Another Democrat calls for Nationalizing Oil Refinery Industry

American Thinker | Rick Moran | Jun. 19, 2008

The worrying thing is that the Congressman – Maurice Hinchey – isn’t getting laughed out of Washington for proposing a nationalization scheme for the refinery industry. Even at the height of liberalism’s power back in the 1960’s, no Democrat would have seriously entertained the notion.

But a recent Rasmussen poll found a staggering 37% of Democrats – a plurality – support nationalizing the oil companies. This makes one wonder if some kind of serious move might be made to actually bring the industry under government control:

The survey found that a plurality of Democrats (37%) believe the oil industry should be nationalized. Just 32% of voters in Barack Obama’s party disagree with that approach. Republicans oppose nationalizing the oil industry by a 66% to 16% margin. Unaffiliated voters are opposed by a 47% to 33% margin.

Nationalization is the process by which the government assumes complete control of a private industry and its assets. It has been a common practice in totalitarian dictatorships, but as recently as 2001 following the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. government nationalized the private airport security industry and moved it under the Transportation Security Administration.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters – the far out liberal from California – has also called for nationalizing the oil companies. And considering the fact that a large percentage of Democrats support them, one can legitimately wonder what the Democrats have in store for the voter when they increase their hold on Congress next year.

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1 thought on “Another Democrat calls for Nationalizing Oil Refinery Industry”

  1. Here’s a great quote from an American Thinker reader that really nailed it regarding the Marxist/leftist policies of the Democrats. It was so good I had to reproduce it here:

    The recent actions of the Solons [statesmen] of Congress on the Democrat side have decided that the tipping point is at hand as regards the public and their attitudes towards Socialism and/or quasi-Communism. The leaders of the Democrat party, along with a substantial majority of the rest of the party’s elected members and the party activists have concluded that the public is ready for Socialism. The party has pretty much either purged or neutralized those activists and office holders that are traditional liberals.

    The hard left, led by the George Soros’ of the world, have seen that the public may have fussed, but they have adapted to every incremental step toward Socialism that has been taken, Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, government schools, government insurance schemes, government regulation of parks and hunting, etc., and etc. The Left has now decided that the way has been prepared and the public is ready for the next step in the Socializing of America, the Socialization of the energy industry in America. Now I would like to think that the American citizenry would rise up and put an end to this, but at what point, and do you want to bet you life and/or livelyhood on it.

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