Obama Bows Down to Saudi King

Obama Bows Down to Saudi King

American Thinker | Thomas Lifson | Apr. 3, 2009

Has anyone ever seen Barack Obama publicly bow and bend his knee when meeting someone prior to yesterday? I don’t recall any photos of such a gesture of greeting, but I would be very happy if some of the President’s defenders on the left could provide such evidence that his striking body language yesterday before the monarch of Saudi Arabia and custodian of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina was simply a habitual gesture of warmth.


The old saying that one picture is worth a thousand words is actually amplified when it comes to cross-cultural communication. I have little doubt that the Muslim world’s media will not be as circumspect as their American mainstream colleagues in displaying the demi-prostration of the American leader carrying the name Hussein to the guardian of Islam’s holiest cities.

Obama Bows Down to Saudi King

Until evidence is produced that Barack Obama habitually bows and bends his knew before others, I will have to assume that he meant this gesture to carry meaning. It is simply amazing to me that our media will not even present this image to the American public.


When meeting the Saudi King for the first time at a reception in London, the President of the United States unmistakably bowed deeply and even bent his knee. (at 1:37 in the following video)

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The American mainstream media apparently paid no heed, and instead focused on Michelle Obama causally touching the Queen of England when introduced to the United Kingdom’s monarch. If anyone has seen MSM paying attention to this signal event, a traditional acknowledgement of fealty, please let me know.

If it was not a gesture of subordination, why did the Saudi King fail to respond with a similar bow?

The left wing blogs are doing their best to ridicule reaction to those who reacted in horror to body language conveying subordination and fealty. A self-identified “community college professor” on the left wing site Firedoglake uses a lot of Anglo-Saxonisms in ridiculing conservative reaction:

The wingnut attention span just isn’t that long, usually, and even by these cretins’ standards this “story” is pretty thin drool.

“Thin drool” is priceless, isn’t it? The expression is “thin gruel”, but I guess this “professor” has good reason to write under a pseudonym. There’s nothing more ridiculous than an illiterate calling others cretins.

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5 thoughts on “Obama Bows Down to Saudi King”

  1. Im afraid he doesn’t greet others with the same respect. Mrs Obama actually
    man – handled the Queen of England.

    These two are a disaster with no decorum.

  2. And now Obama is making this fiasco even worse by blatantly lying about what he did. Pathetic!

    Obama doubles down on the bow to the Saudi King

    The White House is denying that President Obama bowed before the Saudi King, committing a major mistake. Ben Smith of Politico reports:

    “It wasn’t a bow. He grasped his hand with two hands, and he’s taller than King Abdullah,” said an Obama aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

    Michael Goldfarb summed up the problem for Obama succinctly in the Weekly Standard:

    So who you going to believe — Barack Obama or your lying eyes?

    The story is officially “in play” now that the White House has spoken, albeit from an anonymous source. American citizens are implicitly asked to view the demi-prostration and decide for themselves. The evidence simply does not support the official position of the Obama administration.

  3. Pathetic looser! What do you think from will come out from him? Nothing good.
    When we used to have Pres. George W. Bush with all the bad things he did, at least we were respected, and people when here his name will fear. Now we have thins boy holding America in his hand. he knows nothing it seems about anything not only about politics. God help us

  4. We are the number one country in the world, our president is a president of free world, he should not bow to anyone or holding some world leader with two hands, I watch the video clip it makes me feel sick and shameful, all we will see our President going to bow leader of North Korea, Cuba, Iran and Venuzuela soon.

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