2 thoughts on “Gingrich: I’m deeply worried…”

  1. I share Mr. Gingrich’s frustration and concerns, and his warnings of what would happen to our liberties should a large-scale attack occur are sobering, indeed.

    One statement caught my ear:
    “Religious driven people do things that don’t calculate in nice academic faculty settings”.

    Christianity isn’t encouraging female and disabled martyrs (or healthy male ones for that matter). Islam is. Even if there many Muslims don’t buy into the more extreme elements of their faith (and there are millions who do not), there are too many who are.

    This may be dangerous to say, but much of Islam has not evolved as have other religious systems. While the Judeo-Christian, Hindu and Buddhist faiths have generally learned to make peace with those outside, for Islam, anything outside the “tribe” must be extinguished as are traitors from within. Who makes up that “tribe” seems to vacillate from region to region, but generally, it’s anything that is not them, whatever “them” happens to be.

    So, what is the answer? I keep harping on independence from oil: extinguish the source of funding for these nations like Iran that support terrorism.

    Other than that, I’m not sure what else is workable outside of a moratorium on immigration entirely. Having a European citizenship guarantees nothing. I certainly would not support any use of an offensive military effort.

  2. Gingrich makes excellent points. Points that should be broadcast on national television.

    While I live in Sweden (ex-pat, black, Greek Orthodox, Reagan-loving, Harlemite, riding the subway while listening to Rush Limbaugh and Ancient Faith radio podcasts, living in the heart of the secular world, Stockholm, Sweden. Life, eh?), a good friend and I are constantly gobsmacked at the apparent collective memory of the post-9/11 U.S. Can someone tell me what happened?

    Where did the American will to protect what is ours go?

    Am I crazy for tearing up while watching “John Adams” and remembering the gift (warts and all) that was given to us in our country?

    Then we have American politicians who come to Europe displaying arrogance but feint pride in their country. How can such a large amount of the American public accept such behavior of their leaders?

    Ours is a great and miraculous story; however, ignoring those who want to bring it to a tragic end is a terrible mistake.

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