Blasphemy and Open Rebellion by Nik Jovcic-Sas the “Orthodox Provocateur”

Blasphemy and Open Rebellion by Nik Jovcic-Sas the Orthodox Provocateurby Jennifer Davis –
Why would anyone invite Nik Jovcic-Sas to any academic conferences or ask for his opinion on any Orthodox Church issues? Have these clergy and academics lost their minds?

Nik Jovcic-Sas (Nik Jovčić-Sas), describes himself as “Violinist, LGBTQ+ Activist, Drag Queen, Eastern Orthodox Theologian & Vampire.” Nik also calls himself the “Orthodox Provocateur” and runs a Facebook page by the same name where he regularly posts blasphemous, offensive, and scandalous material.

None of that bothered the “consortium of scholars from the University of Exeter and the Orthodox Christian Studies Center at Fordham University” who organized an Oxford Conference (Aug. 16-17) with the help of Deacon Brandon Gallaher and Gregory Tucker (man “married” to another man) where “contemporary issues of sex, gender, and sexuality were discussed in relation to the Orthodox Church.” Nik Jovcic-Sas was one of the invited speakers (I assume in the “LGBTQ+ activists” category) who presented at the conference. You can view Nik’s presentation here: “Violence & Love” by Nik Jovčić-Sas – Bridging Voices Conference, University of Oxford 2019.”

At this “Bridging Voices” conference: “Some fifty scholars gathered from across the globe. They brought a diversity of professional expertise and experience, and represented a range of academic disciplines including theology, philosophy, church history, and canon law, and fields within the natural and social sciences. Orthodox clergy from multiple jurisdictions, LGBTQ+ activists, and clinicians were in attendance. A small number of ecumenical observers from the Church of England and the Catholic Church also took part,” as reported by Jivko Panev.

Among the Orthodox academics and clergy who attended the conference are some familiar names in the Orthodox world: Deacon Brandon Gallaher (event organizer), Prof. George Demacopoulos, Prof. Aristotle Papanikolaou, Father John Behr, Dr Patricia Fann Bouteneff, Prof. Peter Bouteneff, Father Cyril Hovorun, Sister Vassa Larin, Presbytera Mari Iakovou Mars, Prof. Ashley Purpura, and Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia.

The scandalous nature of this conference, attended by many Orthodox clergy and academics, prompted the creation of an online petition to ask the Orthodox bishops in America to take meaningful action to respond to this open rebellion. Titled “Request To All Orthodox Bishops In America To Take Action Against False Teachings” the petition urges the bishops to act: “We beseech you to hearten us and to illumine your people, by doing everything within your power to publically correct those who are under your authority who reject or question Church teaching on these matters, and to encourage your brothers to do the same.”

I had never heard of Nik Jovcic-Sas or his Facebook page before. Prompted by the online petition and the concerns of so many Orthodox priests and laypeople, I went to view his public page. It’s shocking and appalling. It’s deeply disturbing. There’s nothing “Orthodox” or scholarly about what he concerns himself with, just radical and indecent activism.

On his “Orthodox Provocateur” Facebook page Nick proudly displays who he is and what he stands for:

  • Desecrating an icon of the Theotokos with the LGBT flag.
  • Marching in Gay Pride parades holding the desecrated icon of the Virgin Mary.
  • Blaspheming saints and making fun of an Orthodox bishop serving with a holy relic: “I forgot about the verse in the Bible which states that drinking water touched by a mummified foot will get you into heaven.”
  • Criticizing Romanian Orthodox bishops for suspending Father Maxim Melinti for “standing against homophobia in Moldova.”
  • Referring to Saint Boris and Saint George (Gleb), Russian canonized saints, as “these queer Russian saints.”
  • Calling St. Walatta Petrosto nun of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church “an inspiration queer black anti-colonialist Orthodox Christian saint from Ethiopia.”
  • Promoting “New Approaches in History and Theology to Same-Sex Love and Desire.”
  • Embracing Metropolitan Kallistos Ware who “has written an incredible piece in this edition of The Wheel Journal on ‘homosexuality’ and Orthodox Christianity.”
  • Presenting a seminar “on taking queer theory from universities, and sharing it within local communities.”
  • Promoting Nadia Bolz-Weber, the “tattooed, foul-mouthed Evangelical Lutheran pastor who will blow you away with her honesty, hilarity, and plenty of “holy sh*t” enlightenment.”
  • Celebrating the acceptance of same-sex unions in other churches: “This is brilliant – now it’s time for the Church of England to accept same-sex marriages.”
  • Promoting gay calendars with “homoerotic soft porn with Orthodox icons, clerical vestments, liturgical objects, the interior of churches.”
  • Advertising Drag Queen shows.

