Who Knew Conservatives Loved the IRS?

Economic Slavery IRSby C. Edmund Wright –
If there’s one thing that the ongoing national debate over Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan has exposed, it’s how much some conservatives love our current tax code and its enforcement arm. Who knew?

Okay, that may be an exaggeration — but it is not an overstatement to say that much of the criticism of Cain’s plan coming from the right is based in a stunning comfort with and knee-jerk reliance on our current system. It’s as if there is an undercurrent of belief that our IRS system is very, very good and can be replaced only by perfection. At the very least, much of the negative analysis is based on picking one aspect of the Cain plan and applying it to our current reality as if the 9-9-9 plan was ever designed to be applied piecemeal. This notion can come from only an intellectual vacuum where tax realities do not change human behavior. [Read more…]


Marxism versus the Middle Class

Anti-communism Anti-Marxism by Jeremy Meister –
Marx’s idea has often been called a “classless society,” but this characterization constitutes one of the biggest myths in modern history. What Marx wanted was a return to the “natural order” — a medieval society where there is a ruling upper class that owns all the property and makes all the decisions while the lower peasant class does all the menial labor. …

Obama’s out there waving around one of the richest men in the world (Warren Buffet) in his attempt to sell average Americans on his “millionaire’s tax.” So now all intellectual talking heads are discussing the goodness and virtue of making those who make seven figures pay more.

But the real focus should be how it is going to affect those at the bottom. Obama and his surrogates have been floating the idea of 250K or 200K as the possible cutoff. Now, it should be pointed out that there is nothing stopping them from making the cutoff as low as 150K or 100K — we’re still in the idea phase, after all. [Read more…]


More Fun When You Share

Obama communist socialist democrats by Jeffrey Folks –
This week I received a credit card offer that suggested I share duplicates of my card with family and friends. “It’s more rewarding when you share,” the offer promised. Just call the 800 number, and we’ll zip a duplicate of your card to any of your family members or friends.

Of course, you’ll be responsible for the charges. That’s what sharing is all about.

And that conception of sharing has been showing up everywhere lately. It was front and center in Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, when she screeched that she’d like to seize ExxonMobil’s profits and redistribute them to “smart” green energy companies — smart start-ups like Solyndra, not corporations like Exxon that actually produce something of value.

The same idea underlies Obama’s constant talk of “fairness” and of taxing those who “can afford to pay a little more.” Obama is simply reciting the fundamental Marxist doctrine of equal distribution of wealth. That idea of equality never translates into reality in actual Marxist societies — far from it. [Read more…]


Yoshida: The Crisis of Socialism

Socialism slavery tyranny communismby Adam Yoshida –
One should not make the mistake of thinking that the pathetic floundering of the Obama administration and the imminent doom of Europe’s spendthrift welfare states spells the end of global socialism. Socialism has rarely attempted to make any claim to being a more efficient or economically creative system. Instead, it has always touted “fairness” and “equality” as its primary virtues. Any and all failures of the system are being — and will be — attributed to its opponents: the “greedy” rich, the distastefully aspirational segment of the middle class, and a “working” class blind to its “interests” as hallucinated by Manhattan-based academics.

Most of its supporters will never be able to confess the defects inherent in their creed, even if the alternative is to embrace extreme and previously unthinkable measures. The crisis of socialism is, like the crisis of communism that preceded the fall of the Berlin Wall over two decades ago, an hour of maximum danger for freedom. [Read more…]


The Credit Downgrade: Symptom of the Marxist Disease

Democrat Communist Marxist no difference by Ion Mihai Pacepa –
On August 5, 2011, the credit rating of the United States was downgraded for the first time in this country’s history. That was a shot across the bow warning that Marxism can damage even the almighty United States.

Native Americans say that if you really want to know someone, you have to walk a mile in his moccasins. I walked in Marxist shoes over many miles and for many years, and I am convinced that if the Democratic Party has its way, it will transform the United States into a socialist country in all but name. During the 2008 election campaign, its leaders loudly announced that they would drastically increase taxes on the American rich — American businesses and their owners — in order to finance programs for the poor. In other words, that they would start transforming capitalist America into a socialist state.

