Who is the Guest in Our Home?

TV indoctrinating children in LGBT propagandaby Athanasia Trudy –
When we turn on the television, we open our mind’s door, inviting into our home guests from Hollywood; script writers, actors and activists alike fill our screens and minds with what they say should be normalized….all in the name of “compassion, tolerance, and love.”

A recent article by Rod Dreher in The American Conservative entitled “Surviving the Cultural Tsumani” got me thinking about the cultural indoctrination that occurs in television programming. While watching old television reruns of cop shows, I was struck by how script writers introduce situations that are far outside the cultural norm and offensive to many of their audience members. Yet, 10 or so years later that which was taboo and abnormal has become normalized.

The CBS police drama, S.W.A.T. aired in 2017.  In a recent episode, the bisexual police officer, Chris rekindles her interest in a former flame only to discover Kira is engaged to Ty.  Chris finds herself invited to be the “third” in the relationship.  [Read more…]


Liberals Seek Ban on Metaphors in Wake of Arizona Shooting

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

by Ann Coulter – After the monstrous shooting in Arizona last week, surely we can all agree that we’ve got to pass Obama’s agenda immediately and stop using metaphors.

At least I think that’s what the mainstream media are trying to tell me.

Liberals instantly leapt on the sickening massacre at a Tucson political event over the weekend to accuse tea partiers, Sarah Palin and all conservatives who talk out loud of being complicit in murder by inspiring the shooter, Jared Loughner.

Of course, to make their case, they first must demonstrate:
(a) Right-wingers have called for violence against anyone, especially conservative, pro-Second Amendment Democratic congresswomen;
(b) Loughner was listening to them; and
(c) Loughner was influenced by them.

They’ve proved none of this. In fact, it’s nearly the opposite. [Read more…]


New Report: Prime-Time TV Trend of Sexualizing Underage Girls

TV shows Sexualize Underage Girls
12/18/2010 – CNA –

A new study showing that teen girls are depicted sexually on prime-time TV more than adults has critics condemning the trend as a sinister fixation on underage young women.

The Parents Television Council issued a report on Dec. 15 which found that in popular TV series, underage female characters appearing on screen increases the amount of sexual content in a given show.

The council also found that teen girls demonstrate almost no negative response to being sexualized and that the vast majority of sexual incidents are depicted as occurring outside of a committed relationship. [Read more…]


If You Are Not a Leftist, Why Are You Voting Democrat?

Dennis Prager
Dennis Prager
9/28/2010 – Dennis Prager –

All Americans, including conservatives, understand why any leftist would vote Democrat this year. The Democratic Party is now America’s version of a European Social Democratic or even Green Party. In domestic policy, there is no significant difference between the American and European parties.

So there is no question as to why those on the left would vote Democrat. There is, however, a legitimate question regarding non-leftist Americans — why would any of them vote for a Democrat this year?

The Democratic president and Democratic Party have expanded the American government to an unprecedented extent. Moreover, they have done so in unprecedented ways: Never before has such extensive society-changing legislation been passed without a single vote of the other political party; and unprecedentedly vast powers have been given to “czars” and their new federal agencies — with no congressional oversight. Add to this a level of national debt that is unsustainable — but meets the left’s great aim of redistributing wealth — and you have the most left-wing government in American history. [Read more…]


The Last Refuge of a Liberal

8/27/2010 – Charles Krauthammer –
Liberalism under siege is an ugly sight indeed. Just yesterday it was all hope and change and returning power to the people. But the people have proved so disappointing. Their recalcitrance has, in only 19 months, turned the predicted 40-year liberal ascendancy (James Carville) into a full retreat. Ah, the people, the little people, the small-town people, the “bitter” people, as Barack Obama in an unguarded moment once memorably called them, clinging “to guns or religion or” — this part is less remembered — “antipathy toward people who aren’t like them.” [Read more…]


Saving Alex: Mainstream Media Ignores Success of Adult Stem Cell Treatments

7/6/2010 – Maria Vitale –

Alex R. Szeles has lived the American dream. The Pennsylvania native married his high school sweetheart, became successful in several businesses, raised four children, and has lived to see 18 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

In an op-ed piece in the Patriot-News newspaper, he recalls receiving the shock of his life in April of 2007, when he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow’s plasma cells. “My prognosis was that if treatments were to be started immediately, they could possibly buy me two years. But I wanted more.” [Read more…]


The Left’s War on Free Speech

5/18/2010 – Bruce Walker –
The left pretends to be the biggest champion of free speech. When the New York Times wrote articles about how our government was tracking the activities of terrorists, journalistic behavior which directly endangered the lives of Americans by providing intelligence information to those terrorists who are at war with us, the sanctimonious left insisted that this newspaper was simply exercising its constitutional right of free speech and free press. [Read more…]


The Naked Left

American Thinker | by Bruce Walker | 4/9/2010

The left loves to hide. This is why leftists reject the label “liberal” in favor of “progressive” or some other meaningless term. This is also why leftists must describe their opponents as the “hard right” or “right-wing extremists,” rather than simply respond to the serious policy issues their opponents raise.

