Liberal Child Abuse – Pro-Abortion Democrats Pretend To Care About Children

Liberal Child Abuse - Obama Pro-Abortion Presidentby Tom Trinko –
A key moment so far in the shutdown drama was when Harry Reid, the liberal Democrat head of the Senate, stated that he didn’t care if children with cancer missed out on medical care.

While this shocked many, the simple fact is that liberals tend to be very much unconcerned about children.  After all, liberals are keen supporters of killing children before they’re born, and sometimes even after, so the thought that liberals are more concerned with their own political power than with children shouldn’t be surprising.

Historically, liberals talk a good game about children — using them to justify bigger government and more power for liberals over our lives — but they don’t ever walk the walk. Aside from having far fewer children than conservatives — witness the concern about the “birth gap” — liberals are also very big fans of abortion, which always kills a child, and they tend to lean towards prioritizing career over parenting.

During the 1970s, it became obvious that the massive welfare state the liberals loved was destroying the black family by incentivizing single parenthood, yet liberals fought tooth and nail to continue the system, even though it was obviously hurting black children.  Really caring about children means working to ensure that they can grow up in an intact family or at the very least not encouraging the breakup of families.

Similarly, today, inner-city schools are providing execrable education for children, but liberals actively work to shut down alternatives.  Really caring about the children means wanting to ensure that they get a good education.

Now this doesn’t mean that liberals don’t love their own children, but it does mean that liberals are comfortable with solutions that benefit themselves over future generations — for what is abortion in more than 98% of cases other than saying that it’s okay to kill your own child to improve your future?

That’s why conservatives are concerned about the ever growing national debt while liberals aren’t.  Liberals don’t mind socking future Americans with the bill for the liberal lifestyle — buying votes with government dollars.

The simple fact is that with a $17,000,000,000,000 national debt, our children and our children’s children will be paying it off.  Essentially, every time we raise the debt ceiling, we’re borrowing money from our children — breaking into their piggy banks and taking their wages to enhance our lifestyles.  That’s the exact opposite of what people who love children do.  When you love children, you sacrifice your own lifestyle to improve theirs.

When an adult borrows money, he does so with the idea that he will pay it back and will suffer the loss of buying power associated with the interest on the loan.  But when government borrows money, the people who will pay may not even have been born who will end up paying the price.

If the debt is “paid” off by inflation, then it will rest not only on our children, but mostly on the children of the poor.  It would be hard to imagine a more regressive tax than inflation.  When inflation occurs, the poor lose the ability to buy necessities while the rich lose their ability to buy some luxuries.

But the liberal desire to live high on the hog with other people’s children’s money does not stop with the debt.  Nor does their intergenerational theft.

We’ve seen this before with Social Security.  From the beginning, the Democrats viewed it as a massive scheme to transfer wealth from the young to the old, which is why people began receiving benefits even though they hadn’t paid into the system for very long, (less than four years) when Social Security started.

Right now, we’re seeing how the young have to subsidize Social Security for the elderly while being fairly sure that they themselves will never see a dime since the system simply becomes unsustainable by the time today’s youth will retire — as is the case with all Ponzi schemes.

Stealing from your children — or in the case of liberals with no children, other people’s children — is viewed as a form of child abuse by most Americans, as we can tell by the opprobrium heaped on the parents of child stars who swindle their own children.

A more recent example of liberal child abuse is the cause of the current political crisis: ObamaCare.  ObamaCare is another act of generational theft, where the young are being required to subsidize the medical bills of the elderly.

Young people who effectively self-insured prior to ObamaCare are being forced to pay high rates so that those with pre-existing conditions and the elderly can get lower rates.  This is a direct rejection of the efforts by so many elderly Americans to ensure that their medical bills will not impoverish their own children.  Liberals are robbing children to reduce liberals’ medical bills.

Whether it’s ObamaCare, Social Security, or the national debt, the common thread is liberals working to take money from the young and use it for their own objectives.

Given that liberals have far fewer children than conservatives, the situation is even worse than it might seem at first.

Every child is a huge investment in America, costing the parents over $241,000, ignoring college expenses.  While parents who love their children gladly make that sacrifice, liberals who have fewer children are essentially exploiting the children of others to support the liberal big spending agenda.

While liberals are constantly demanding higher tax rates, they also refuse to allow parents to deduct the real cost of raising a child — 18 years of tax deductions for a child amount to only 28% of the cost of raising a child.  Essentially, conservatives are paying much higher taxes than liberals when one considers that the money invested in a child produces a new American taxpayer who will benefit the country more than any other government spending — a family of three, for example, will pay taxes on an extra $28K of income per year compared to a family with no children.

Sadly, many young people have no clue how the Democrats are ripping them off.  Historically, young people tend to concentrate on getting a job, starting a career, and starting a family rather than on politics.  Liberals prey on that by working hard to obscure how they’re abusing today’s children by long-term generational theft.

It’s time to stop letting liberals pretend to be charitable when the reality is that they’re stealing children’s money to pay for what liberals want.

It’s time to point out that the “good” the liberals are claiming to do is financed with the wages of people who are too young to vote today but who will have no choice but to pay the tab run up by spendaholic liberals.

HT : American Thinker