Deafening Silence, Moral Issues in the Election

Chuck Colson
Chuck Colson
10/27/2010 – Chuck Colson –

Next Tuesday, I hope you will do your Christian duty and head to the polls to vote for the candidate of your choice. I trust that your faith will guide you in your decision. Which candidate will best promote justice and preserve order? After all, those are the biblically-sanctioned roles of government.

And which candidate best exemplifies the cardinal virtue of prudence in his or her public and private life?

And which candidate will best promote the sanctity of human life, advocate for traditional marriage, and protect religious freedom? Well, if you’ve got an answer for that last question, then you’re among the few. Because for the life of me, I have never heard so little about these core issues during a political campaign. These core issues—human life, marriage, and freedom—which—all expressed so powerfully in the Manhattan Declaration and supported by half a million signatories, aren’t even on the political radar this year. And that, to me is shocking.

Shocking to me because I know that politicians are survivors. They watch the polls. They know what people want. And all the candidates seem to be talking about is the economy.

One side swears up and down that they have saved our economy from another great depression. The others side says Congress is spending our nation into bankruptcy and that they’ll slash federal spending.

But no one—OK, hardly anyone—is talking about life, marriage, and liberty.

Why is that? It’s because we Christians–whether it’s from culture-war fatigue or worry over our own jobs and bank accounts–have not been vocal enough on these issues.

The Republicans devised their Pledge to America after months and months of polling, focus groups, and web chats. These moral issues weren’t on their supporters’ minds or lips—at least not until I asked you to tell the Republican leadership that you want them to address these issues. You emailed by the thousands . . . but it was only enough to get the Republicans to throw us a bone. One short paragraph in a 45-page document!

But folks, I’ve made the case again and again, we cannot have a healthy economy apart from morality and ethics. Without promoting stable, healthy families, without protecting life and freedom, without promoting a Christian ethic that values work and saving over instant spending and gratification, no economy or nation can thrive.

So, where do we Christian stand with our political leaders and the two political parties?

But make no mistake. No matter how silent the candidates are on life, marriage, and liberty, we believers must never be silent. For the sake of our faith in Christ, our nation, and the common good, we must speak out.

HT: Break Point originally posted on 9/14/2010