholars” Fail to Address Arguments and Evidence Presented to Them [Refuting Public Orthodoxy Defamatory Attacks]
2/5/2022 – Fr. John Whiteford

The Problem With ‘Fundamentalists’ [Refuting Fr John Jillions]
2/1/2022 – Rod Dreher

The Wicked Heretic Lazar Puhalo
12/29/2021 – TruthBeTold7

Orthodox America Has a Cultural Marxist Problem [Refuting Aram Sarkisian’s Defamatory PO Article]
12/11/2021 – Fr. John Whiteford

Homosexual Unions or Intercourse Can Never Be Redeemed or Blessed by God
8/3/2021 – Fr. Thomas Hopko

Shepherd, Know Your Sheep – Open Letter to Archbishop Sotirios [False Teaching on Single Communion Spoon]
7/27/2021 – Orthodox Reflections

Sin Cannot Be Blessed by the Church
7/10/2021 – Fr. Photius Avant

New gender ideologies are a demonic attack against union with God – Bulgarian Church
6/17/2021 – Orthodox Christianity

Mari Iakovou Mars Proudly and Publicly Celebrates LGBTQ Pride Month
6/16/2021 – Jennifer Davis

GOARCH, OCA hierarchs celebrate Patriarch Bartholomew’s name’s day at pro-LGBTQ Episcopal church
6/16/2021 – Orthodox Christianity

From New York To Istanbul With Love: From Green To Rainbow Patriarch
6/15/2021 – Nick Stamatakis (Helleniscope)

Bulgarian hierarch takes stand for Christian morality against gay pride parade
4/26/2021 – Metropolitan Joanikii of Sliven

Lazar Puhalo: “Ten Commandments Not Terribly Significant or Unique”
3/27/2021 – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius

Petition for Bishops to Denounce Blasphemous “Orthodoxy in Dialogue” Website
2/19/2021 – Michael Sisco

Orthodox Priests Joining the Fight Will Change Everything
2/3/2021 – Orthodox Reflections

“That Horrible Bishop Makes Me Do It”
2/1/2021 – Monomakhos Blog

Where’s the clerical consistency? – part 1
1/28/2021 – Dissident Mama

Fr. Christopher Calin Endorses Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBTQ, Anti-Christian Biden-Harris Candidacy
8/22/2020 – Jennifer Davis

Orthodox MD Argues the Communion Spoon is Safe
6/17/2020 – Orthodox Reflections

Archbishop “Many Spoons” Elpidophoros – Heresy to the Nth Degree?
6/5/2020 – Monomakhos Blog

Impossible for Holy Communion to Carry Germs or Diseases
6/3/2020 – Archbishop Michael Konstantinides

Mixed Marriages [Not Excuse to Overthrow Eucharistic Praxis]
5/4/2020 – Fr. Lawrence Farley

Inga Leonova: Criminal Stupidity for Bishops and Priests to Give Holy Communion and Spread the Virus
3/25/2020 – Orthodox Editors

Fr. Cyril Hovorun: Mistake to Believe Eucharist Cannot Transmit Virus
3/24/2020 – Orthodox Editors

Greek Archbishop of America [Elpidophoros] declares open Communion for non-Orthodox spouses
2/21/2020 – Orthodox Christianity

When People of God Fall, They Behave Worse Than Pagans
2/13/2020 – Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon

Giacomo Sanfilippo’s Unholy Vendetta Against Faithful Orthodox Priests and Teachers
2/7/2020 – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius

The Ten LGBTQ Commandments [satire]
1/21/2020 – Jennifer Davis

An Anonymous “Open Letter” against Fr. Josiah Trenham
1/16/2020 – Fr. John Whiteford

Stricken with Death
1/14/2020 – Fr. Zechariah Lynch

The Antiochians Don’t Disappoint (The Fr. Aaron Warwick Affair)
1/10/2020 – Fr. John Whiteford

