Google covers President O’s flank

American Thinker | Thomas Lifson | Jan. 28, 2009

Google has changed the rules on its serach engine to protect President Obama from the same sort of mockery it allowed of President Bush.

For better or worse, Google’s search engine has become the principal index for online information, giving the company tremendous opportunities to inflict bias on the nation’s (and world’s) information flow. Sadly, the company is demonstrating a willingness to slant leftward [Read more…]


Media Bias at Work, Governor Abuses University System

AP | May 1, 2008

As you read the story about Gov. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who used his influence to get his daughter a master’s degree she didn’t earn, you have no clue whether this unethical political bully is a Democrat or a Republican. Since the writers failed to mention (translation = purposely left out) the party affiliation of Gov. Manchin in the first few paragraphs of the story I had a strong suspicion this guy was probably a Democrat. Sure enough on paragraph #12 of the story, buried 2/3 of the way down (below the fold) the AP writers identified the governor as a Democrat. Surprise, surprise! Had this politician been a Republican, the label would have been splattered all over the story, beginning with paragraph #1. [Read more…]


The Race for the American Mind

American Thinker | Selwyn Duke | Jan. 13, 2008

Last year’s scamnesty bill had widespread support among the powers-that-be, with the president, the Democrat majority and mainstream media all singing its praises. Yet it went down to defeat, slain by a new-media coalition of talk radio and blogosphere warriors. Working tirelessly to expose the truth and rally the grassroots, they became a David who slew a Goliath. [Read more…]


Why The Christmas Wars Matter

Human Events | Gary Bauer | Dec. 21, 2007

The secular grinches were out in full force again this pre-Christmas season. But it is not just crèches and twinkling lights that the secularists want to ban — their ultimate goal is the elimination off all faith-based thought from public life.

Barbara Walters, co-host of ABC’s The View, spent much of a recent show grumbling about receiving a Christmas card from President and Mrs. Bush that included a Bible verse. Walters said, “This is what interested me, that it is a religious card. Usually, in the past when I have received a Christmas card, it’s been ‘happy holidays’ and so on… [Read more…]