The Abnormal Cannot Dictate What’s Normal

The Abnormal Cannot Dictate What is Normalby Fr. Ioannes Apiarius –
Those who are darkened by spiritual corruption or sexual depravity cannot be trusted to lecture others about what’s normal or demand that the normal embrace abnormality.

Those who are confused about their own sexuality or reject traditional Christian moral principles are incapable of giving advice on normal human relationships or family life inside or outside the Orthodox Church.

Those who believe or teach that sodomy is either “normal” or not sinful have separated themselves from the true teaching of the Orthodox Church and go against the laws of nature.

Active homosexuals or anyone who engages in deviant sexual behaviours must never teach children or young adults about human sexuality in any public school or religious institution.

They are supporting rebellion inside the Church and society.

Those who claim that the Bible does not condemn homosexual acts are lying and deluding themselves and others. They directly contradict the Scriptures and the universal teaching of the Holy Orthodox Church.

Anyone who advocates that men can marry men, or women can marry women, or believes that marriage can be anything but the union of one man and one woman betrays the moral tradition of Christendom.

Those who believe that men can transform themselves into women and vice-versa have no business dictating any public policy or law that supports or legitimizes such aberrations in a civilized society.

Those who support or advocate the medical transformation of a child from a boy to a girl or a girl to a boy practice child abuse. Doctors who actively participate in bodily transgender modifications of children should lose their licenses to practice medicine.

Their revolt against nature is ultimately a revolt against God.

If any cleric or teacher in the Orthodox Christian Church advocates for these corrupt ideas, they have betrayed the Orthodox Faith. In their confusion they lead the faithful astray. They are fighting against the laws of God and nature. They are supporting rebellion inside the Church and society. They are not to be trusted. Their revolt against nature is ultimately a revolt against God.

– Fr. Ioannes Apiarius

The Abnormal Cannot Dictate What is Normal


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