Opposing the Homosexual Agenda: Religious Bigotry or Science and Justice?

Catholic Online | Sonja Corbitt | Feb. 16, 2010

To claim that by opposing the gay agenda the Church is acting in an unloving manner is patently untrue.

It is considered negligent to allow or actively support action, drug abuse for example, that you know is both dangerous and destructive. Imagine being accused of bigotry after forbidding such action in one of your children. Yet Church opposition of the homosexual agenda draws angry criticism from those who claim her stance on homosexuality is based solely on religious bigotry against homosexuals.

The claim of bigotry is exacerbated by the fact that the American Psychiatric Association (APA), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the American Psychoanalytic Association have endorsed gay marriage on the basis that since marriage is best (everyone agrees), then gay marriage is better than gay co-habitation.

These endorsements somehow “prove” it is in the best interests of homosexuals, society, and for children, for there to exist something called gay “marriage” according to its supporters. They maintain there is no ethical reason to “discriminate” against homosexuals and children of “same sex families” by not “allowing” same sex partners to marry. They further argue that to not allow such a legal status is to somehow force a religious position on people who do not share it.

The conflicting messages confuse people to the point that they believe the Church, by opposing the gay agenda, is acting in the ugliest, most unloving light toward gays, but that is patently untrue. She is defending their safety, and that of everyone else, with great love and loyalty. Please consider science regarding homosexuality.

Science and Justice or Religious Bigotry and Prejudice?
A “Review of Research on Homosexual Parenting, Adoption, and Foster Parenting” was done by George A. Rekers, Ph.D., Professor of Neuropsychiatry & Behavioral Science, University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Columbia, South Carolina. It is a well-known review, and in it, Rekers cites numerous national and international studies that revealed:

• Households with a homosexually-behaving adult uniquely endanger children.
• Households with a homosexually-behaving adult expose children to significantly higher rates of psychological disorder, (particularly depression), suicide, and substance abuse in homosexually-behaving adults, which results in higher rates of child depression, child maltreatment and neglect.
• Households with a resident homosexually-behaving adult are substantially less capable of providing the best psychologically stable and secure home.
• Households with a homosexually-behaving male contribute to a potentially higher risk of removal due to the sexual abuse.
• A husband/wife relationship is significantly healthier and substantially more stable socially and psychologically.
• The best child adjustment results from living with a married man and woman compared to other family structures.
• Compared to a family without a homosexually behaving adult, empirical evidence and 30 years of Rekers´s own clinical experience with children strongly support the conclusion that a home with a homosexual-behaving individual subjects a child to a set of disadvantages, stresses, and other harms that are seriously detrimental to a child´s psychological and social development.

This review is an extensive survey of many, many studies and their research; the science behind it was used at state levels to guide public policy regarding child custody decisions, adoption, and foster parenting, as well as to defend and uphold laws to this effect in other states and on behalf of the Boy Scouts of America. These laws were upheld by the US Supreme Court.

It lays out the empirical evidence regarding the higher frequency of domestic violence, pedophilia, and sexual disease transmission by homosexual adults to children compared to married couples with children, among other scientific findings.

The “Normal,” “Healthy,” and “Harmless” Myths
Sexual and gender identity are fragile developmental processes that can be disrupted and harmfully influenced by environmental factors during childhood and adolescence. Gay activism insists that homosexuality is a healthy, inborn, alternative “norm,” and seeks to promote it in the social order, but that position is against science and is particularly harmful toward children.

Gender Identity Disorder (GID) is a formal psychiatric disorder recognized as needing psychological treatment. As such, it should not be normalized, especially to children who are particularly damaged by it (Zucker & Bradley, 1995). Homosexual activists, however, encourage transgender and other gender-disordered behavior by modeling and asserting every sort of such behavior in the public domain.

Resolving gender identity issues requires early intervention and treatment, not school assemblies, marriage laws, or TV shows that teach the normalcy of a gender-confused lifestyle. No one should be encouraged by Mother Church to question, doubt, or otherwise reject their innate gender identity when to do so is known to be detrimental to their health.

