The Left’s Use and Abuse of Children

Gender Spectrum Destroying Children Souls7/7/2010 – Robin of Berkeley –

I’m not easily shocked. I’ve been a therapist for a couple of decades not just anywhere, but in the leftest place around. But still, when I received a flyer in the mail last week, it absolutely stunned me.

The flyer announced a conference for children and teens, age 13 to 18, by a group called Gender Spectrum. The advertisement reads as follows:

Come join other transgender, gender bending, gender nonconforming teens, children and families for three days of celebrating individuality, making new friends, and having fun. Meet other trans and gender nonconforming teens and adults, hang out, and explore different topics on gender: school, making friends, dating.

The slogan of Gender Spectrum? Be Yourself. Change the World.

Now, the phrase “gender nonconformity” isn’t new to me. There are some grade schools out here that permit kids to alter their genders whenever the spirit moves them. Schools provide coed bathrooms so the kids don’t have the stress of making a permanent commitment.

I once attributed crazes like gender-bending to “only in Berkeley.” But now that the Left has seized control, it would be a mistake to dismiss groups like Gender Spectrum as harmless.

Obama has already appointed transexuals to high positions. And then there’s Elena Kagan, about to become a SCOTUS. While she presents as unassuming, at Harvard, she was a firebrand.

There, Kagan reportedly strong-armed Harvard’s health insurer to pay for sex change operations for staff and students. So an 18-year-old who wasn’t sure about his career choice could, without parental knowledge or approval, reconfigure his private parts.

Kagan also spearheaded a campaign to make bathrooms unisex. Apparently, she considers gender-neutral johns to be a constitutional right, more compelling than the First and Second Amendments.

Kagan and Obama and all the president’s czars are secular fundamentalists. They are trying to force-feed a radical agenda to this country. And they’re doing it, in part, by recruiting impressionable children.

Most youths have no interest in taking up arms for the revolution, Weatherman-style. So they’re being conditioned to become a different kind of soldier: sexual rebels.

It’s considered cool to dabble in polyamory and gender nonconformism. Alternative lifestyles, they are told, help break the chains of imperialism. Even those kids in repellent groups (whites, males) can be hip.

By becoming gender warriors, youths can finally find meaning in a nihilistic world.As Gender Spectrum trumpets, by being gender nonconforming, they can change the world.

The members of the Frankfurt School are smiling in their graves. With professors cajoling youths to mix it up gender-wise, the Marxists have achieved their dream of corrupting the U.S. from within.

The Marxists knew that they could never get patriotic, working Americans to take to the streets. Instead, the group decided to destroy the West by degrading traditional values.

What was one of the early actions of the radicals when they first got power? Introducing sex education in the schools in Hungary, when the Bela Kun socialist government took power in 1919.

Today, we have parents so brainwashed that they practice hands-free parenting. Steeped in moral relativism, they’re practically letting their kids raise themselves.

Then we have the progressive Left, once a fringe group kept in check by the majority culture. The Left is an amoral movement which worships pleasure and the self. Now in charge, many progressives have no boundaries or self-control.

And we have the young, those lost souls without strong parental arms to guide them. They are looking for purpose in a culture that offers only pleasure.

Children do not need another U.N.-approved talk about their “right” to masturbate. And they shouldn’t be subjected to soft-core porn and mind-numbing violence every time they turn on the tube.

Kids need to be told this, over and over again: They are children of God. God lives and breathes in every fiber of their being.

The Divine loves and accepts them just as they are. After all, He created them, male or female, white skin or dark. And God’s love is the most meaningful, and the coolest thing, of all.

These days, parents need to protect their children from so much. And it’s not just speeding in cars and playing with matches.

Because there are people out there — with numbers growing every day — who don’t want to just snatch kids’ lunch money. They aren’t after iPods and laptops.

They’re trying to steal children’s souls.

HT: American Thinker


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  1. Matthew 18:6 (KJV)
    “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

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