If there had been any doubt in my mind that the Democratic Party was following in the footsteps of Karl Marx, that doubt vanished when the Democrats began ferociously fighting against extending the Bush tax cuts for individuals making more than $200,000 per year. That is core Marxism at its fundamental best. [Read more…]


Extremism and the Democratic Party

Democrats Extreme Communists Radicals by James M. Thunder –
Democratic leaders and liberal commentators declaim against the Tea Party members of the Republican House and Grover Norquist​ for the no-new-taxes pledge to which many Republican Senators and House members have subscribed and have promised their constituents in return for their vote. They are lambasted for their “extremism” in the debt ceiling debate. How convenient for the Democrats to be able to point to specific targets of their wrath.

Would that conservatives and Republicans could point to a particular group of Democrats or a particular pledge Democrats take as evidence of their extremism. The reason conservatives and Republicans cannot point to such a group or pledge is because extremism on the Left infects the entire Democratic Party. [Read more…]


Food Totalitarians on Parade

Food Totalitarians Food Policeby Chuck Roger –
Within the last few years, we have been treated to attempts by government to control our food intake with regulatory “nudges” and legislative edicts. Sugar, salt, trans-fats, fats in general, fast foods, and school lunches are just a few ingredients and food types which have come under assault by sanctimonious busybodies seeking to dictate “healthy” eating to everyone.

New York Times food writer Mark Bittman provides the latest in we-know-what’s-best-for-you babble. In a Times op-ed, Bittman complains, “WHAT will it take to get Americans to change our eating habits?”

The question itself makes a fundamentally flawed assumption and exhibits arrogance. Why is it anyone’s job to “get Americans to change [their] eating habits?” By posing the question in the first place, Bittman implicitly considers himself to be among a select minority tasked with providing guidance to the majority. [Read more…]


California Paves Way for Blatant Homosexual Promotion in Schools

Homosexual Indoctrination California SB48 Schools “It is an outrage that Governor Jerry Brown has opened the classroom door for homosexual activists to indoctrinate the minds of California’s youth, since no factual materials would be allowed to be presented,” said Rev. Louis Sheldon, chairman and founder of Traditional Values Coalition (TVC). “By signing SB 48 today, California’s classrooms, textbooks and instructional materials will all become pro-homosexual promotion tools. If parents don’t already have their children out of public schools, this should cause them to remove them.”

Senate Bill 48, authored by homosexual State Senator Mark Leno, Democrat of San Francisco, is being called the “Fair, Accountable, Inclusive, and Respectful Education Act” or FAIR Act. But there is nothing fair, accountable, inclusive or respectful about it. This bill is so far-reaching into the structure of California’s education system that it is possible its harmful effects could be never-ending.

SB 48 would amend current Education Code sections to include lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender to the list of categories to be covered in all textbooks and instructional materials. These new textbooks and instructional materials would apply to ALL subjects in curriculum and to ALL grades K-12. [Read more…]


Conservative Heretics

Road to Socialism Obamaby William Sullivan –
Chris Matthews recently crowed that Republicans and Tea Party conservatives are bringing about the end of days, “economic Armageddon,” by their stubborn faith in the “religion of no taxes.”

If you haven’t already, take a moment to savor the delightful hilarity of Chris Matthews lambasting conservatives as the blind acolytes of fear-mongers in the very moment that he plays “harbinger of fiscal doom” for the Obama administration. But his idiocy offers revelation. As he sits in his pulpit working tirelessly to convince America that Republicans are ready to chug the Kool-Aid by not giving in to tax hikes, it becomes apparent that the exact opposite of his claim is true.

Modern progressivism, as a construct, is a church — one whose practice is reminiscent of the Dark Ages and one that can truly be called an “opiate of the masses.” It comes complete with sin-tax collectors who seek to extract more wealth as you more excessively engage in the sin of success. [Read more…]


American Leftism: An Infantile Disorder

American Leftists Cry Baby Democrats by Victor Volsky –
In his fascinating essay “The Metaphysics of Contemporary Theft” describing the rising tide of parasitism engulfing the U.S., Victor Davis Hanson suggests that the Obama Administration only pretends to want to destroy the American way of life so as not to deprive itself of its source of sustenance:

Its real goal is a sort of parasitism that assumes the survivability of the enfeebled host. That does not mean it has not done a lot of damage and will not do even more in the next two years; only that it never quite wanted to see cap and trade legislation enacted, blanket amnesty, Guantanamo shut down, or Predators ended; these were simply crude slurs by which to demonize Bush, ways of acquiring power and influence, but not a workable plan of living. Note that Obama is now zealous on just those issues which he could have easily rammed through his Democratically controlled congress in 2009-10 when he had large majorities, such as amnesty and cap and trade

[Read more…]


President Quixote’s Legacy: Confused, Ill-Educated and Not Too Bright

Incompetent in Chief Obama by Monty Pelerin –
The number of Obama supporters seems inversely related to his time in office. Many wonder what happened to “The One We Are Waiting For.”

