Lazar Puhalo: “Ten Commandments Not Terribly Significant or Unique”

Lazar Puhalo false teacher impostorby Fr. Ioannes Apiarius –
On March 11 on his Facebook page, the retired vagante Archbishop, Lazar Puhalo, as Fr. John Whiteford refers to this rebellious and controversial hierarch, once again posted his distorted views that contradict the Scriptures and the Orthodox Church teaching. In his public online comments Puhalo makes several outrageous claims about the Ten Commandments that have no basis in Orthodox Christian theology.

Puhalo opines that the Ten Commandments “have become such a fetish piece among so many Christians.” He further asserts that “The ’10 Commandments’ are not terribly significant and certainly not unique.”

Puhalo concludes with another scandalous claim: “If we think about it, the 10 Commandments have almost nothing to do with Christianity.”

Here’s Puhalo’s full Facebook post from March 11, 2021:

It is interesting to me how the “10 Commandments” have become such a fetish piece among so many Christians. The “10 Commandments” are not terribly significant and certainly not unique.

The same basic Commandments, or laws, appear in every legal system from the most ancient times, and were certainly not invented by the Hebrews. If one will read the Scripture carefully one must conclude that they are not even the ones that were placed in the Ark, not even the 10 having been received by Moses on the mount of Sinai. Far more impressive would be making the Beatitudes the central theme for plaques, monuments and veneration.

Just take a sober look at the 10 Commandments that we so often see venerated and see if you see anything special about them. Do we really think that everybody ran around killing everybody else up until one of these commandments said not to murder?

The very framing of the regulations about worship of God clearly indicate that that the Hebrews were not monotheist but rather Henotheist. We know from archaeology and other sources that Israel was never an actual monotheistic society, but rather polytheistic with limitations that were certainly not always applied.

In the time of Moses, adultery was something that only women could be guilty of, since men were allowed as many wives as they could afford and no one ever criticised men for frequenting prostitutes. Essentially, any commandment prohibiting adultery would apply only to women and not to the whole community. Millennia before the time of Moses and the existence of the Hebrews, all the things mentioned in the 10 Commandments were already prohibited in most societies.

The Beatitudes, on the other hand, are quite innovative and much more worthy of being venerated and of having people strive to live them. If we think about it, the 10 Commandments have almost nothing to do with Christianity and the Beatitudes have everything to do with Christianity.

Apparently the teaching of Christ Himself who said “Do not think that I have come to abolish Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them,” (Matthew 5:17) are too antiquated for this vagante hierarch and false teacher.

Lazar Puhalo: Ten Commandments Not Terribly Significant or Unique

Lazar Puhalo false teacher impostor


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  1. Puhalo posted these same falsehoods on the pro-homosexual and pro-LGBT facebook page falsely called “Orthodoxy in Dialogue”, which is run by the defrocked priest and notorious homosexualist and LGBT advocate Giacomo (Peter) Sanfilippo.

    Puhalo and Sanfilippo are buddies and partners in heresy. They share many of the same delusional views on homosexuality and transgenderism, and both have a visceral hatred of conservative and traditional Christians which Puhalo and Sanfilippo spew online constantly.

    If you’re unfamiliar with the demented and corrupt works of Sanfilippo just read this:

  2. Puhalo has been spreading his heretical ideas on the Old Testament for decades. Back in 2011 Fr. John Whiteford exposed and refuted Puhalo’s deceitful teachings. Puhalo’s ideas are NOT Orthodox; they sow falsehood and confusion about God and the Holy Trinity.

    The Continuing Validity of the Moral Law of the Old Testament
    “One of the earliest heresies that the Church had to confront was the Marcionite heresy, which taught that the God of the Old Testament was not the God of the New Testament. The God of the Old Testament was evil, whereas the God of the New Testament was good. Consequently Marcion rejected the entire Old Testament, as well as much of the New Testament. The Church decisively rejected Marcion’s view, and emphatically affirmed that the Old Testament belongs to the Church.

    Since Marcion’s time, echos of his disdain for the Old Testament have continued to reverberate. Recently, Lazar Puhalo, has voiced such disdain. Lazar Puhalo was a deacon in ROCOR, who was deposed in 1981. From 1981 until he was received as a “retired” bishop by the OCA, he was in a series of vagante jurisdictions where he was ordained a priest, then a bishop, and then raised to archbishop. He is referred to as a retired OCA bishop, but this gives the false impression that he was once an active OCA bishop, when in reality, he has never been an active priest or bishop of any legitimate Orthodox jurisdiction. However, now that he has the air of legitimacy about him, he has used this platform to promote all sorts of strange ideas, including his view that transgenderism is acceptable. He is a regular contributor to a pro-homosexual Facebook group, where the only views he sees a need to criticize are the views of those who defend the traditions of the Church which condemn homosexuality. It is this advocacy of moral perversion that lies behind his desire to dismiss the moral law of the Old Testament.

