EU Says Water Doesn’t Prevent Dehydration

Water Dehydration EU Socialism Leftism by Bojidar Marinov –
In the middle of a recession and a financial collapse that can easily lead to the breakdown of the European Union, European bureaucrats are spending time and money to decide if water prevents dehydration.

The conclusion? After three years of scientific research, extensive correspondence, and a meeting of 21 top scientists paid by the European Union, the decision was that water actually doesn’t help preventing dehydration. There is no scientific evidence for such a claim. It’s a popular myth that dehydration is caused by less water, and therefore more water helps preventing it. Think of those desert nomads who have to battle dehydration every day: They always look for wells or oases where there is water. Savage, unscientific fools.

Of course, such scientific conclusion can’t be left without a legislative implementation. Producers of bottled water throughout the EU are now forbidden from printing on their labels the claim that drinking water helps prevent dehydration, and anyone who does that faces a two-year jail sentence.

Not that anyone is surprised in Europe. Europeans still remember when several years ago the Eurocrats banned bent bananas and curved cucumbers from being sold on the market. But at least those laws didn’t take three years of extensive research and summits of the best scientific minds of the Continent. This time the bureaucrats made sure that their legislative insanity is heavily supported by scientific jargon. So now we not only have another proof for the real nature of the bureaucratic system but also an insight into how reliable scientists can be when paid with tax money.

But that’s Europe. Things like that don’t happen in America. Except that . . . they do. We have our own war against raw milk which for centuries have helped American children grow healthier and stronger than their European counterparts; but now raw milk is a health danger worthy of dispatching SWAT teams against farmers and their families. We have our own laws specifying what size of oranges can be sold on the market; and we have our own laws as to what cucumbers we are allowed to buy. Let alone the fact that we have laws against medical marijuana when there is not a single shred of evidence that anyone ever died of marijuana, medical or not. (More people have died of drinking alcohol but it is not banned as a dangerous substance.)

We are witnessing what happens when we let the government run our lives. Bureaucrats have only one goal in life: To increase their control over the tax-payers, using all kinds of excuses. When there are not enough excuses, they make them up. And the more we allow them to make up excuses, they resort to what can be only defined as a war against reality, or rather, a war against sanity. A bureaucratic state eventually turns into an orgy of insanity, and then disintegrates. That’s what happened to the Soviet Union and the other Communist nations in Eastern Europe: By the 1980s insanity was the rule of the day, insanity codified in laws and regulations about every aspect of life, work, and even thought.

It was only the active resistance of the peoples in Eastern Europe against their governments that reversed the process. A lesson that Europe – and America too – needs to learn.

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