Election Day 2008, Prayer for America

Orthodox Prayer Book | Chris Banescu | Nov. 4, 2008

Almighty God, the Father of mercies, Lord of all Creation, and Spring of all comfort, hear our prayers, come to our defense, and deliver us from the dangers and evil that besets us and threatens to enslave us and our children. Oh Master, Jesus Christ, we beseech You to save this land and have mercy on Your people, for the days are dark and our hearts are troubled.

We believe Lord, that all trials of life are under Your care and that all things work for the good of those who love You. Take away from us fear, anxiety, and distress. Help us to face and endure these difficult and dangerous times with faith, courage, and wisdom. Grant that these trials may bring us closer to You for You are our rock and refuge, our comfort and hope, our delight and joy. We trust in Your love and compassion. For unto Thee are due all glory, honor, and worship: to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen. [Read more...]

Our Blog Was Hacked, We Know Who Did It

Our Blog was hacked on Tuesday, Jan 29, 2008 at approximately 19:29:06. The criminal who did this erased the entire database (including all online backups) of stories, posts, and comments and deleted all the user accounts, including all administrator access. Luckily, our provider uses monitoring software on its servers and we were able to capture and restore some key information about this perpetrator. (PS – He’s not a conservative.)

We were also able to restore our Blog database as of January 24, 2008 from our off-site server backups. Over the next few days we will re-add some of the more important stories that were posted here.

March for Life 2008

Theme for March for Life January 22, 2008: “Build Unity on the Life Principles throughout America. No Exception! No Compromise!”

Fr. Hans is in Washington supporting the March for Life. [Read more...]

Orthodox bishops speak about growth of media ministry

OCN | Seraphim Danckaert | Jan. 15, 2008

“I would like to see Share the Light Sunday reach out, and, in the future, [for Come Receive the Light] to be heard throughout the United States,” His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios of Boston said during Sunday’s live Web TV program hosted by the Orthodox Christian Network. [Read more...]

Greek Orthodox Church provides Thanksgiving feast for thousands

ABC 4 News | Chris Vanocur | Nov. 22, 2007

SALT LAKE CITY – On Thanksgiving day, some two thousand people were welcomed with open arms at Salt Lake’s Greek Orthodox Church. The Church has been serving Thanksgiving meals to the needy for more than 20 years.

[Read more...]

Thanking Our Veterans

Veterans Day

Human Events | Margaret Hunter | Nov. 12, 2007

“If you enjoy your freedom, thank a vet.” I read this and can barely hold back the tears. I feel that, because I am a military wife and I know exactly what it means.

It is Veterans Day, and for so many, it is just another long weekend, a day off from work. It is Veterans Day. On this day our every thought should be remembering those who so bravely fought for the very freedom we enjoy. For every American, this day should be about educating ourselves and others on why we celebrate this national holiday. On this day we express gratitude to those who continue to give up their every comfort and leave their family homes to protect the country we and they hold so dear. The men and women in uniform — past and present — are the reason why America is and always will be known as the greatest nation on earth.

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Well folks, I am hanging up my hat

After a couple of very interesting years on this blog, it is time to call it quits. Several events prompted my decision, chiefly the launch of the American Orthodox Institute. AOI will have its own blog, administered by John Couretas, the Executive Director of AOI, where I will be an occasional contributer. The AOI blog will be moderated with the goal of discussing in greater detail and depth the Orthodox response to cultural issues and other items. I am simply not able to maintain this blog with the new projects.

But don’t despair! The blog isn’t going away, it’s just under new management. Chris Banescu, webmaster of OrthodoxNet.com, lawyer, university professor, business owner, and all around good guy whom many of you already know, is taking over the helm. He is the man in charge. We’ve already redesigned the blog to match the upcoming redesign of his popular site. Things will work just as they did before, but I am sure that Chris will put his own stamp on things as time goes along.