    In this video [], Lazar Puhalo claims that the moral law has been “done away with”. He claims, for example, that Christ “absolutely contradicts” the law against breaking the Sabbath, but what do the Fathers say? St. John Chrysostom says “Did Christ then, it will be said, repeal a thing so highly profitable [the laws concerning the Sabbath]? Far from it; nay, He greatly enhanced it” (Homilies on the Gospel of Matthew 39:3). He misquotes Colossians 2:14 as saying “The manuscript of the Law has been torn up”. What that passage actually says is “Blotting out the handwriting of the decree that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross, and having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it” (Colossians 2:14-15). In Lazar Puhalo’s version, the suggestion is that the text of the Law of Moses is done away with, whereas in the actual citation, it is the sentence against us that is blotted out and nailed to the cross.” — Fr John Whiteford

  3. Testimony of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Himself regarding His Father’s Commandments:

    “As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love. If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love.” (John 15:9-10)

    Just these two Scripture verses by themselves refute Puhalo’s claims and confirm that he is against what Christ actually taught. Phulao is a false teacher and a deceiver; he is not to be trusted. While he wraps his words in supposedly “scriptural” lingo, he spreads falsehoods.

  4. Puhalo talked me out of Orthodoxy years ago in Los Angeles, saying that the choir and the choral music was operatic nonsense and not conducive to prayer, and the icons were not to be viewed as art, but only to remind you of the words of the saints and your sins, and incense was not needed, etc., nor all the holidays with the fancy services and food afterwards,. Well, I decided, I might as well be a Quaker. — which I didn’t do. I now rarely go to church anywhere, and I’ve managed to live a halfway decent, moral life, obeying only 5 or 6 of the Ten Commandments and living without Orthodoxy, though I still have glorious memories of the beauties of the services, and the marvelous Russians and Eastern Europeans I met there. It enriched my being.

    • Oh, Alexandra! I’m very sorry that Puhalo led you astray! I had my own online run-in with that man about four years back. It was a bit nasty. Puhalo is a flaming heretic, and I am distressed to think that he has not been defrocked by the OCA. He totally misrepresents our Faith. Please give Orthodoxy another try.

      Chip Wheeler

      • Chip,

        I used to be an adamant follower of Lev (as the former ROCOR deacon is referred to by those in that jurisdiction) Puhalo. I was introduced to him by a very nice priest who was under him when Puhalo was a bishop in the schismatic Ukrainian Orthodox “Kiev Patriarch” Disenko. He was later received into the OCA as a retired archbishop. He had a website and gave out free books on Orthodoxy (mostly written by him).

        As I got to know him I noticed his particular acceptance of homosexuality as a viable lifestyle. He even told me that the Orthodox Church had a prayer for those undergoing a sex change. Others had told me of his vicious attacks on anyone who opposed him, which I experienced myself. Puhalo is not only a heretic but a deranged one. I recommend folks avoid this man and his writings.

  5. I first saw Lazar on the movie, Hellbound. What I thought, at the time, was, a very humble response, made me want to know more about traditional forms of Christianity. I learned a lot from his youtube channel and really loved his seeming gentle nature.

    However, it was once I joined his facebook group that I noticed some issues. He posted videos that seemed to outright support the lgbt agenda. I asked him for clarification, and instead of answering my question he tore me apart in the comment section – claiming that I wanted lgbt youth to become homeless and ruin their lives. Realizing that his humility had been a false front, I unsubscribed from him. It was very difficult for me, because, at the time, I was both being drawn to traditional Christianity while also wondering if it was possible for me to be gay and Christian at the same time. His lack of clarity was disturbing to me. For most of my youth I had thought not to pursue it because it went against God. But then I started seeing all these bad shepherds basically saying “Did God actually say that?” – just like the serpent in the garden (though I did not see it at the time).

    I ended up becoming Catholic a few years later. And in taking the classes, it was made clear to me that I had to accept all the teachings as well as the interpretation. And you know what. That was exactly what I wanted. All I wanted was to be shown with clear certain sound teaching that it was a sin and why it was a sin. But all these leaders in the Christian communities claiming that it might not be a sin or outright is not wrong are spreading all sorts of confusion. I am glad that God saved me from being misled. God have mercy on Lazar for the damage he has caused people.

  6. I once left a very polite comment on one of his videos pointing out that he had slightly misrepresented the Roman Catholic teaching of Transubstantiation. As a former RC I was well equipped for the task. It also so happens that at the time my profile pic was of Seraphim Rose.

    Well, without addressing my gentle and polite comment he responded “the rantings of Rose loons is of no consequence.” I decided not to pursue the matter since it was obvious I was dealing with a mentally deranged individual.

  7. He WAS defrocked as a deacon by ROCOR. He should never have been accepted into the OCA in the first place. I would sooner go the the (moderate) Greek Old calendarists than take his blessing, let alone serve with him.


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