The Book Banners Hollywood Ignores | Michelle Malkin | Sept. 17, 2008

Have you ever heard Hollywood liberals talk about suspected Islamic jihadists the way they talk about suspected Republican “book-banners”? The September 11 terrorist attacks didn’t turn celebrity leftists into hawks. But the minute they started reading false rumors about Sarah Palin restricting unfettered access to “Daddy’s Roommate” and “Heather Has Two Mommies” in her hometown library, Tinseltown’s docile doves became militant warmongers.

Actor Matt Damon, parroting left-wing Internet lies about Sarah Palin censoring novels while mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, took a defiant stand against the “terrifying possibility” of a McCain-Palin victory. “We can’t have” book-banning, he inveighed. [Read more…]


Pelosi’s Energy Stonewall

The Wall Street Journal | Aug. 1, 2008

Hell — otherwise known as Congress — has officially frozen over. For the first time since the 1950s, Members will skip town today for the August recess without either chamber having passed a single appropriations bill. Then again, Democrats appear ready to sacrifice their whole agenda, even spending, rather than allow new domestic energy production. [Read more…]


CA Governor Vetoes Climate Change Curriculum

The Totalitarian Global Warming Cult Following Democrats in California tried, yet again, to impose their unfounded religious beliefs and leftist dogma on the entire public education system.

Mercury News | John Boudreau | July 26, 2008

California public students will stick to reading, writing and arithmetic, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger decided as he vetoed a bill late Friday that would have required climate change be added to schools’ curriculum.

The measure, sponsored by state Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, also would have required future science textbooks to include climate change as a subject. [Read more…]


Why communists loved communism

WorldNetDaily | Craige McMillan | July 24, 2008

Communist government officials always loved communism – because they never experienced it. Apparently the same is true of Democrat officials preparing for the “I’m a progressive, not a communist” lovefest in Denver, Colo. Consumers in the mile high city pay 40.4 cents per gallon to the state and feds for each gallon they extract at the gas pumps. Unless, of course, they are Democrat muckety-mucks zipping around Denver in their free (provided by General Motors) cars, which have been filling up at city pumps to evade gasoline taxes. [Read more…]


Fairness Despotism

Investor’s Business Daily | Jun 27, 2008

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi intends to restore the “Fairness Doctrine” regulating political speech — proof that in the Internet Age, Democrats have lost the communications war.

Forty years ago, Walter Cronkite could declare on the evening news that the Vietnam War was lost, and that’s the way it was. Do Americans want to return to those days by reviving the so-called Fairness Doctrine? [Read more…]


Why Do We Call Them ‘Democrats’?

American Thinker | Lance Fairchok | Jun. 21, 2008

We all knew it even though Democrat spokespersons denied it. Worried that the negative connotations would affect their electability and their eyes glued to the capricious winds of public opinion, they invented new words for the old ideology such as progressivism and communitarianism. Apparently, the camouflage is no longer needed. The masks are off. They now openly call for the nationalization of private business, the establishment of universal entitlements and increased taxation to pay for them. Why worry about socialist labels? The electorate is complacent, prosperity has numbed our senses and the left has worked diligently for many years to sap our national pride and deface our self-image. [Read more…]