Iraqi Christians Told to Convert, Pay Jizyah or Die

CNN and Islam in Action | Oct. 11, 2008

At least 900 Christian families have fled Mosul in the past week, terrified by a series of killings and threats by Muslim extremists ordering them to convert to Islam or face possible death, officials said Saturday.

The attacks may have been prompted by Christian demonstrations ahead of provincial elections, which are to be held by the end of January, the deputy governor of Nineveh province said. [Read more…]


Why we’re losing our right to speak out

Christian Examiner online | Chuck Colson | June 2008

Do you want to talk about traditional values on a college campus? Or do you want to speak out against same-sex “marriage”? You may have to enter the Whisper Zone. David Woodard is a political science professor at Clemson University—one who has first-hand experience on how dangerous it can be to speak out in favor of traditional values: He almost lost his job over it. [Read more…]


High Gas Prices and the Marxist tactic of Crisis revolution

American Thinker | AWR Hawkins | Jun. 21, 2008

Karl Marx, (1818-1883), believed capitalism was the next to last stage in the evolution to an earthly utopia, which would be ushered in through revolution; a revolution resulting from the tensions that existed between workers and the owners of production. According to Marx, the final stage of this evolution toward utopia would result when workers rose up in revolution to overthrow the business owners who were exploiting them through a capitalistic economy. We know Marx’s “utopia” and other aspects of his philosophy by their more prominent name: communism. [Read more…]


Bishop Hilarion – Christianophobia Rising in Europe | Bishop Hilarion | May. 5, 2008

Europe is witnessing a significant re-shaping of its religious map. In some countries, where not long ago an atheist ideology was officially imposed on the entire population, and where churches were heavily persecuted, we are now witnessing an unprecedented religious revival. In other countries, however, we see a clear decline in religious practice. Secularism is gaining momentum in nations which not long ago identified themselves as Christian, while the growth of Islam is also quite noticeable. [Read more…]


Christian “Difficulty” in Sudan?

FrontPageMag | Mark D. Tooley | Apr. 3, 2008

Was it really an April Fools trick or did the World Council of Churches (WCC) actually admit that Christians in Islamist Sudan endure some unpleasantness? According to an April 1 report from the WCC news service, a WCC delegation recently visited Khartoum and was “shocked” to learn that a Christian cemetery in the nation’s capital is also being used as a used car lot. [Read more…]


UN Gag Order

FrontPage Mag | Joseph Klein | Jan. 11, 2008

The Islamic propaganda machine has turned Western democratic values inside out to the Islamists’ advantage. Cloaking themselves in the rhetoric of multiculturalism and tolerance, Islamists succeeded in getting the United Nations General Assembly to pass a resolution late last year condemning the defamation of religions – but the only religion mentioned in the resolution was Islam. [Read more…]


Orthodox Christians Face Violence in Kenya Following Elections

OCMA | Jan. 3, 2008

Orthodox Christians Face Violence Following Contested Presidential Elections in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya – The New Year began with tragedy for many people in Kenya as widespread violence erupted on December 27th in the wake of contested presidential elections between incumbent President, Mwai Kibaki, and challenger Raila Odinga. [Read more…]


Gaza Christians Fearful After Attempted Murder

CNSNews | Julie Stahl | Dec. 11, 2007

Jerusalem – The tiny Christian community in the Gaza Strip has been shaken for the second time in two months by the attempted murder of a Christian by Islamic fundamentalists who want to rid the area of Christian presence.

Four masked gunmen tried to kidnap Nabil Fuad Ayyad over the weekend. Nabil, who works as a guard at a local church, is the cousin of Rami Ayyad, who was kidnapped and murdered two months ago by the same group, the Jerusalem Post reported. [Read more…]


Censoring the Cross at William & Mary

Human Events | Robert H. Knight | Nov. 16, 2007

In contrast, a few hundred yards away in the circa 1699 Christopher Wren Building on the campus of William & Mary, a small brass cross that had graced the chapel’s altar, was now encased in … plastic. What had been a symbol of the ongoing importance of faith to America’s continued story was now officially a museum piece.

While the vets proudly marched nearby, the second oldest university in the nation (after Harvard) was officially dissing the faith that launched the American Revolution as — you guessed it — not inclusive enough.

[Read more…]


Russian youth: Stalin good, migrants must go: poll

Ed. (Banescu) The cancer of communism is alive and well in Orthodox Russia.

Reuters | July 25, 2007

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s youths admire Soviet dictator Josef Stalin — who presided over the deaths of millions of people — and want to kick immigrants out of Russia, according to a poll released on Wednesday.

The poll, carried out by the Yuri Levada Centre, was presented by two U.S. academics who called it “The Putin Generation: the political views of Russia’s youth”.

When asked if Stalin was a wise leader, half of the 1,802 respondents, aged from 16 to 19, agreed he was.

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Call to help a North Korean sentenced to death

Voice of the Martyrs |

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Son Jong Hoon, who is visiting the United States from his home in South Korea, today pleaded with the world to pressure North Korea to release his elder brother awaiting public execution for the crime of simply being a Christian. For more than a year, Son Jong Nam, former North Korean Army officer turned underground evangelist, has been beaten, tortured and held in a bleak, North Korean death row basement jail in this capital city.
He has been sentenced to public execution as an example to the North Korean people.

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TURKEY: Dangerous consequences of intolerance of religious minorities

Forum 18 | Otmar Oehring | July 10, 2007

The Turkish government has long failed to tackle deep-rooted discrimination against religious minorities – by refusing to guarantee their position in law or to crack down on intolerance from officials, the media and in school curricula. This has left religious minorities dangerously exposed, argues Otmar Oehring of the German Catholic charity Missio For, as Dr Oehring observes in this personal commentary for Forum 18, hostility to religious minorities is stoked by widespread xenophobia. Following the brutal murder of three Protestants in Malatya in April, attacks on and threats against religious minorities have only increased. Official “protection” for religious minority leaders and places of worship seems designed as much to control as to protect them.

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Was Gorbachev a Closet Christian? | Kevin Mooney | June 21, 2007

( – Despite his publicly professed atheism, Mikhail Gorbachev displayed signs of religious belief, and President Ronald Reagan often wondered whether the Soviet Union’s last leader was a “closet Christian,” a political scientist said Wednesday.

“I think he believes,” the 40th president had said to at least one close aide, Paul Kengor of Grove City College told Cybercast News Service in an interview.

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