In addition, the research is also clear that those involved in a gay lifestyle are much more likely to suffer from negative health effects ranging from psychiatric disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, suicide attempts, domestic violence and sexual assault, and increased risk for chronic diseases, AIDS, and shortened lifespan. The Church, bearing the supreme obligation to oppose any message damaging to her faithful, especially her youngest and most vulnerable, must also oppose the “normal,” ´healthy,” and “harmless” messages.

The Myth of Inevitability
Homosexuality is not inevitable, immutable, irresistible, or untreatable. Homosexual activism seeks to portray homosexuality as having these properties by socially framing it as genetically transmitted, but fortunately for the safety and welfare of those ensnared, it is not genetic, and prevention is effective. Change is possible.

Dr. Robert L. Spitzer, the Columbia University psychiatric professor and researcher who led the 1973 APA decision to declassify homosexuality itself as a mental-health disorder, released findings in 2001 that disproved his earlier position of immutability and demonstrated, instead, that change is possible. He said specifically, that data from his study “show some people can change from gay to straight, and we ought to acknowledge that” (“Some Gays Can Go Straight, Study Suggests,” Malcolm Ritter, Associated Press, 9 May 2001).

Dr. Spitzer´s and others´ findings (some are Barlow, Abel & Blanchard, 1977; Pattison & Pattison, 1980) merely support what loving, supportive homosexual rehabilitation programs like Courage, NARTH, and Exodus International know to be true from experience: that homosexuals can escape successfully. They can “move beyond the confines of the homosexual identity to a more complete one in Christ.”

The “Gay Gene” Myth
In addition, no respected geneticist has found, or claimed to have found, a so-called “gay gene” or any other indicator of genetic transmission. Despite all media headlines that seem to report the contrary, consideration of their full story always reveals that such an indicator is yet non-existent, and the research remains inconclusive.

That is not to say that there may not be some biological predisposition or an inherited temperament still to be uncovered that increases one´s vulnerability to environmental influences. That, in fact, seems probable. But currently it is known that homosexual behavior is clearly not genetic, and homosexuals are not “born that way.”

In fact, an accumulation of extensive research on millions of research subjects finds that environment, not genetics, is the main factor in the development of non-heterosexual behavior. Recent extensive studies compared rates of homosexual behavior in sets of identical twins. If homosexual behavior were genetic, both twins in any given set would be homosexual at a rate of 100%.

But this is not what the research revealed. Rather, when one identical twin was homosexual the twin was only homosexual at a rate of 10% – 11%. Environment is obviously the major factor, as the science attests (Frisch & Hviid, 2006; Langstrom, Rahman, Carlstrom, & Lichtenstein, 2008; Lauman, Gagnon, & Michael, 1994; Santilla, Sandnabba, Harlaar, Varjonen, Alanko, von der Pahlen, 2008).

Dr. Rekers´ ongoing findings in researching the causes and prevention of Gender Identity Disorder led him to the conclusion that “it would now appear logical that homosexuality per se be re-examined as a mental disorder,” but that “[i]t remains to be seen if the mental health professions will be able to readdress the issue of homosexuality from a logical and scientific perspective in the near future. The use (or abuse) of research may continue to be influenced by ideological factors in American culture.”

Ferociously Protecting Her Faithful
Homosexual marriage and other gay activism in society is harmful, in part, because it affects sexual preference and gender identity formation of some children, exposing them to the false ideology that all sexual and gender variations are equally healthy and harmless.It also negatively impacts all of humanity through our largest social systems (legal and health care, for example), and individuals who seek or practice it. This means that homosexuality cannot be morally neutral.

Therefore the Church´s commitment to morality, justice, and the dignity of man demands that she oppose it, just as she actively opposes such within her own ranks if and when it appears, as in the homosexual scandal that came to light in recent past. The Church, as the mystical Body of Christ, is committed to the health and well-being of her faithful and that of the whole world.

