The Left’s Unlikely Alliance with Islam

Radical Left Islam Alliance8/28/2010 – Robert Eugene Simmons Jr. –

As we look around the world at the countries that practice Islam as a state religion, it is almost incomprehensible that the left should defend Islam so fervently. We don’t have to look to the radicals in the Taliban or Hamas to see issues that most Americans would question. Sharia Law is practiced by most Islamic centric countries, and it is in almost direct opposition to the principles on which America was established and in direct contrast to the agenda of the left in America. What is important to realize is that Sharia Law isn’t an outlier, practiced by radicals like al-Qaeda, but actually the mainstream core of jurisprudence in the Islamic world.

The application of Sharia Law is incomprehensible to most Americans used to Western common law. For example, late last year, the Saudi equivalent of the Supreme Court refused to grant a divorce to an eight-year-old who was essentially sold to her fifty-year-old husband by her father. Child brides are prevalent and legal in Muslim countries governed by Sharia law. In another example, just recently, a case of a couple who were stoned to death for having sexual relations outside marriage made the news from Afghanistan, and a thirteen-year-old was stoned to death for being raped and ending up pregnant. When the leader of Iran says that there are no homosexuals in Iran at a Columbia university speech, he is saying the bare truth, as Iran frequently executes homosexuals since homosexuality is a capital crime under Sharia Law. In addition, under Sharia law, killings of children or wives for embarrassing the “honor” of a family are often tolerated and considered excusable. In Saudi Arabia, it is even taught to children that killing adulterers is a good thing. Finally, even in moderate Islamic countries, women are second- or third-class citizens, being denied education, prevented from driving, holding a job, and even dressing themselves as they wish.

Without even delving into the actions of violent radicals, in one paragraph, we have illustrated any number of things that would be outright crimes in the USA and would seem to go directly against the agenda of the left. Apparently gay rights, women’s equality, protection of children, human trafficking, and murder or domestic violence are not important to the left so long as the perpetrator of the incident is of the religion of Islam.

The left’s support for the Ground Zero mosque in New York is perplexing, as it would seem to go against many of their stated political goals. However, the support for the mosque is only one of many incidents that form a pattern of political and moral support for Islam. In fact, the Obama administration has made a number of conciliatory gestures to Islamic countries, even going so far as apologize to Islam and preach American tolerance of Islam in Cairo, Egypt. Combined with the removal of the words “terrorism” and “Islamic radicalism” from State and Justice Departments language, the pattern is unambiguous. Finally, the left has shown that it is perfectly willing to deride those who question the practices of Islam and Sharia law as “Islamophobes” while ignoring obvious intolerance from the practitioners of Islam. The fact that the critics of Islam get censored and threatened with death for speaking out doesn’t seem to bother the left’s interpretation of the First Amendment in the way that a death threat from a Catholic to atheist critics would.

The alliance between the left and Islam is also a study in irony. If either of the two groups were to achieve all of its aims, the other group would be wiped out. Let’s say, hypothetically, that the left is able to convert the whole world to a secular socialist state. In such a world, there would be no room for discrimination of gays or slavery of woman, not to mention any room for a fundamentalist religion at all. On the other hand, if the Islamic radicals were ever to establish their Caliphate, the left would be plowed under with all of the rest of the non-believers, the homosexuals would be executed on discovery, the women who dared practice feminine independence in selection of their intimate partners would be stoned to death, and in general they would be subjugated to be little more than property.

When searching for the reason why these two unlikely groups might get together, we find that the only thing that they share in common is a deep-seated belief that America is the cause of most of the problems throughout the world. Even moderate Islamic countries have long pressed the worldview that despite the fact that the world’s energy supply has come from the Middle East for sixty years, that it is America that is the reason for abject poverty in most of the Middle East. Neither the American left nor the Islamic countries even consider that it could be the dictators sitting on golden toilets and oppressing their people with militant force and autocratic control of the media that might be the problem. America is, to many countries in the Islamic world, at best infidels and at worst the great Satan. In either case, the Koran mandates violence against us in many suras; those suras are no more open to interpretation than are any other part of the Koran, as the Koran is the exact word of God to Muslims. Interpretation is not only impossible; it is blasphemous to Muslims. The violent Islamic radicals have been very clear that their goal is to bring about a world-dominating Caliphate and convert the world to Islam and Sharia Law by force. This isn’t an accusation, but something they admit to and are proud of. They occasionally latch on to various political issues to forward their agenda, but the agenda itself is driven by a deeply believed religious conviction that “there is no god but Allah” and anyone who believes otherwise is to be subjugated if possible or destroyed.

The left in America proceed under the assumption that it is the “excesses” of the Western Caucasians that are the cause of strife in the world. The left has outright said that it is the “imperialism” of the USA that has caused the problems in the world today despite America not actually having an empire. The undertone message is that if it weren’t for us, there wouldn’t be any terrorism, poverty, war, disease, or strife. Of course, that is preposterous. Only a person with little education in the way the rest of the world actually lives would put forth such incredible proposals. In a recent talk at the Brookings Institution, Hillary Clinton actually opined that America should be more like Brazil, a statement that could be uttered only by someone who hasn’t seen the miles and miles of slums that make the poor in America look like millionaires. Still, even the educated and well-traveled left fail to recognize the excellence of America. The left often attribute to American soldiers the traits of third-world dictators’ armies without blinking an eye. Finally, the left often accuse America of being imperialistic even though America has left after rebuilding every country that has attacked it.

