If Good and Evil Exist, God Must Exist (Prager University)

If Good and Evil Exist, God Existsby Peter Kreeft-
Is there such a thing as objective morality? If there is, does that suggest a moral law giver? Peter Kreeft, distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Boston College, takes on these critical questions and offers some challenging answers.

“Good and evil are not the difference between I like and I don’t like,” observes Professor Kreeft in this video lecture. He conducts a thorough review of the five (5) theoretical sources of morality offered by atheists, and disproves each one using logic, common sense, and historical examples:

  • Evolution
  • Reason
  • Conscience
  • Human Nature
  • Utilitarianism

Kreeft cites the history of slavery, “which was accepted but is not acceptable”, as an example that disproves several of these rationales. He also notes that, “human nature is the reason we need morality.” He compares and contrasts moral laws with physical laws. Moral laws concern “what aught to be” and direct human nature.

“The existence of morality is something beyond nature, that is supernatural,” says Kreeft. “Whenever you appeal to morality, you are appealing to God.”