OrthodoxyToday.org will undergo a few changes as well. In addition to spinning off the blog, I plan to return the site to its original focus of social commentary informed by morally clear analysis, and spin off the Orthodox authors section into a separate website. I think the authors section has great potential for growth. Hopefully this can be done in the next few weeks.

Usually when I resign a project, I resign it completely. I was involved in starting the Orthodox-Forum internet discussion list when these lists were just in their infancy. It took off, but once it got established I left to start OrthodoxyToday.org. Well, that took off too, and now I am working on AOI. I will check in from time to time but you won’t see me contributing much.

For you techies, OrthodoxNet.com Blog hosting will remain where it is. That’s why you see a blog title and url mismatch. Apart from the hosting however, this blog is now Chris’ baby.

Let the debates continue!

FOX To Air Controversial Documentary on Islam

FOX News | October 18, 2007

A controversial film that PBS axed from its documentary series about the post-Sept. 11 world will be broadcast for the first time nationwide this week by the FOX News Channel.

The documentary, originally titled “Islam vs. Islamists,” was produced by ABG Films with $675,000 in public funds from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It was originally slated to run earlier this year as part of PBS’ “America at a Crossroads” series.

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Cell phone numbers go public

Got this in the mail yesterday. It’s true. You might want to put your name on the list to avoid junk calls.

REMINDER….all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing
companies tomorrow and you will start to receive sale calls.


To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone:


It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your
time. It blocks your number for five (5) years. You must call from the
cell phone number you want to have blocked. You cannot call from a
different phone number.

Interviewed on Ancient Faith Radio

Ancient Faith Radio interviewed me yesterday on the launch of the American Orthodox Institute (AOI). Listen here.

Announcing the American Orthodox Institute

The project I’ve been working on the last three years was unveiled yesterday. It’s called the American Orthodox Institute (AOI) and has this mission: The American Orthodox Institute is a research and educational organization that engages the cultural issues of the day within the Orthodox Christian moral tradition. Take a look at the AOI website to get a clearer idea of contributers, advisors, and such. Note our journal, “The Clarion Review” (new website for Clarion in the works), which has been receiving praise and press in Europe. My latest article, “Orthodox Leadership in a Brave New World” is also included. The opening was a collaboration between AOI and Conciliar Media Ministries.

Christina Sacorafas Mosher, Victim of the I35 Bridge Collapse Laid to Rest August 20, 2007

Ed. (Jacobse): Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews, mentioned in the release below, is a columnist for OrthodoxyToday.org.

Christina Sacorafas Mosher, Victim of the I35 Bridge Collapse, Laid to Rest August 20, 2007 at Funeral Service at St. Mary Greek Orthodox Church in Minneapolis


The Parish of St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church in Minneapolis, the Metropolis of Chicago and the nation experienced a terrible loss with the tragic death of Christina Sacorafas Mosher in the Minneapolis bridge collapse on August 1, 2007. Christina was in route to St. Mary’s church to teach a youth dance class. She called just before 6:00 pm to say she was caught in traffic. A few minutes later, the bridge she was on splintered and collapsed plunging dozens of cars and tons of concrete and metal into the water below. On August 2, the news reached the Metropolis offices in Chicago that Christina was one of the many that were feared missing.

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Scrolling to the top on long discussion threads got tiresome…

…so I inserted some code in every comment box that brings you back to the top of the page. Look for it on the right side top corner next to the date. Make sure to click it.

To the Hindu posters

I am not interested in a Hindu-Christian ecumenical dialogue on this blog. If you want to start a blog of your own where you discuss your ideas why Christianity has not ascended to the heights of Hinduism (“not yet started its transcendence” and the like), I would be happy to notify the members here of it. However, we won’t be discussing it here.

Assignment for OT Blog readers

Go to Borders Books (or B&N if you prefer), get a cup of coffee, and then read Michael Novak’s article “The End of the Secular Age” in “First Things.” I’m not as optimistic about the collapse of secularism as he is, but his overview of secularism (including neo-atheism) is top notch. You’ll have to read it there first. They won’t allow posting until next month.