However, the problem that many Americans not on the hard left have with the moderate Islamic countries has nothing to do with racism, as Islam is a political and religious ideology, not a race. Instead, the disagreements center around the Islamic countries’ continued support of brutality inherent in Sharia Law, their refusal to condemn and expel violent extremists in their midst, and their steadfast devotion to demonizing the Western world for all of their domestic woes. Tolerance, in the American psyche, is not a one-way street, but must be reciprocated by the Islamic people tolerating the American culture. When the Muslims wish to build a mosque in a spot designed to twist a knife in America’s guts, named The Cordoba House — historically symbolic of Muslim conquest — Americans don’t see tolerance of their views.

Most fair-minded Americans have no problem with people who wish to practice their religion. In addition, most fair-minded Americans know of the difficult pasts of Christianity and Judaism and would demand of Islam what has been demanded of other religions. Americans don’t tolerate inquisitions anymore than they do Sharia courts. Americans realize that religious freedom is inherent in the melting pot that is America, but they also understand that all religions must exist under an umbrella of mutual respect and within the boundaries of common law. Americans would no more accept honor killings than they would accept a Catholic man killing atheists for the sake of his religion. The freedom of religion, in the end, is not a carte blanche to do whatever you wish and then yell “first amendment,” but rather a constraint to prevent the government from imposing a single religion, as Islamic governments do.

The Islamic radicals are happy to use their influence with the left to forward their agenda, but when are fair-minded people who lean politically left going to realize that their allies are not allies at all — that they are being used to forward an agenda in direct contrast to their own?

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  1. Yes, leftist can’t think and would be the first ones to be murdered overseas in a Muslim country if they practiced their lifestyles there.

  2. Thank you. A Very useful blog. The Cordoba House, used as a name, could signify something other than conquest- the Cordoban event was the high-water mark of Islamic culture, I have been told, and it included an interest in and appreciation for Aristotle. However, your article is useful for me in consolidating the view that our ‘problem’ is not just with Islamic extremism but also the Islamic ‘middle’, that Islam is not simply a religion but a political-religio-cultural unity, and as such is inherently totalitarian. I have friends who are working hard to evangelize Islamists and in so doing, are bend over backwards not to say bad things about Islam, but in so doing, are helping to fabricate a noose in which we shall all be hung- except for the fact that Christ will return and put everything aright!

  3. Robert – you have just about nailed it. Now, how do we translate this into legislation that will stop the spread of mosques across our country?

  4. As one raised in islam, with taught deep distrust of what we were told was “the devil’s book- The Holy Orthodox Christian Bible”, and with the belief that Christians & Jews are all “najes/kafir=filthy as pigs”, I have to admit that many who have fled muslim nations to experience freedom in America are baffled by any freedom loving person supporting the establishment of islam under the false banner of “religion of peace”. Sadly this misguided defense of a brand of islam unknown to any who has been raised a muslim in a muslim nation or anyone who has read the muslim “inspiring” stories of Mohammad and the faithful imams who fought battles to force islam down the throats of Orthodox Christian run nations.

    Any nonmuslim atheist, agnostic, Jew, Christian, Bahaii, Hindu, Buddhists, secular humanist, etc. would be forced to either become a muslim or die with the possibility that he would be “allowed” to live as a lower class citizen to do menial work for the muslim. Sadly even the lower class citizen is not a long term plan, as Orthodox Christian 7 year old boys and girls were raped by muslim conquerors every year near Constantinople , to force Orthodox to embrace islamic law.

    I have many cultural muslim friends who are just as afraid of sharia law as the rest of us. When islamic republic of Iran was established with the misguided support of democratic party elites under jimmy carter’s presidency, even chess and soccer was banned and women were beaten over and over again for not wearing a chador according to islamic law. Many were murdered after the pattern of mohammad. For those who are not familiar with mohammad’s conquests and have bought into the “religion of peace” propaganda, and characterization of bin laden as an “unusual radical”, mohammad is considered the ideal muslim equal or greater than Jesus (Isa Masih). He is to be imitated in all things.

    When mohammad conquered a village, he would execute little boys and their Dads and rape the daugthers and Moms even on the night he had murdered their families. Evil has known no stronger ally than the atrocities committed by mohammad and his FAITHFUL muslim followers. Mohammad would add a 5/6 year old girl to his heram of teenagers when he was already 50 years old and islamic writings describe in sad vomiting details how mohammad would take the little girl Aisha while she was playing with her dolls to force intercourse with her 🙁

    For the sake of our daugthers and sons, I hope this is the last generation that will have to endure the atrocities of islam and sharia law. I hope on Nov 2010, most sound minded Americans will stop this parade of islamic conquests as terrorist supporters are being funded by barak Hussein obama’s government to go around the world and propagate islamic alliances. It is sad that taxpayer’s dollars are being used to even build mosques overseas while the taxpayer is suffering from 15-25% real under and unemployment.

    I pray that despite the democratic party’s support, the cordoba victory mosque on Ground Zero would stop being built on the place where thousands of innocents were murdered! This is now beyond just party politics! This is about our life and death and possibly losing the last place many of us have had to run away from islamic sharia law to enjoy great freedoms for our families.

    LORD Jesus Christ Son of God Have Mercy on us!

    humbly in Christ,

  5. My thanks to Anthony.

    We have so many Christians living in the USA who have fled their Middle Eastern countries, homes, families, land and wealth for they could not survive – it was a constant hide and seek.

    Why don’t we understand we are NOT immune?

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