Save The Children From Global Warming Propaganda

American Thinker | Marc Sheppard | Feb. 5, 2009

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the Future – Adolf Hitler, 1935

No regime in modern history exploited propaganda as diabolically and successfully as did the Third Reich, thanks, in large part, to its focus on those most vulnerable to their ideological manipulation — children. And with more American adults seeing the cold truth behind warming misinformation, alarmists are stepping up efforts to brainwash our schoolchildren using a playbook that would have impressed Joseph Goebbels himself.

Of course, green schooling was surreptitiously introduced years ago when teachers began espousing benign environmental distractions like “Earth Day.” But trendy nontoxic slogans like “reduce, reuse, recycle” eventually opened the door to the destructive propaganda of teaching Al Gore’s scientifically-challenged movie in science classes. Which soon facilitated a California Law mandating unbalanced Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) theories be included in public school curricula. And that paved the way for today’s second installment of a malignant little program cleverly crafted to indoctrinate our impressionable youth on a chillingly massive scale.

It’s called the “National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions,” and one need read no further than the “about” page on the planners’ website to understand just who they are and what it is they intend to “teach” our children on a national level.


Step 1: Teach the Children That Carbon Emissions are Destructive and Unjust
The focal point of the event is the airing of the National Teach-In webcast — a turgid amalgam of alarmist exaggerations, scare stories, unsubstantiated projections and outlandish conclusions, all dosed out with a spoonful of socialism disguised as kid-friendly sounding “fairness” and “justice.” [Note: emphasis added throughout]

Program Co-Director Eban Goodstein opens with the spectacular and unauthenticated announcement that if you’re under 30, then “over your lifetime the planet is going to heat up somewhere between 4 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit,” then offers the vexed kids salvation in that “by the time you reach my age, you will bring an end to the fossil-fuel era.” He then rattles off a flighty laundry list of ways their generation “will lay the foundation for a just and sustainable world.” Read that redistribute wealth and technology on an international level.

PCAP advisor David Orr adds more liberal fantasy, claiming that proper energy and climate policy will somehow solve crime, foreign policy, poverty and yes — fairness issues. And activist Dianne Dillon Ridgley also supplements the class struggle appeal, praising future good climate policy for “bringing equity and justice into the entire workings of this country.”


Step 2: Teach the Children They Can Solve The “Carbon Problem”
The MTV style High School model suggests organizers “plan a cool event,” which includes airing Gore’s eco-sci-fi flick and holding forums with hysterical titles like Meaning of Mass Extinction and The End of Suburbia?, and such activities as having a Climate Friendly Dance and holding a Car Bash. For those not green-savvy, the latter is when you “allow students to pay a few dollars to take a couple good whacks at a donated SUV or other inefficient vehicle.” No methane fermentable feces.

But it’s the Kindergarten through 8th grade model these dread-o-philes have concocted that’s the more disturbing. It augments its unilateral rhetoric with two dubiously conceived hands-on science projects, one which claims to model “the effect of CO2 and other ‘greenhouse gases’ on the Earth’s temperature.” Young students are instructed to divide an empty aquarium into two equal parts and to create CO2 on one side using vinegar and baking soda. Light sources of equal brightness and distance are then shone into both sides, and their temperature is documented for ten minutes in sixty second intervals.

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