At the bottom of this post you can see multiple screen captures of posts from the “Orthodox Provocateur” public Facebook page. You can see with your own eyes what Nik concerns himself with on a regular basis.

Why would anyone invite Nik Jovcic-Sas to any academic conferences or ask for his opinion on any Orthodox Church issues? Have these clergy and academics lost their minds? Or do they really think a troubled man like Nik has something to offer in this “dialogue”? It looks to me like one more underhanded attempt to push the envelope and bring LGBTQ activism into the Orthodox Church.

The offensive behavior of Nik Jovcic-Sas (Orthodox Provocateur) proved to be too much even for Giacomo SanFilippo who runs the controversial “Orthodoxy in Dialogue” website. SanFilippo himself apologized:

On February 10 we published Nik Jovcic-Sas’ “Orthodox Provocateur: I Will Not Be Silenced” in good faith. Mr. Jovcic-Sas is a young Serbian Orthodox man living in the UK who devotes considerable time, effort, and resources to LGBTQ activism in some of the historically Orthodox countries of Eastern Europe. He often partners in this endeavour with Moldovan seminarian Ion Andronache, a husband and father of three small children.

In an editorial note at the end of his article we explained our decision to publish in this way: “With the publication of this article Orthodoxy in Dialogue recognizes the need for a complementary two-pronged approach to questions of sexual and gender diversity in human life: the theological effort to understand its place in the divine image and likeness, and the activist effort to ensure that all of God’s children enjoy the safety to thrive in private and public life.”

Today we were dismayed to find the author’s Facebook page, Orthodox Provocateur, promoting the so-called “Orthodox Calendar.” This annual production combines homoerotic soft porn with Orthodox icons, clerical vestments, liturgical objects, the interior of churches, etc.

In no way does Orthodoxy in Dialogue wish to be associated, directly or indirectly, with the perpetuation of this sort of blasphemy. Our position is to explore possibilities for the sanctification of same-sex love, not to promote the carnality of same-sex desire or to conflate sexual desire in its fallenness with sacred images.

Let’s hope the Orthodox bishops have finally had enough. I hear that the petition has drawn their attention and there may be behind-the-scenes actions by some bishops. There needs to be clear and direct public action by these bishops, especially the ones who have clergy and academics who attended that Oxford conference and continue to publish material and opinions that attack and distort the Orthodox Church teaching (Warning to Orthodox Church: False Teachers and Deceitful Venues That Contradict and Distort Church Teaching).


Orthodox Provocateur Desecrating an icon of the Theotokos

Nik Jovcic-Sas  Orthodox Provocateur Desecrating icon of the Theotokos

Orthodox Provocateur Blaspheming saints

Orthodox Provocateur Criticizing Romanian Orthodox bishops for suspending Father Maxim Melinti

Orthodox Provocateur - these queer Russian saints

Orthodox Provocateur queer Walatta Petrosto Ethiopia

Orthodox Provocateur Theology to Same-Sex Love and Desire

Orthodox Provovateur Embracing Metropolitan Kallistos Ware

Orthodox Provocateur queer theory seminar

Orthodox Provocateur Nadia Bolz-Weber

Orthodox Provocateur celebrates Church of England to accept same-sex marriages

Orthodox Provocateur Nik Jovcic-Sas Drag Queens Show

Blasphemy and Open Rebellion by Nik Jovcic-Sas the Orthodox Provocateur


9 thoughts on “Blasphemy and Open Rebellion by Nik Jovcic-Sas the “Orthodox Provocateur””

  1. Sure enough, Presbytera Mari Iakovou Mars ( another proud LGBT activist and self-declared “Trans-Advocate” recently defended Nik on facebook:

    Mari Iakovou Mars: “have you even met Nik, such that you can presume to judge his Orthodoxy? Because I have. And he is, in my experience, more Orthodox than I, that’s for sure, and I would certainly hope and pray to be judged Orthodox and worthy on the last day. He is my friend and it’s an honor to know him. Either way, it is for Christ to judge, not us. I am relieved for that, too, otherwise with all the people pronouncing on the internet who is and isn’t Orthodox based on three sentences, we’d all be going to hell pretty quickly. Me first among them (though I’ll probably be first anyway. For real, not just saying that, lol).

    I’m sad that we are distracted by this, when Giacomo’s dissertation is excellent and deserving of attention based on its own merits. I don’t understand why the headline, as it has nothing to do with the amazing work Giacomo has done. I would love to see it changed so that people aren’t distracted just exactly the way you were, Pauline (not a criticism, just as an example), as I didn’t see a word dedicated to Giacomo’s actual work.”

    Inga Leonova (editor and creator of The Wheel Journal) also attacked the Orthodox petition as “vile, vitriolic” on her facebook page:

    Inga Leonova: “Something I cannot help wondering about, reading the signatures under the vile, vitriolic petition calling on the Orthodox bishops to stomp out all discussion on sexuality and gender in the Orthodox Church.

