Orthodox Churches in Russia Rise After Communist Holocaust

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ promised and His word is true: “and on this rock I shall build My Church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18)

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1 thought on “Orthodox Churches in Russia Rise After Communist Holocaust”

  1. As an American who has lived in Russia for almost a decade, it is very good to see the churches everywhere. I felt as if I was coming to Jerusalem when I first came here-it is so hard to find churches sometimes in America and often the churches are poor and small.
    But beautiful churches do not mean everything, but what is in the Church. There are several issues of concern here in Russia. One would wish the Patriarch would not be so friendly with the Kremlin and would speak out in justice for the vast majority of people here living with the lowest wages in Europe, a deteriorating health care system that is increasingly going for profit, an education system that has gone from being one of the world’s best to a disgrace, etc…. On top of that, in our city of 1.2 million, citizen cards have been printed that will contain all the information to use as passports, banking, etc…. These are very dangerous things. The churches can be everywhere, but that will not protect the people from apostasy. Very few Russians go to church here, none from the school that our children attend….

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