When A Bishop Does Right
1/6/2020 – Rod Dreher

Orthodoxy, LGBT, & Spiritual Sedition [re: “Orthodoxy in Dialogue” scandalous LGBT rebellion]
1/3/2020 – Rod Dreher

Go to Sleep, Everything is Just Fine
12/21/2019 – Fr. Zechariah Lynch

Ukraine Schism: What is a Layman To Do?
11/23/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford

Trying to Make Silk Purses Out of Sows’ Ears (Response to “A Theology of the Erotic”) [refuting Aristotle Papanikolaou false teaching]
11/15/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford

Discernment or Scaffolding? [refuting Aristotle Papanikolaou false teaching]
11/8/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford

Contrary to Nature: A Response to “Would the True “Nature” Please Stand Up?” [refuting Public Orthodoxy false teaching]
11/1/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford

Ed Sullivan Canon – Response to “Meeting Michelle” Part 2 [refuting Public Orthodoxy LGBTQP+ agenda]
10/23/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford

Response to “Meeting Michelle” Part 1 [refuting Public Orthodoxy LGBTQP+ agenda]
10/18/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford

A Provocation by a Provocateur
10/12/2019 – Nun Cornelia (Rees)

Don’t Dialogue With Sin
10/9/2019 – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius

Heresies and Schisms Will Appear in the Churches, in the Last Days
10/7/2019 – St. Ambrose of Optina (1812-1891)

Blasphemy and Open Rebellion by Nik Jovcic-Sas the “Orthodox Provocateur”
10/5/2019 – Jennifer Davis

Request To All Orthodox Bishops In America To Take Action Against False Teachings
9/29/2019 – Petition started by Elizabeth Dunbar

Fordham Scandalizes with “Mixed-Media Orthodox” Exhibition [Aristotle Papanikolaou and George Demacopoulos Promote Blasphemous Art]
9/17/2019 – Orthodox Christianity

Transgender Ideology is Anti-Christian, Anti-Science, & Marxist
9/15/2019 – Fr. Zechariah Lynch

Moral Heresy? [refuting Aristotle Papanikolaou’s false claims]
8/30/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford

Clergy, Scholars, LGBT Activists, Drag Show Host Gather to Discuss Opinions on Orthodoxy, Sex, Gender, Sexuality
8/23/2019 – OrthodoxChristian.com

What Modern Churches Are Missing [on Sister Vassa’s confusion of St. Paul’s teaching]
8/6/2019 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

Trust Faithful Orthodox Elders, Avoid Modernist Liberal Academics
7/18/2019 – Fr. Michael Wood (Hieromonk)

“Two Men in Bed Together”: a Failure of Exegesis [Sanfilippo’s homosexualist obsession]
7/12/2019 – Fr. Lawrence Farley

On Ecclesiology, Humility, and Love
7/8/2019 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

The Sin of Divorce
7/4/2019 – Fr. Lawrence Farley

Resolution to Petition the Holy Synod to Correct Errant Clergy and Lay Persons on Issues of Same-Sex Erotic Relationships
7/2/2019 – Multiple Senior OCA Priests (six priests and one bishop, authored July 2018)

Protodeacon Feldman’s Old Testament
6/25/2018 – Fr. Lawrence Farley

Theodore Feldman: Scriptures, Orthodox Church, and Holy Tradition are Wrong on Homosexuality and LGBTQ Issues
6/25/2019 – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius

Protodeacon Theodore Feldman boldly spouts nonsense
6/24/2019 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel

Not Gay or Homosexual, but Men and Women Created in the Image and Likeness of God
6/2/2019 – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius

More on the Question of the Toll Houses
5/22/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford

David Bentley Hart and the Toll Houses
5/8/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford

Modern Judas Supports False Brethren in Ukraine
2/23/2019 – Fr. Zechariah Lynch

The Wheel asks “What Dialogue Means”
2/12/2019 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel

Demonic Autonomy and Divine Obedience The Anthropology of Antichristianity (Part 8)
1/23/2019 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

Silence [“progressive” death march desires to silence all opposition]
1/18/2019 – Fr. Zechariah Lynch

The Moral Heresy of Sexual Immorality
1/13/2019 – Fr. Zechariah Lynch

An Orthodox Appraisal of Political Correctness, Sexual Anarchy, Cultural Deconstruction and Conforming the Church to the World
1/10/2019 – William E. Porter, Jr., M.Div.

