The Wages of Race-and-Gender Socialism

American Thinker | James Lewis | Mar. 14, 2008

Europe started with class-war socialism. The United States started with race-and-gender socialism. The end result is the same. When affirmative action was first made the law of the land, there were lots of promises that “once the playing field was leveled,” racial socialism would be phased out. Instead, the gender demagogues, the ethnic demagogues, and the sexual sport demagogues immediately jumped on the gravy train and have been riding it ever since. Ever since the 1970s the Left has been playing race against race, gender against gender, class against class. They will keep doing that because it keeps them in power forever. You may be stupid, but they aren’t.


Barack Obama has promised that he will rise above race. After all, his mother was white and his father was from Kenya. Senator Obama is a persuasive orator, and I am inclined to believe he is sincere. But will the race and gender industry go out of business? There’s not a chance in the world. Race and gender splitting is a goldmine that never runs out.

Suppose you had four kids, two boys and two girls. One of the girls is blonde, the other a brunette. One of the boys is an athlete, the other a nerd. You’re a compassionate liberal, and therefore you decide that you have to make up for all the historical suffering of all the non-blonde girls and all the non-athletic boys. So you openly favor your brunette daughter and your nerdy son. It warms the cockles of your heart to be so benevolent.

Naturally you tell the kids that your affirmative action program is just temporary, until the victim groups catch up to the natural advantages given to blondes and athletes. So you send your victim kids to better schools, give your non-athlete son extra basketball lessons, and send your brunette daughter to a special hair salon to become blonde forever.

The other kids are told to wait until the world changes.

That is the precise situation we are now in as a country.

What are the results? Well, you’ve just sown the seeds for lifelong hatred and envy among your children. Plus, you’ve guaranteed endless arguments — yes, your blonde daughter is pretty, but she has a weight problem and the brunette doesn’t. Your athlete son won’t be able to achieve his potential because all the gym money is going to the nerd. Etcetera ad infinitum. Congratulations, you’ve created a whole new snakepit.

That’s what we’ve done with affirmative action. Because the race and gender industry is always hungry for more victims, they will import entire new groups to feed the preference machine. In Britain, Pakistani Muslims from Peshawar are constantly imported, even if some bring a homicidal tribal ideology with them. If you criticize that policy you’re scapegoated as a racist pig and you can be put in jail. Race relations are worse today than before affirmative action immigration.

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