The establishment media, which has been obviously tilted to the left for fifty years, petulantly denies any leftist bias. This utter denial continues more than forty years after Agnew’s speech against the television elites in 1969 and in spite of polling data, such as a Gallup poll which shows a huge plurality considering the media more liberal than conservative and a Zogby Poll which shows 64% of Americans seeing a liberal bias in the media. [Read more…]


What’s Islam? Don’t Ask Google

Fox News | Jan. 8, 2010

Google’s search engine returns common results to most queries as you type. But the “don’t be evil” company appears to be censoring its results when it comes to Islam.

Type “Christianity is” into Google and you’ll get a list of common searches. But the engine appears to suppress results for “Islam is.” [Read more…]


Wishful thinking, biased reporting endanger Rifqa Bary

American Thinker | by Pamela Geller | Dec. 5, 2009

A new government case plan directs Rifqa Bary, the girl who fled from her family in fear for her life after converting to Christianity from Islam, to talk about religion with her Muslim parents, and work toward Rifqa returning home.

According to reporter Meredith Heagney of the Columbus Dispatch, who wore a hijab when she visited a Columbus mosque and has consistently filed slanted, anti-Rifqa stories on this case, the goal of this case plan is reunification of the Bary family. Ohio authorities would like to have Rifqa living back with her parents. They think that if Rifqa and her parents sit down and talk about their respective religions, with her parents explaining their Islamic faith and Rifqa explaining her Christianity, they hope this might lead to more understanding of some of the conflicts that led to this impasse in the first place. [Read more…]


Child Rape and the Values of People Who Make Films

Townhall | by Dennis Prager | Oct. 6, 2009

We have reason to be grateful to the Polanski affair. It offers that most needed of virtues: clarity. It has made the average citizen aware of how broken the cultural elite’s moral compass is. And it has illuminated how equally distorted their self-image is. They see themselves as morally superior. They see themselves as worldly when in fact they are profoundly insular. And they see themselves as courageous artists when in fact the rarest films are those that involve any moral courage (for example, how many films about Islamic terror and the world that incubates that terror can you name?)

But the greatest benefit of the Polanski affair may be that the next time you see the Hollywood elite come out on behalf of or against some public issue, you can most likely assume the opposite is the morally correct position. [Read more…]


Who Really Inspires Violence, the Right or Left?

American Thinker | June 21, 2009

Is the right responsible for inspiring murder, such as that of late-term abortionist George Tiller by Kansas native Scott Roeder? Some certainly seem to think so. For instance, the Friday before last Bill O’Reilly had as a guest on his show Joan Walsh, the editor of leftist news site Salon.com. She appeared because she had criticized O’Reilly for engaging in what she called a “jihad” against Tiller. Her thesis is that O’Reilly and, presumably, the rest of us who are passionately pro-life are culpable in Tiller’s death. [Read more…]


Hollywood to Teenagers: Virginity’s for Suckers

Breitbart | Steven Crowder | May 12, 2009

Is there anything more abnormal than being a mid-teen virgin in the year 2009? Not if you’d hear Hollywood tell it. After watching a slew of teen-movies this weekend, I feel quite pathetic. It seems that all this time, I’ve been trying to follow my convictions and make a difference in this world, when I really should have been spending my time scoring with chicks. Has anybody else out there come to this realization as of late? [Read more…]


Obama Lets Media Get Under His Thin Skin

The “true” Obama emerges from the propaganda cloud created and promoted by the mainstream media. It’s not a pretty picture.

Pajamas Media | Martha Zoller | Feb. 6, 2009

President Obama has shown the dent in his shield. He’s sensitive about what people think of him. That’s understandable since there was very little negative coverage of him during the campaign. In addition, he had so much money he could drown out any negative questions about him. The networks and the mainline newspapers had to admit after the election they’d been a little slanted towards Obama in their coverage. You can’t blame them. As then-Senator Biden said during the campaign, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” [Read more…]


Google covers President O’s flank

American Thinker | Thomas Lifson | Jan. 28, 2009

Google has changed the rules on its serach engine to protect President Obama from the same sort of mockery it allowed of President Bush.

For better or worse, Google’s search engine has become the principal index for online information, giving the company tremendous opportunities to inflict bias on the nation’s (and world’s) information flow. Sadly, the company is demonstrating a willingness to slant leftward [Read more…]