Why God is “He”, Not “She”
11/27/2018 – Fr. Johannes Jacobse

The Age of Morality The Anthropology of Antichristianity (Part 7)
11/6/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

Dishonest Dialogue of Orthodox Liberals and Deconstructionists
10/13/2018 – Fr. Lawrence Farley

Public Orthodoxy, Orthodoxy in Dialogue, The Wheel = Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing
10/9/2018 – Fr. John Parker

Lazar Puhalo Attacks Monasticism
10/13/2018 – Pillar of the Truth

Of Tolerance and Tyranny
11/6/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

Lazar Puhalo Attacks Monasticism
8/24/2018 – Pillar and Ground of the Truth

On Allegations of Orthodox Fundamentalism (Part 3) – Tradition, Fundamentalism, and Modernity
7/222018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

On Allegations of Orthodox Fundamentalism (Part 2) – The Church and Modernity
7/20/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

On Allegations of Orthodox Fundamentalism (Part 1) – On the Holy Fathers and Holy Tradition
7/16/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

The Pursuit of Happiness
7/12/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

Morality and Truth in a Secular Age
7/11/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

Unitarian Morality With a Little “Theosis” Sprinkled on Top
7/5/2018 – Fr. John Whiteford

Response to Giacomo Sanfilippo
7/1/2018 – Fr. John Whiteford

The Living Church 2.0
6/28/2018 – Fr. John Whiteford

Headscarves, Modesty, and Scolding Modern Orthodox Women
6/25/2018 – Fr. Lawrence Farley

Truth, Compassion, and the Transgender Movement
6/25/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

Against Modern Legalism
6/25/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

The Unbearable Essentializing of Being: Metropolitan Kallistos Ware’s Sorrowful Joy of Sex
6/18/2018 – Reader Dr. Alfred Kentigern Siewers

Met. Kallistos Clearly Implies that the Church Should Bless Committed Same-Sex Relationships
6/16/2018 – Fr. Juvenaly Repass

Anatomy of a Foreword: Metr. Kallistos on Sexual Morality
6/16/2018 – Fr. John Cox

Policing Orthodoxy’s Borders
6/16/2018 – Rod Dreher

The Rise of Antichristianity The Mystery of Lawlessness
6/13/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

The Church and Homosexuality: A Meditation
6/13/2018 – Fr. Herman Majkrzak (Hieromonk)

Metropolitan Kallistos and The Wheel
6/13/2018 – Fr. Lawrence Farley

Met. Kallistos Ware on the Ordination of Women and Blessing of Same-Sex Marriages
6/12/2018 – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius

Met. Kallistos Ware Comes Out for Homosexual “Marriage”
6/12/2018 – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius

On Priestesses and Ecclesiological Deism [on Sr. Vassa dangerous nonsense]
5/21/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

Dr. David Ford: An Open Letter to an Advocate of So-Called “Gay Marriage”
5/20/2018 – Dr. David C. Ford

The New Christianity
5/14/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

Dishonest Dialogue
5/9/2018 – Fr. Lawrence Farley

Public Schools and Antichristianity
5/3/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

Sister Vassa on the Ordination of Women to the Priesthood
4/28/2018 – Fr. John Whiteford

Sr. Vassa: There’s no ontological impediment to priestesses
4/24/2018 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel

The Defence of the New Deaconesses and the Rest of the Story
4/20/2018 – Fr. Lawrence Farley

