Two ex-Guantanamo Inmates Re-Join Al-Qaeda

Message to all our men and women in uniform: When encountering TERRORISTS using deadly force anywhere Shoot to Kill. STOP TAKING PRISONERS! Thank You!
AFP | Jan. 25, 2009

Two men released from the US “war on terror” prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have appeared in a video posted on a jihadist website, the SITE monitoring service reported.

One of the two former inmates, a Saudi man identified as Abu Sufyan al-Azdi al-Shahri, or prisoner number 372, has been elevated to the senior ranks of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, a US counter-terrorism official told AFP. [Read more…]


The Plight of Christians in the Middle East

FrontPageMag | Jamie Glazov | July 9, 2008

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Pierre Rehov, a French filmmaker who has filmed six documentaries on the Palestinian Intifada. One of his recent documentaries, Suicide Killers, explores the psychology of suicide bombers. It is based on interviews with the victims of suicide bombers, the families of suicide bombers, would-be bombers themselves, and experts on suicide killer mentality. He has just completed a film: “First Comes Saturday, Then Comes Sunday,” which explores the plight of Christians in Lebanon, Egypt and Palestinian Territories. He is also working on a film, “Proliferation,” which documents the contagion of suicide killing around the world, including inside the U.S. He recently moved to the U.S. [Read more…]


High Gas Prices and the Marxist tactic of Crisis revolution

American Thinker | AWR Hawkins | Jun. 21, 2008

Karl Marx, (1818-1883), believed capitalism was the next to last stage in the evolution to an earthly utopia, which would be ushered in through revolution; a revolution resulting from the tensions that existed between workers and the owners of production. According to Marx, the final stage of this evolution toward utopia would result when workers rose up in revolution to overthrow the business owners who were exploiting them through a capitalistic economy. We know Marx’s “utopia” and other aspects of his philosophy by their more prominent name: communism. [Read more…]


Obama’s Plan To Disarm The U.S.

Investor’s Business Daily | Jun. 6, 2008

In the middle of a war on two fronts, Barack Obama plans to gut the military. He also wants to dismantle our nuclear arsenal. And he wants to keep you in the dark about it. The Obamatons of the mainstream media have failed to report one of the most chilling campaign promises thus far uttered by the presumptive Democrat nominee for president.

He made it before the Iowa caucus to a left-wing pacifist group that seeks to reallocate defense dollars to welfare programs. The lobbying group, Caucus for Priorities, was so impressed by Obama’s anti-military offering that it steered its 10,000 devotees his way. In a 132-word videotaped pledge (still viewable on YouTube), Obama agreed to hollow out the U.S. military by slashing both conventional and nuclear weapons. [Read more…]


America in Ashes? Al-Qaeda Actively Planning to Nuke American Cities

FrontPageMag | Christopher S. Carson | May. 26, 2008

The latest audio message from al-Qaeda, reportedly from Osama bin Laden himself, is only the most recent confirmation that the jihadist threat to the West remains real and deadly serious. But the fact that it could take the form of nuclear terrorism should be most worrying to citizens and policy makers alike.

Where a nuclear attack once may have been beyond the capacities of stateless terrorists, that is no longer the case. One need only consider Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM), mastermind of 9/11 and chief operating officer of al-Qaeda, who revealed under intensive interrogation — including the much-maligned tactic of waterboarding — that a nuclear attack against the United States was a top priority for al-Qaeda. [Read more…]


Terror plot to blow up transatlantic flights out of London

Times Online | Sean O’Neill | Apr. 4, 2008

A British terrorist cell planned to detonate suicide bombs on seven transatlantic flights over North America, causing catastrophic loss of life, a court was told yesterday. The flights chosen by the alleged terrorists – based in Walthamstow, East London – were scheduled to leave Heathrow Terminal 3 one afternoon carrying almost 2,000 passengers and crew. [Read more…]


National Security At the Border

Human Events | Robert Spencer | Feb. 19, 2008

Three Afghanis were arrested Wednesday at an international airport in India’s Kerala state for flying with forged Mexican passports. They had just arrived there from Kuwait, where officials examined the passports identifying them as “Antonio Lopez Juan,” “Javier Sanchez Alberto,” and “Atonio Lopez Ernesto,” and found that they didn’t understand any Spanish. [Read more…]


Media Spins Success in Afghanistan as Failure

American Thinker | Ray Robison | Feb. 8, 2008

American and Coalition forces have taken the initiative in Afghanistan, and have the Taliban on the run. Yet major American media outlets, to the extent they cover fighting in Afghanistan, are portraying the Taliban as “resurgent”. Going on the offense and succeeding at it always increases violence. But is being spun onto bad news. [Read more…]


Terrorists Trick Down’s Syndrome Women into Suicide Blasts

AP | Feb. 1, 2008

Two women suicide bombers who have killed nearly 80 people in Baghdad were Down’s Syndrome victims exploited by al Qaida. The explosives were detonated by remote control in a co-ordinated attack after the women walked into separate crowded markets, said the chief Iraqi military spokesman in Baghdad General Qassim al-Moussawi. [Read more…]


Osama’s Challenge | Robert Spencer | Monday, September 10, 2007

“I invite you to embrace Islam,” says Osama bin Laden in his latest videotape. Most analysts take this as pious window-dressing and focus on what they believe to be the more substantive points of his message: his comments on the war in Iraq, his critique of capitalism, the similarity of much of what he says to Democratic Party talking points, and the like. But in fact the invitation to Islam is the heart, and the most revealing aspect, of bin Laden’s entire statement.

[Read more…]


An American Beslan?

Weekly Standard Blog | Brian Faughnan | September 18, 2007

Last week, CNN’s Glenn Beck aired a weeklong series of reports regarding purported plans by al Qaeda to coordinate a series of attacks at U.S. schools. Author Brad Thor, formerly of the Department of Homeland Security’s ‘Red Cell’ suggests that the Beslan attack was a dry run, and that al Qaeda hopes to prompt an overwhelming and irrational ‘hate response’ against Muslims. It’s al Qaeda’s hope that this would set off a massive war between Islam and the West.

[Read more…]