Archbishop Demetrios Compares Obama to Alexander the Great

American Orthodox Institute | March 26, 2009

Archbishop Demetrios, leader of the largest Orthodox Christian jurisdiction in the United States, compared President Obama to Alexander the Great at a Greek Independence Day celebration at the White House. Politico, noting that the president got “a little unexpected flattery” from the hierarch about his crisis management skills, said the archbishop told Obama: “Following the brilliant example of Alexander the Great…you will be able to cut the Gordian knot of these unresolved issues.” The unexpected flattery was so over that top that it embarrassed the president and earned the archbishop a link on the Drudge Report.

Obama responded by making a face to the crowd, prompting laughter. And when he
took the mic, he speculated on what the compliment could do for him at home.

“I will tell Michelle I have been compared to Alexander the Great. I will see if
that gets me a little more respect,” said Obama, who conceded: “She’s still the

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15 thoughts on “Archbishop Demetrios Compares Obama to Alexander the Great”

  1. This is madness and a genuine case in which the task of the Church, to be the avenue of salvation, has been forgotten by those entrusted her leadership.

  2. Very, very sad. Instead of being a “voice crying in the wilderness”, Archbishop Demetrios simply looks like a suck-up. Lord, have mercy.

  3. Sad that a good person should be compared to a degenerate. Why not compare him to at least a famous person in Greece’s history who actually did something positive like the men and women who died Greek Independence.

  4. Lia, by ‘good person’ I assume you mean Pres. Obama. Sorry, its really hard for me to attach the adjective good to a person who advocates the wholesale slaughter of innocent children, who voted against laws that provided for the human treatment of aborted children born alive, who wishes to deny health care providers any right of conscience in the matter. Anyone who advocates such horrendous policies is corrupt to his core.

  5. Lia, Michael is correct. Pres. Obama virulent pro-abortion policies surpass those of any American president in recent memory. Here’s a small sampling of the pro-abortion and anti-sanctity of life record of Mr. Obama in just the last few months:

    Obama: Destroying Human Life for the ‘Greater Good’

    Obama to Overturn “Conscience Rule” for Pro-life Doctors

    Obama’s pro-abortion executive order creates first clash with Vatican

    ‘Freedom of Choice Act’ nightmare for bishops, pro-lifers

  6. Com’on! Don’t miss the point like that.

    Our Archibishop tried to give an inspiring example to Mr. Prez and make the analogy of the Gordian Knot.
    He did say “..following the example of…” expressing our hope that Mr. Prez might have some good examples to follow.
    The manner in which our Archbishop spoke is one of providing direction and setting expectations for Mr. Obama – not sucking up.

    It was Mr. Obama twisting the words around to say “Wooohoo, I was compared to a famous guy – respect me!”

  7. Unfortunately, even in the best light I can find to put it in, it displays a lack of courage I find distressing.

    When Clinton was President and the Pope was speaking with Clinton on the dias in St. Louis, the Pope specifically brought up the immorality of abortion and the U.S. policy. Clinton was far more measured than Obama.

    No, it is a suck-up, sorry.

  8. Why is it that our Greek archbishops are always LEFT-LEANING?! Can anyone explain to me this great contradiction. I remember Iakovos ALWAYS supported Mickael Dukakis even though the guy is an APOSTATE from the church (i.e. married an unbelieving wife, supports abortion, etc.) and when CONSERVATIVE (meaning REAL) Orthodox brang up these issues with the archbishop and his supporters he just blew them off. This guy was even giving communion to this lib! Will the REAL Orthodox PLEASE!!! stand up and help preserve our Church from decline and ultimate destruction!

    I as a Greek am APPALLED at how many Greek “Orthodox” have OUTRIGHT supported Carter, Clinton (and his wife for president) and OBAMA! OBAMA, an illegal immigrant sitting in the White House (and the facts against him on this are PLETHORIC); Obama, a COMMUNIST!; Obama, who supports the most extreme abortions!; Obama, who is destroying this country!

    Wake up Orthodox! REPENT, for “The Judge is standing at the door.”

  9. I think you are missing the point:

    Archbishop Demetrios, then, swung into action. He may have already been en route or in Washington for the Greek Independence Day event, but the GR Reporter news service said said that Clinton welcomed the archbishop at the State Department for a meeting that was “arranged at lightning speed, after the information about Talat’s visit to the US came out. Dimitrios repeated the Greek stand point regarding the Cyprian problem, the name of Macedonia, and the rights of the Ecumenical Patriarchy in Istanbul. According to the archbishop himself, the Greek point of view will be taken very seriously from the US administration.”

    When the Archbishop posed with McCain a photo op, the liberal Greeks went nuts. I don’t think this is a left-right thing at all.

    I think this is a, “Greek issues matter more than aborted babies!” kind of issue. The Archbishop is demonstrating that shilling for Greece takes precedence over his obligations to to his flock in the U.S. Rather than trying to build a national church and make America a better place, he is simply a paid lobbyist for the Greek government.

    Sad, but that is how this reads to me. I don’t think he is pro-Obama. To be honest, given my reading of him, I think he cares more about local elections in Thrace than he does about who is president of the United States. Except where Greek issues are concerned, that is. Then he cares a bunch, and is willing to bow and scrape to curry favor for the Greeks.

    That is all well and good, but drop the pretense of being a bishop of Christ’s Church. You are a shill. Be a shill, but don’t wear a cassock when doing it.

  10. George,

    What I am hitting on is the fact that the Orthodox church needs to fulfill it’s duty no matter where they are. But when I see an Archbishop outright support these kind of politicians and praise them I immediately think of Gal. 2 when Peter was appeasing the Judiazers and then was rebuked by Paul for his hypocrisy.

    Greek Archbishops are leaning-left on certain issues to curry the favor of American politicians for Greece; in Demetrios’s case, he has to support the Fanar. I know what you are talking about, I’M A GREEK CITIZEN too. I know politics there. But what IS WRONG is the fact that Greek Church officials bow down to these politicians for the sake of Greece instead of standing up to them and preaching the Gospel-which is there job whether in Greece or America!

    “To obey is better than sacrifice,” and we know the rest of that Old Testament story.

    Greece needs GOD, not America. This has been Greece’s problem even during the Turkish occupation: resorting to worldly measure in order to deliver themselves from the oppression of another nation (i.e., during the Revolt around 1821, Greek had initiated themselves into the ideas of Free Masonry in order to form secret societies to resist the Turks).

  11. Hey John –

    I agree. My comment was directed at the need to understand what we are seeing. I’m not excusing it. If we believe that the Bishop’s kowtowing to Obama is driven by leftist ideology, then we are likely to focus on that as the cause for his behavior. That is not really the root cause. The root cause is that of misplaced priorities. The Bishop is placing shilling for Greece above his obligation to the Gospel.

    Only by understanding what we are facing can we truly combat it. You handle a shill for a foreign power differently than a Reverend Wright.

  12. Iyad, Yes this blog is moderated. If your posts are full of spelling and grammar mistakes, do not add anything substantive to the discussions, are blatantly partisan, or unfairly attack and insult the participants or the authors, they will not be approved.

  13. Again on this matter I said: The Archbishop is right, because both men are Immoral. I hope you don’t think this is offensive because Obama can’t insult himself in any better way that he does. As for the Archbishop, I can only say May God take his hand…

  14. Well, at least the archbishop didn’t compared Obama to Constantine or Justinian. They certain didn’t hold his views on abortion or other moral issues. Now, Alexander the Great did.

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