Progressives Use the Terms “Dialogue” and “Fundamentalism” to Attack and Subvert Orthodox Tradition
4/13/2018 – Fr. Johannes Jacobse

‘Fundamentalism’ & ‘Dialogue’
4/13/2018 – Rod Dreher

Fighting the Wrong Battles
2/14/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)

The Continuing Validity of the Moral Law of the Old Testament [Rebuke of Lazar Puhalo]
2/12/2018 – Fr. John Whiteford

What Do Our Friends at Fordham Have to Say About This?
1/24/2018 – George Michalopulos

Fordham University’s Orthodox Center receives grant to study LGBTQ rights
1/23/2018 – OrthodoxChristian.com

The Hart Idiosyncratic Version
12/29/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford

More anti-fundamentalism pap from OCL
11/21/2017 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel

Ashley Purpura: Orthodox Church Needs Women Priests and Bishops
11/13/2017 – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius

Public Orthodoxy: Promoting Cultural Marxism and LGBT Blasphemy
11/11/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford

Cultural Marxism and Public Orthodoxy
11/11/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford

Fr. Robert Arida: Why Don’t You Become Episcopalian?
11/5/2017 – Fr. Johannes Jacobse

A Response to “A Response”: Sanfilippo’s Latest Broadside
11/1/2017 – Fr. Lawrence Farley

The Deep Melancholy of David Bentley Hart
10/3/2017 – Fr. Lawrence Farley

St. Vladimir’s Seminary Reacts to Amsterdam Conference, OCA Bishops Remain Silent
8/30/2017 – Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse

The Abnormal Cannot Dictate What’s Normal
8/29/2017 – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius

Fr. Thomas Hopko: Homosexual Advocates Should be Denied Communion in the Orthodox Church
8/21/2017 – Fr. Thomas Hopko (book excerpt)

Gay Iconoclasm: Holding the Line Against the Radical LGBT Agenda
7/25/2017 – by Fr. Josiah Trenham

ROCOR Synod of Bishops responds to Sr. Vassa’s letter
7/19/2017 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel

Sr. Vassa not retracting, rejoices in increased attention and money
7/8/2017 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel

Sister Vassa on Homosexuality
7/7/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford

Sr. Vassa’s words on gay teen dating continue to reverberate
7/7/2017 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel

New, but not improved… A Response to Public Orthodoxy, on the Creed
6/28/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford

Missteps in the Church’s response to the LGBT movement [on Fr. John Chryssavgis pro-LGBT views
6/22/2017 – Byzantine, TX

The Amsterdam Symposium: An Abuse of Authority?
6/19/2017 – Fr. Johannes Jacobse

Uncovering the Truth: Head Coverings and Revisionist Biblical Interpretation
6/19/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford

A Letter From Russia on an Article Defending Same-Sex Marriage and Defaming Fr. Pavel Florensky
6/3/2017 – Russian Orthodox Academic

Soft-Pedaling Christian Morality: A Review of a Curious Review [on Fr. John Chryssavgis Pro-Homosexual views]
5/31/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford

Part Two: Of Homosexual Christians and their Struggle
5/8/2017 – Fr. Lawrence Farley

Bourgeois “Conjugal Friendship” and American Ethnophyletism
5/5/2017 – Reader Dr. Alfred Kentigern Siewers

Sanfilippo’s “Conjugal Friendship”
5/3/2017 – Fr. Lawrence Farley

Part One: Of Gay Sex and Leaven
5/1/2017 – Fr. Lawrence Farley

Fr. Michael Courey: Orthodox Church Must be More Inclusive, Welcome Same-Sex Couples
4/20/2017 – Orthodox Editors

Three Trojan Horses: Insider Attempts to Disorient the Orthodox
4/17/2017 – Fr. Alexander F.C. Webster

Fundamental Errors: A Response to “Tradition Without Fundamentalism” by George Demacopoulos
3/17/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford

