Bill Ayers’ Terrorist Group Planned US Genocide and Re-education

Bill Ayers’ communist-terrorist group, Weather Underground, planned to overthrow the US government, take control over the country, launch a mass “re-education” of the US population (via re-education camps) and Mass Genocide (killing) of the “Capitalists” who could not be reformed and brainwashed into accepting communism. First-hand account from member who attended the organization revolutionary meetings.

Ayers’ Weathermen planned “re-education” of entire US and Mass Genocide
(25 million American Capitalists would be ‘eliminated’):

In a 1980s documentary about terrorism, former Weather Underground member Larry Grathwol recounted hearing a conversation about the prospect of overthrowing the US government, inviting other communist regimes to invade and occupy the United States, setting up re-education centers to brainwash Americans into accepting communism, and murdering 25 million “die-hard capitalists” who refused to comply and embrace communism.

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