Why Muslims See Obama as One Of Them

Family Security Matters | Amir Taheri | Oct. 28, 2008

‘OBAMA! Inshallah!” – Obama! Allah willing! That slogan, scribbled on walls in Gaza, indicates the hopes that Barack Obama has inspired among Arabs. While Obama has tried to push his origins into the background, his “Islamic roots” have won him a place in many Arabs’ hearts.

One columnist, Mohamed Al-Menshawi, hails Obama as “the candidate with Muslim roots” and as the “harbinger of solidarity between Americans and the Muslim world.” [Read more…]

The Most Wanted Infidel in the World

OrthodoxyToday.org | Raymond Ibrahim | Sep. 18, 2008

Al Qaeda declares Coptic priest Zakaria Botros “one of the most wanted infidels in the world” and offers $60 million for his head.

You have probably never heard of Father Zakaria Botros. But you need to know his story. He is far and away the most-watched and most-effective Arab-American evangelist focused on reaching the Muslim world, and by far the most controversial. The Rush Limbaugh of the Revivalists, he is funny, feisty, brilliant, opinionated, and provocative. But rather than preaching the gospel of conservatism, he is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. And his enemies do not simply want to silence him. They want to assassinate him. [Read more…]

Fear Stalks Muslim Apostates in the West

American Thinker | David J. Rusin | Aug. 3, 2008

Persuading Western Muslim leaders to repudiate Shari’a-sanctioned violence against apostates can be a frustrating exercise, as Prince Charles discovered in 2004. Troubled by the treatment of Muslims who convert to Christianity in Islamic nations, the prince convened a summit of senior figures from both religious communities. It ended in disappointment. The Islamic representatives failed to issue a declaration condemning the practice, which the Christians had requested; they also cautioned non-Muslims not to discuss such matters in public, arguing that moderates would be more likely to make progress if the debate were kept internal. [Read more…]

Not Compromising the Gospel

FrontPageMag | Mark D. Tooley | Jun 27, 2008

Pakistani-born Bishop Michael Nazir Ali of the Church of England continues to roil his leftist and Islamist critics by recently defending the right of Christians to share the Gospel with Muslims.

“Just as Muslims have the right to exercise Da’wa – an invitation to Islam – so Christians must have the freedom to invite people to follow Jesus Christ,” explained the bishop at a press conference in Jerusalem on June 24. “Dialogue proceeds on the understanding that each is a missionary faith.” [Read more…]

Proposal Over Muslim Churches Triggers Holy Fury

Radio Netherlands | Vanessa Mock | Jun. 4, 2008

There has been an outcry in Belgium over a proposal to convert little-used churches into mosques. A senior official in Antwerp argues too many of the city’s churches stand empty most of the time and he has put forward suggestions to convert them into mosques to benefit the city’s large Muslim population. [Read more…]

Human Rights Regression

American Thinker | Jonathan D. Strong | May. 15, 2008

Since the end of the Second World War, much of Western Civilization took it for granted that the progress and triumph of human rights, freedom, and liberal democracy would continue in perpetuity. Of course, there were setbacks as communist insurgencies and revolution snuffed out the lights of liberty in various places round the globe, but the hope of freedom always reappeared in places like Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Tiananmen Square, Poland, and most recently in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And despite the success that liberal democracy has experienced since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the possibility of Western concepts of freedoms no longer progressing, but in fact, regressing, is now more of a possibility than perhaps since Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930’s. What we may be witnessing today is not progress but regress in terms of our rights and freedoms. [Read more…]

Fitna, Radical Islamic Threat – Video by Geert Wilders

FrontPageMag | Mar. 31, 2008

Even before its official release, Fitna, the new film by Dutch politician Geert Wilders, served to demonstrate the dire threat that radical Islam poses to the West.

[Read more…]

The Fallacy of Shared Values

American Thinker | Janet Levy | Mar. 1, 2008

At a time when 40% of young Muslims in the United Kingdom want to impose sharia law on the country and 36% favor executing apostates of Islam, the head of the Church of England called for the selective application of sharia law in Britain in the interest of social cohesion. [Read more…]

Kosovo: A New Day of Infamy for a New Century

Chronicles Magazine | Srdja Trifkovic | Feb. 18, 2008

The grotesque charade in Pristina on Sunday, February 17, crowned a decade and a half of U.S. policy in the former Yugoslavia that has been mendacious and iniquitous in equal measure. By encouraging its Albanian clients go ahead with the unilateral proclamation of independence written at the Department of State, the U.S. administration has made a massive leap into the unknown. [Read more…]

Can Christians and Muslims Reconcile?

Human Events | Gary Bauer | Feb. 4, 2008

It is time for those interested in peace between Muslims and Christians to face some cold, hard facts. This is not the first Jihad. This is not the first Holy War. And any road to peace and mutual understanding must first travel back in time to acknowledge the historical truths about how conflicts between radical Islam and the rest of the world have been resolved. In the meantime, hollow platitudes about “mutual understanding” and “conversation” must end. [Read more…]

UN Gag Order

FrontPage Mag | Joseph Klein | Jan. 11, 2008

The Islamic propaganda machine has turned Western democratic values inside out to the Islamists’ advantage. Cloaking themselves in the rhetoric of multiculturalism and tolerance, Islamists succeeded in getting the United Nations General Assembly to pass a resolution late last year condemning the defamation of religions – but the only religion mentioned in the resolution was Islam. [Read more…]

FOX To Air Controversial Documentary on Islam

FOX News | October 18, 2007

A controversial film that PBS axed from its documentary series about the post-Sept. 11 world will be broadcast for the first time nationwide this week by the FOX News Channel.

The documentary, originally titled “Islam vs. Islamists,” was produced by ABG Films with $675,000 in public funds from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It was originally slated to run earlier this year as part of PBS’ “America at a Crossroads” series.

[Read more…]

Islamic Group Honors Religious Left

FrontPageMagazine.com | Mark D. Tooley | September 10, 2007

At its recent convention in Chicago, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) honored the National Council of Churches’ top interfaith official with its “Interfaith Unity Award.”

Undoubtedly, the award was well deserved! The NCC, like most of the Religious Left, defends or accommodates radical Islam, even as it denounces “fundamentalist” Christianity and condemns Israel. Despite the Religious Left’s support for liberal social causes like same-sex unions and abortion rights, it prefers the supporters of Islamic “Sharia” law to Christians or Jews who might sometimes vote Republican.

[Read more…]

Hardline takeover of British mosques

Times Online | Andrew Norfolk | September 7, 2007

Almost half of Britain’s mosques are under the control of a hardline Islamic sect whose leading preacher loathes Western values and has called on Muslims to “shed blood” for Allah, an investigation by The Times has found.

[Read more…]

Cheering an Islamist victory

Boston Globe | Stephen A. Cook | July 26, 2007

ON SUNDAY, Turks overwhelmingly voted to return the ruling Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP) to office with 46.6 percent of the vote. Turkey’s two main secular parties did not even come close to this tally, combining for 34 percent of the vote. The stakes in these elections were high, including Turkey’s future democratic development, how religion will be accommodated in an officially secular state, and the prospects for Turkey’s place in Europe and the Middle East. It is for these reasons that Washington should be relieved that Turkey’s Islamists have prevailed. Hardly the firebrands of Hamas and Hezbollah, the leaders of the Justice and Development Party are modernizers who seek a pluralist and democratic Turkey.

[Read more…]