Christian Pastors Must Stand for Truth, Righteousness, and Morality in the Public Arena
1/17/2017 – Fr. Josiah Trenham

Orthodoxy and LGBT “Inclusiveness”
12/7/2016 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel

Culture Wars Threaten the Orthodox Church, Our Freedom, and Our Families
8/7/2016 – Fr. John Whiteford

Demacopoulos vs. the Russians… again
11/18/2015 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel

Met. Joseph’s Directive On So-called “Same-Sex Marriage”
10/31/2015 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel

“Orthodox Fundamentalism” Discussion on Ancient Faith Today
7/14/2015 – Fr. John Whiteford

Puhalo Strikes Again
6/7/2015 – George Michalopulos

The Strange Theology of David Bentley Hart [and Univeralism Heresy of Fr. Aidan Kimel
5/14/2015 – Fr. John Whiteford

Deeply Disturbing Concerns – Homosexual Militancy Threatening the Orthodox Church
3/27/2015 – Fr. John Guy Winfrey

Response to “Orthodox Fundamentalism” by George Demacopoulos
2/2/2015 – Fr. John Whiteford

You may not be interested in Culture Wars, but Culture Wars are interested in you
12/10/2014 – Fr. John Whiteford

Mattingly: Two clashing Orthodox takes on doctrine – past and future
11/14/2014 – Terry Mattingly

Texas Orthodox Priests Reject Fr. Arida’s Scandalous Teaching on Homosexuality
11/13/2014 – Twenty-Three (23) Texas Orthodox Priests

OCA Wonder blog: Change and the Church
11/5/2014 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel

Priest vs. Priest on Homosexual Orientation
4/10/2014 – Fr. Johannes Jacobse

Puhalo rants again… on Transgenderism and Intersexuality
12/11/2013 – George Michalopulos

Being Frank – Exposing Schaeffer’s Hatred of Russia’s Laws Against Public Displays of Homosexuality
10/7/2013 – Nun Cornelia (Rees), Fr. John Whiteford

Thomas Hopko on Same-Sex Attraction: Speaking the Truth in Love?
10/2/2012 – Dn. Brian Patrick Mitchell

Lazar Puhalo spouts blatant heresy… again
1/15/2012 – Fr. John Whiteford

The Continuing Validity of the Moral Law of the Old Testament [refuting Laza Puhalo heretical teaching]
10/29/2011 – Fr. John Whiteford

Warning to Orthodox Church: False Teachers and Deceitful Venues That Contradict and Distort Church Teaching


4 thoughts on “Warning to Orthodox Church: False Teachers and Deceitful Venues That Contradict and Distort Church Teaching”

  1. We live in one of the freest times of religion in the West – a blessing which comes with great responsibility. In so many parts of the world, religion and state are so intertwined that ‘Christians’ are unable to exercise their consciences and avail themselves of the many choices within ‘Christendom’.

    Before an arm-chair theologian (Orthodox sense of the word theologian) or a religious scholar (Orthodox sense of the word scholar) puts a dox-knife to my throat, my choice of words in quotation marks is for the inability to italicize them. In no manner am I publicly promoting the Branch Theory of Christianity, nor am I proposing that all Christian-named communities or Communions are Churches. Though I have a double-major doctorate (religion/theology and psychology) 1. I am not writing as an academic; 2. I am purposely writing theologoumena – precisely asking questions more than proposing answers; and pointing out things which hurt my head thinking about them; 3. I am writing as an Orthodox monk; and 4. I am writing as someone formally trained in Orthodox and Western psychology.

    That said, it becomes perplexing to me that, for example, an atheist woman minister of the United Church of Canada (located in Toronto) would demand a canonical hearing in order to stay incorporated in the United Church and not move on to, let us say, the Unitarians, or better yet, the Humanist Society? Or why some one who advocates priestesses would not avail themselves of the Anglican-Episcopal Communion, or an Independent Catholic or Orthodox ‘Church’ instead of trying to force themselves upon the Roman Catholics or the Eastern Orthodox? And coming closer to home, why the theological ‘terrorism’ in our own home?