We know from all the research that traditional heterosexual marriage strengthens the mental and physical health and the longevity of couples, and provides greater legal and financial security for children, parents, and seniors. But the research also proves homosexual “marriage” is not the same entity as heterosexual marriage, simply because gay and straight lifestyles are not equally beneficial. And the activists know this, while claiming all the while that they are.

Because the science has always been conclusively against homosexuality as healthy, natural, biologically caused, or unchangeable, researchers are now doing away entirely with research models that use heterosexuality as the basis for what is healthy, natural, biological (and therefore immutable) and moral. They have resorted to reconstructing the entire basis of reality in order to support positive findings for homosexuality.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, “[t]he new model rejects using a heterosexual parent household as the ´gold standard´ for what is normal and views differences as simply differences and not evidence of superior or pathological development. The new model asserts that family forms are socially constructed and rejects heterosexism” (Goldberg, 2008).

To make the issue and argument solely about what the Bible or Catechism says is to deliberately misconstrue the real issue: homosexuality is detrimental to the health and welfare of individuals, to society, and especially to children. Honest science and Church teachings will always be mutually supportive, because both are God´s and are, therefore, based on truth.

The Church has the absolute duty to oppose in Charity any legislation or message that seeks to harm her faithful or the dignity of humanity in general. Homosexuality, like all disordered passions left unchecked, is dangerous and destructive.

Mother Church, out of her supreme respect for the dignity of the human person, is ethically obligated to discriminate between “gay” and “straight” laws and messages, not out of an imposition of her own “ideology” or “religious bigotry,” but because to do otherwise would be negligent. It is simply the right thing to do.

Sonja Corbitt is a Catholic Scripture teacher, study author and speaker. She is a contributing writer for Catholic Online. Visit her at www.pursuingthesummit.com and www.pursuingthesummit.blogspot.com.

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  1. Regarding homosexuality, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 warns us, “do not be deceived,” about such things. In fact, Romans 1:25-27 tells us that same-sex sexual relationships are a consequence of idolatry. In other words, such relationships are a consequence of disobeying the 1ST COMMANDMENT, a major aspect of the GREATEST COMMANDMENT, to love God with all your being.

    So homosexuality is evidence of major spiritual dysfunctionality.

    Homosexuals need to keep in mind, however, that the good news of the gospel is not about how God despises same-sex sexual relationships. Note that 1 Corinthians 6:11 indicates that certain members of that church had formerly been slaves to such relationships but had been cleansed in Jesus’ name. So these former homosexuals had evidently repented and accepted God’s grace to straighten their lives out.

    But remember Jesus’ teaching of Matthew 18:15-17. Jesus taught that a church must ultimately expel unrepentant sinners from the congregation. 1 Corinthians 5 is an example of this, particularly where sexual misconduct is concerned.

  2. Thank-you for posting this excellent and clear-minded article.

    Perhaps you are unaware that Google Ads has put a gay dating ad at the bottom of your article?

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  4. I converted to Orthodoxy due in part to the gay scandal in the so-called episcopal “church. ” I have never met an Orthodox Christian who is a proponent of gay marriage. We are blessed that the Orthodox Church is a refuge and sanctuary of true Christian Faith and Teaching.

    Regretfully, the recent actions of St. Vladimir’s Seminary in honoring Rowan Williams (who promotes the gay agenda in the Anglican communion) serves as a warning that the evil one will is trying to introduce this heresy into our Orthodox Church. We must Pray and remain steadfast.

  5. Thank you for posting the excellent article on OrthodoxNet.Com Blog. It is clear and to the point.

    You should be aware that Google has posted two ads – one promoting gay online dating and the other advertising an article on homosexual wedding(s) alongside this article. As a comment above noted, it is ironic, to say the least.

  6. Thanks for notifying us Eleanor. We keep blocking every single gay online dating site Google keep placing in their ads and they continue to ad more. Unfortunately there is no way to block the ad area for specific stories. It is very clear that Google does not respect the religious views and values of its venues. We’ll keep fighting this and removing this garbage as soon as we discover it. Please let us know if you see more of this stuff showing up.

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