Obama assumed office in difficult economic times. After a couple of years of excuses — which included “the problems were worse than we knew” and the generic, all-purpose “it’s Bush’s fault” — Obama now owns the original problems and new ones of his own doing. An incomplete report card on his “accomplishments” would include the following:

  • the economy worsened
  • discretionary military efforts (“kinetic” if you prefer) increased
  • an unpopular, flawed health care plan was forced on the public
  • inflation increased, especially in critical goods like food and gasoline
  • job prospects decreased
  • the stimulus failed miserably
  • “transparency in government” became a laugh-line for late night TV
  • corruption in government accelerated to Chicago-style warp speed [Read more…]

The Post-Economic Age

socialism communism a failure by Bruce Walker –
The Left, grounded in the childish superstitions of Marx, views life as economics. One awful flowering of this dangerous silliness is the proliferation of victims. The resource-rich nations of long decolonized Africa and Asia, for example, remain poor because of imperialist exploitation by America and Europe. Women and racial minorities are still, officially, “exploited,” although how that can be taken seriously forty years after the Women’s Liberation Movement and fifty years after centerpiece Civil Rights legislation is never really considered. The Left needs victims and victimizers and the easiest way to invent these clumps of humanity is dreary socialism and its dull-normal offspring, like feminism.

Most of all, the Left needs all things to be, at their core, economic. Although many Americans and many Europeans face daunting problems finding work and paying bills, this is less the result of true economic problems and more the consequence of the awareness by Leftists that the full flowering of prosperity would end the need for their noxious hatreds and coveting. [Read more…]


Another Devastating Jobs Report

Obama Marxist Communist Radical by Jeffrey Folks –
As every economist outside the White House and the New York Times now recognizes, a healthy recovery is not just around the corner. Economists have been racing to lower their second quarter and full-year GDP estimates to below 2%. There is growing apprehension that the economy is slipping back into recession. And all of this is happening because of the President’s intense hostility toward capitalism.

With the exception of Obama’s evil twin (aka Jimmy Carter), we have never had a president this antagonistic toward the free market. Obama arrogantly refuses to accept even most fundamental law of free-market economics: the fact that businesses must be allowed to make a profit if they wish to expand and hire new workers. [Read more…]


Hope and Change, the Communist Way

Hope and Change Communism by Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh –
I am in Washington, D.C. surrounded by expensive SUVs, Hummers, Mercedes, and “environmentally friendly” Priuses sporting stickers with Hope and Change, Socialism 2012, advertising socialism and communism, to the detriment of the “evil” capitalist system that afforded them those cars and a luxurious lifestyle.

A few beat up cars are liberally covered in communist slogan stickers, phony empty words that promise “redistribution of wealth” and a nanny state. I ponder for a moment if progressives are still waiting for their free gas, housing, day care, jobs, education, medical care, endless vacations, and a chunk of paradise from the “filthy, rotten rich” who deserve to be stripped of everything they own. I still do not understand why they call themselves “progressives” when they are really longing for regression to a life of slavery to the government.

Ardent Democrats and some Republicans believe the rhetoric that a socialist/communist state will bring Shangri La because it will be delivered by a community organizer who has a sonorous voice and reads speeches well. Is it futile to remind them that many countries who have tried the communist model have failed miserably? Millions have lost their lives in re-education camps due to famine, persecution, or refusal to comply with the daily communist indoctrination. [Read more…]


Marxism: The Inequity of Equal Outcome

Marxism Evil Inequity of Equal Outcome by Ronald R. Cherry, MD –

When individuals are free, as in athletic competition with equal rules, outcomes are naturally unequal; there will be the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Some individuals will attain superior achievement through greater creativity or greater labor, while others work less or with lesser creativity which naturally, and without the application of outside force, leads to unequal outcome. Individuals with equal rights under equal law possess maximum human liberty – they are free to labor creatively in their pursuit of happiness – free to reap the sweet fruit of labor and also free to reap the bitter fruit of laziness. Unforced unequal outcome means equal rights – the essence of justice. The inequity of forced equal outcome is unequal rights – the essence of injustice and tyranny.

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

[Read more…]