    In my own situation, over time it became evident to me that while I may have used words that Romans used, when I did use them I often found myself not employing them in the same fashion; that what I understood as hesychasm and negative theology many refused to accept as valid contemplation; that I had a propensity to iconography over statues; and then when I came across an imprimatured book published in Rome that said that everything necessary for salvation could be found in the Orthodox Church, many things became a house of cards for me: purgatory, papal primacy, papal infallibility, the filioque etc. It then became obligatory to listed to the Holy Spirit poking my conscience and to knock on the door of Orthodoxy and continue to knock until Christ forced the door opened for myself and my Nun-mother.

    I did not stay to impose myself upon the Romans. Nor for that matter have I written a triumphalistic book about how evil Romans are, particularly when I have found heresy in Orthodoxy – the difference being, that in Orthodoxy the heresy is tolerated not ‘infallibly declared,’ even while we have a very long and ugly history of persecuting the sainted-innocent (e.g. Sts. Theophan the Recluse, Nektarios of Aegina, the Aboriginals of Alaska, and almost every Fool-for-Christ the Orthodox Church has ever witnessed); and the current more dramatic ‘past times’ of killing priests or kneecapping monks or fomenting book-burnings. Monastic prisons predated and made a case for the Atheist Experiment and their infamous gulag. Martyrs (bloody or psychologically tormented) are supposed to be created by exterior enemies, not by one’s own household; even though Christ-God warns us about that very peculiarity… But with this said – why provacateurs and agitators simply don’t move along when we live in an age in which many have the ability to move on? I am of the opinion that it has a lot to do with what is called a/the messianic-complex.

    Very few people are gifted by God as prophets; spirits must be discerned; and sadly to say, most prophets turn out to be false prophets. As Quoheleth says, “Nothing is new under the sun.” And the Apostle writes, “Jesus..the Same yesterday, today and forever.” They simply cannot see beyond their delusions and narcissism and their need not only to move the furniture around in the room, but to introduce new furniture, and to deny the removed furniture was ever removed.

    A great book to immerse oneself in, when starting to believe oneself as having God’s cellphone number, and a ‘secret gnosis’ which needs to be shared with congregation/monastery/the public at large, is the book entitled, 50 Jewish Messiahs by Jerry Rabow (Gefen Publishing House, 2002). Simply put, it is about 50 competing self-proclaimed Messiahs in Judaism contemporary with Christ Our Lord, down through history and contemporary with ourselves, which have plagued Judaism alone. And the author does not claim definitiveness, but only a selection of the most notable.

    Perhaps it is time to look into the psychology of why these people do what they do; and how we might more effectively protect ourselves. Provacateurs do one of two things: they persecute the innocent by false accusations of ‘heresy’; and they also promote real heresy and division. As to the first they blaspheme the Holy Spirit; as to the second they seek to quench Him.

  2. Thanks for naming these sites & people we should stay away from. I will make good use of your list by following them on their social media platforms. Also, I appreciate the attached articles. I’ll be sure to steer clear of the authors, their writings and any parish that has one of the contributors as a priest. Cheers.

  3. A picture paints a thousand words…remember when we used to smash idols?
    Dear Editors:
    Please go to original post in Orthodox Observer for photos. ‘You will know them by their fruits…’
    Doxa to Theo, John

    Orthodox Bishop Praises Golden Idol of a Pagan Goddess (PHOTOS)
    Athena is the ancient Greek goddess of war, considered to be the daughter of Zeus. According to Holy Scripture, “all the gods of the Gentiles are devils”. “Standing here, in front of the only full-scale replica of the Parthenon in the world, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride…complete with the magnificent effigy of Athena”, Archbishop Elpidophoros said in his letter…


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