A Lesson From Venezuela

Townhall | Thomas Sowell | Feb. 27, 2008

People on the left often use other countries as examples of things that we should do. If other countries have a government-run medical system, then we should have one too, they say. If other countries control prices, then we should control prices — or so the reasoning goes.

Almost never is there any suggestion that we should first find out whether the actual results of the policies we are supposed to imitate are better or worse than what we already have. [Read more…]


Obama’s Global Tax

More proof of the communist ideology and anti-capitalist tendencies that drive Obama.

American Thinker | Lee Cary | Feb. 19, 2008

Senator Barack Obama’s sponsorship of Senate Bill 2433 aligns with the emerging core theme of his general election campaign. The change he promises will bring much-needed relief, not just to America’s victims of economic injustice, but to victims worldwide. [Read more…]


Atheism and Orthodoxy in Modern Russia

Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev | Jan. 30, 2008

In this talk I propose to outline the history of atheism in Russia during the last hundred years. I will start by considering the kind of atheism present in Russia before the Revolution. Then I will say something about the development of atheism during the Soviet period. And finally I will conclude with some observations concerning the nature of Russian post-Soviet atheism.

I should like to begin with the following questions. How did it happen that the country known as ‘Holy Russia’, with such a long history of Orthodox Christianity, was in a very short period of time turned by the Bolsheviks into ‘the first atheist state in the world’? How was it possible that the very same people who were taught religion in secondary schools in the 1910s with their own hands destroyed churches and burned holy icons in the 1920s? What is the explanation of the fact that the Orthodox Church, which was so powerful in the Russian Empire, was almost reduced to zero by its former members? [Read more…]


High Property Taxes Force Senior Citizens into Indebted Servitude

High property taxes in Greenburgh, NY are placing drastic burderns on its senior citizens. Retirees with modest incomes who own their own homes face outrageous property tax bills that threaten their ownership rights and their retirement. One example is Audrey Davison who lives alone and gets a $620 Social Security check each month and owes $12,000/year in property taxes.

Rather than slashing the astronomically high property taxes or eliminating them, the town is offering instead to make its retirees gov’t indebted servants at $7/hour in order to pay off their taxes. This is indeed another dreadful consequence of leftist, big government policies gone wild. Real property rights are continuing to erode in the US, while our march toward communism accelerates. [Read more…]


They’ll Never Forgive You

Human Events | Ann Coulter | Dec. 5, 2007

It is true that most of the high-value targets whom McCarthy cited to prove Democratic perfidy had been identified as Soviet spies before McCarthy came on the scene.

But the essence of what McCarthy was saying was: Let’s get into this a bit. How could Whittaker Chambers meet with FDR’s Assistant Secretary of State Adolf Berle in 1939, reveal massive Soviet penetration of the Roosevelt administration, and still have these same Soviet spies swarming through Democratic administrations a decade later? [Read more…]


The Nazis Were Marxists

American Thinker | Bruce Walker | Nov. 25, 2007

The Nazis were Marxists, no matter what our tainted academia and corrupt media wishes us to believe. Nazis, Bolsheviks, the Ku Klux Klan, Maoists, radical Islam and Facists — all are on the Left, something that should be increasingly apparent to decent, honorable people in our times.

The Big Lie which places Nazis on some mythical Far Right was created specifically so that there would be a bogeyman manacled on the wrists of those who wish us to move “too far” in the direction of Ronald Reagan or Barry Goldwater.

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Lenin’s Revolution vs. Luther’s Reformation

Human Events | Marvin Olasky | Nov. 8, 2007

Luther was a theological revolutionary but not a political one. In 1521, he wrote “A Sincere Admonition by Martin Luther to All Christians To Guard Against Insurrection and Rebellion.” The following year, as political unrest intensified, Luther preached about effecting change through patience, charity and reliance on God’s word rather than violence.

He portrayed the devil enjoying religiously based class warfare: “He sits with folded arms behind the fire of hell, and says with malignant looks and frightful grin: ‘Ah, how wise these madmen are to play my game! Let them go on; I shall reap the benefit.'”

[Read more…]


My Apology to UNC-Charlotte

Townhall.com | Mike S. Adams | Nov. 13, 2007

Last Thursday, I gave a speech at UNC-Charlotte called “Why Liberals Hate Freedom.” The main point of the speech was that “liberals” hate freedom because they are not really liberals. Unfortunately, during and after the Q and A things got heated with a few of the communists who decided to awaken from their drug-induced stupor and attend the speech.

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Illiberal Statism

Townhall.com | Mike S. Adams | Nov. 7, 2007

For years, conservatives have been claiming that conservatism is dying in America. That isn’t true. Actually, liberalism is dying in America. But, unfortunately, it is being replaced by another ideology far more dangerous than liberalism. After you consider the following issues, I hope you will join me in an act of self-censorship that will culminate in a lifetime commitment to refrain from calling Democrats “liberals.” Instead, I would urge the use of the more appropriate term “statist.”

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Communist Dissonance (Part One):’Huawei and CFIUS’

Human Events | Thaddeus G. McCotter | Nov. 6, 2007

The psychological disorder termed “cognitive dissonance” occurs when individuals refuse to acknowledge facts that contradict their existing views. In the realm of national security, the equivalent of cognitive dissonance is properly termed “communist dissonance.” This occurs when the global sophisticates inhabiting America’s business and political elites refuse to recognize facts contradicting their belief communist China is our friend.

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Communism is a Powerful Anti-Christian Heresy

Ultimate Things Communism Deadly Heresyby Dennis E. Engleman –

Throughout the Church age, the mystery of iniquity worked subtly and insidiously to foster unbelief. Satanically inspired humanism, which had received such impetus during the Renaissance and Enlightenment, reached its nihilistic nadir in the early twentieth century in the form of atheistic communism. The utopian ideology which is at the root of communism, and in fact of most secular thought, is seldom clearly realized even by its adherents; it has become part of the unexamined ideological inheritance of the post-Enlightenment era.

“One has to realize what communism is,” insisted Father Seraphim Rose. “Not merely a power-mad political regime, but an ideological-religious system whose aim is to overthrow and supplant all other systems, most of all Christianity. [Read more…]