    People who have authored this petition are converts on a longstanding crusade to remake American Orthodoxy in the image of conservative Evangelicalism. Their mindset is “slash and burn”, and clearly they don’t give any consideration to the fact that this puts real, breathing human beings at the actual physical risk.

    This petition singles out one person, both in the text, and in the inflammatory graphic that accompanies it. I am sure that none of the signatories know this person. I don’t know him, either, except by reputation. But I do know that he is a real person. And by portraying him as a face of “all evil” in the Church, those behind this petition and those who support it are putting him at risk.

    How do I know? Because I have also received death threats courtesy of the spiritual brothers and sisters of the current petitioners, who have circulated my name and my face under similar circumstances and with similar accusations.

    I am not challenging the many evangelical converts in that group, since I am well familiar with their mentality. I am, however, challenging Orthodox clergy, many of whom I know, who have jumped on this bandwagon. Do you realize that you are endorsing bullying and probably worse against the children of your friends and your parishioners? Do you realize that if someone actually assaults one of the “heretics” whose persecution you support with such zeal, you will bear responsibility for it? Do you realize that everyone who picks up one of these rhetorical stones is casting them at Christ, because He is always the one who bears the wounds of every victim?

    And if you do, is this something you are willing to take on?”

    • The hate fest on Inga Leonova‘s facebook page continues. It’s showing us who these people really are and how vicious they are. They despise other traditional Orthodox Christians who uphold the Church teachings. They embrace homosexuals transexuals LGBT this LGBTQ that and other screwed up people and corrupters like Nik, but the “evil conservatives” and the “primitive and homophobic priests” who simply follow the Tradition must be burned at the stake. It’s separating the wheat from the chaff.

      Faith Skordinski = Very dangerous article when one considers that those who can be made to believe the numerous absurdities contained throughout the scriptures, teachings, and “holy traditions” preached by primitive and highly superstitious “church fathers” also can be made to commit numerous atrocities to defend their antiquated beliefs.”

      Joanne Thanasoulis Zbravos = The convert evangelicals are trying to change Orthodoxy. No questions? No research? No discussions? Sad and honestly all the clergy who signed it are fools. I say to everyone. Defriend anyone on the list and tell them why.”

      Dave O’Neal = It’s too late. They’ve already taken over the OCA and the Antiochians. Let them have it.”

      Gregory Robertson = Inga Leonova I gave up looking at all the signatories but it’s one heckuva a hive of scum and villainy. At least three white nationalists, some of the worst priests in the Eastern Orthodox Church, some knobhead who thinks he has to add “reader” before his name and then there’s this pompous knucklehead. I mean seriously how many names do you need?”

  2. The Pappas post references Deacon Brandon Gallaher’s reaction to criticism about the conference he organized. There’s not even one shred of remorse or repentance from Deacon Brandon Gallaher about inviting and having Nik present. More open defiance and rebellion from a deacon of the Church.
    But Gallaher added that the event still attracted “significant controversy” from neo-conservative and fundamentalist groups who were unhappy that it “gave a platform” to LGBTQ+ Orthodox activists.

    In response to personal attacks he faced following the conference, he tweeted the following message.

    Today I got called heretic, Antichrist, Satanist, I should be deposed, can’t be Orthodox and should be excommunicated. All because I co-organized an academic conference to bring people together to discuss sexual diversity. It is a grace I know Orthodoxy outside Twitter.

    Deacon Gallaher on twitter:

    • Instead of apologizing, Deacon Brandon Gallaher is doubling down on his foolishness.

      Whether this openness can continue is in question when many ultra-conservative Orthodox specialists in America are lapsing into fundamentalism advocating censorship and silencing of all discussion of all controversial topics.— Brandon Gallaher (@theotokos72) October 4, 2019

  3. We used to call corrupt individuals like Nik Jovcic-Sas “perverts.” Now the Fordhamites and their loyal progressive LGBT activists call Nik Jovcic-Sas a “theologian.” The end times must be near.

  4. Breathlessly waiting for the “Assembly of bishops” to say something. Anything. If they aren’t too busy having their pictures taken?

  5. It’s more and more obvious that in reality Metropolitan Kallistos is an Anglican Bishop who has a large beard and wears Orthodox vestments. I think Deacon Gallaher (who now has no parish affiliation) is one of his acolytes. The whole agenda has been set by the British Council which is an arm of the UK Foreign Office. Can’t these reverend gentlemen see what is blindingly obvious and stop undermining the Orthodox Faith and Holy Scripture? If a Bishop of the Orthodox Church (apparently so) endorses the activities of this groupuscule in Oxford, then the “discussion” acquires a respectability which it doesn’t deserve.


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