Zanzibar Fishermen Catch Ancient Fish

Ed. (Banescu) Another “living fossil” discovery pokes holes in the secular Macro Evolutionary theory.

AP | Ali Sultan | July 16, 2007


ZANZIBAR, Tanzania – Fishermen have caught a rare and endangered fish, the coelacanth, off the coast of the Indian Ocean archipelago of Zanzibar, a researcher said on Monday.

The find makes Zanzibar the third place in Tanzania where fishermen have caught the coelacanth, a heavy-bodied, many-finned fish with a three-lobed tail that was thought extinct until it was caught in 1938 off the coast of South Africa. Since then two types of coelacanth have been caught in five other countries: Comoros, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar and Mozambique, according to African Coelacanth Ecosystem Program.

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Reflection on the Overman article

Referencing: Not a Chance by Dean Overman

I’ve thought a lot about this compelling article today and came up with an idea I will attempt to explain. I never write about science so I havn’t developed the vocabularly to explain myself as well as I should, so have patience.

Overman talked about the mathematical improbabilities of the DNA molecue developing by chance (contra Darwin). As I reflected on this I took it a bit in a different direction based on my experience designing and maintaining this website, particularly learning and using the design coding.

The DNA molecule is essentially an information grid. The bits of proteins that assemble to determine how a human body develops are really biochemical bits of information.
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Book Review on the impending collapse of Darwinism

Chris Banescu, webmaster of OrthodoxNet, had his review of William A. Dembski’s book “Uncommon Dissent: Intellectuals Who Find Darwinism Unconvincing” published on Town Hall.

“Intelligent Design,” the movement challenging Darwinism, bears watching because it may overthrow Darwin. ID challenges Darwinism on scientific grounds. For example, probability theory (which did not exist during Darwin’s time) reveals there is less chance of a single cell emerging from inert matter than a tornado blowing through a factory and assembling a Boeing 747. A single cell, in other words, is more complex than the airplane. Design advocates argue that the Darwinian notion that parallel processes developed simultaneously, thereby allowing the movement within systems from simplicity to ever greater complexity, is based on naturalistic philosophy rather than credible science.

Touchstone Magazine has taken the lead on this issue on religious/cultural circles. Phillip Johnson, who one day will be rightfully considered the father of the Intelligent Design movement, is an editor of that outstanding magazine.