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Creating enclaves in which the law does not operate or carving holes in civilization.

A theme that someone should explore and properly develop:

Traditional Anglo-American law (pre-1960’s) deferred to the traditional Judeo-Christian family. By “deferred” I mean that the public law, in effect, stopped at the borders of the traditional family. It was if the family was an island while the public law was like waves lapping up on its beaches, its outer perimeter. Public law declared that the minors were directly under the governance of the biological parents. Women, to some extent, were under the governance of men. The extent to which women were under the governance of men has been exaggerated but the approach can fairly be described as patriarchal. In order to intervene between parent and child, even for the benign purpose of protecting an innocent child from an abusive parent, meant that a very high legal barrier had to be overcome. The severity of these laws sometimes resulted in the injustice of a innocent child beaten by an abusive parent. The suffering of some women and children under at the hands of a violent
fathers was exposed by the women’s movement in the 1960’s and attitudes about intervening inside the family unit slowly changed.

Note that the goal of the pro-abortionists is to create another island which is free of publicly created law-that island is the woman’s body. Just as a woman or child might be nearly helpless against the mistreatment of an abusive father, so the unborn child is helpless against what has to be called an abusive mother. As medical science advances and we know more about the full humanity of the unborn child, abortion becomes more and more clearly unthinkable. Abortion in a country where many married couples long for the opportunity to adopt is truly tragic.

Note, I am not trained as a theologian, but, the scene in the New Testament where the pregnant mother of John the Baptist mets Mary and the unborn John the Baptist reacts at the presence of Mary who is pregant with the Christ child must demonstrate the sinfulness of abortion for any believing Christian. Clearly unborn children are full human beings with their own unique identity.


More Than a “Lifestyle Choice” — Marriage in the 50 States

June 22, 2004

They’ve finally set a date. Senate leaders have announced that members will vote the week of July 12 whether to amend the Constitution to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Remember the flap over Vice President Dan Quayle’s criticism of TV’s “Murphy Brown”? Unwed births had reached a new high in the early ’90s, and the vice president lamented the nonchalant way the show’s producers treated single motherhood. Social science research has since vindicated his argument: Decisions about sex, marriage and childbearing aren’t merely personal. They have profound social consequences, particularly for children.

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Restore Orthodox churches for Kosovo peace – expert says

Reuters AlertNet – London, England,UK
11 Jun 2004 15:37:35 GMT
By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor

PARIS, June 11 (Reuters) – European states must help rescue dozens of Orthodox churches and monasteries destroyed in Kosovo to show they are serious about fostering better ties between Serbs and Albanians there, a European expert said on Friday.
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