Bill Clinton defends wife’s Bosnia remarks

Politico | Mike Allen | Apr. 11, 2008

Former President Bill Clinton gave a passionate defense Thursday of his wife’s claim about “landing under sniper fire” — just as the damaging controversy was dying down. Bill Clinton said the news media treated her like she had “robbed a bank” and claimed she was experiencing end-of-day fatigue, even though she had made the claim in morning speeches.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) acknowledged two weeks ago that she “misspoke” and “made a mistake” in her overly vivid account of the 1996 landing in Tuzla, Bosnia, during a goodwill mission as first lady.

Video of a tranquil arrival ceremony refuted the claim, and her comments hurt her struggling campaign by reviving questions about her candor.

Now, her husband has revived the issue by claiming the comments were true during a “Solutions for America” campaign event in at Boonville High School in Boonville, Ind. Here are his comments, recorded by networks and reported by CBS News:

“You know, I got tickled the other day. A lot of the way this whole campaign has been covered has amused me. But there was a lot of fulminating because Hillary, one time late at night when she was exhausted, misstated — and immediately apologized for it — what happened to her in Bosnia in 1995 [sic]. Did y’all see all that? Oh, they blew it up.

“Let me just tell you. The president of Bosnia and General Wesley Clark – who was there making peace where we’d lost three peacekeepers, who had to ride on a dangerous mountain road because it was too dangerous to go the regular, safe way — both defended her, because they pointed out that when her plane landed in Bosnia, she had to go up to the bulletproof part of the plane, in the front. Everybody else had to put their flak jackets underneath the seat in case they got shot at. And everywhere they went, they were covered by Apache helicopters. So they just abbreviated the arrival ceremony.

“Now I say that because what really has mattered is that, even then, she was interested in our troops. And I think she was the first first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt to go into a combat zone. And you woulda thought, you know, that she’d robbed a bank the way they carried on about this. And some of them, when they’re 60, they’ll forget something when they’re tired at 11 at night, too.”

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4 thoughts on “Bill Clinton defends wife’s Bosnia remarks”

  1. If you want solid proof that liberalism and leftism are mental disorders, just listen to one of Hillary or Bill Clinton’s speeches. They can contort themselves ad nauseum and justify anything and everything they do. There’s simply no right or wrong or objective reality to the Clintons; only what’ best for them and what benefits them personally. Whey are void of conscience, integrity, morality, and ethics; in other words they’re the quintessential modern Democrats (aka: progressives, liberals, leftists, socialists, communists; no difference really).

  2. It still “makes my blood boil” when I think of what Bill Clinton did to Serbia. (God, please forgive my anger) I also believe that Wesley Clark is just another disgraceful tyrant. Kosovo has a lot of valuable natural resources, so the bosses of that pig Bill Clinton created a tremendous amount of friction between the Albanians and Christian Serbs. Eventually, all of that ethnic hatred lead to an all out conflict between those two groups of people. Then, under the guise of peace-keeper, Clinton had the U.S. military, under Wesley Clark, attack and kill the Serbs until they ceded that territory. I wonder who will control the mines with the valuable mineral resources in Kosovo now. Sure, the news media says N.A.T.O. went into Kosovo to stop “ethnic cleansing”. This same U.S. news media rigged the news stories so that the “mind numb” U.S. public accepted this attack against Serbia to be a noble act. This is the same type of thing that happened in Bosnia, but the situation was different. Anyhow, the public loves the idea of “get those oppressive Orthodox Christians’ with all of the slander they had been hearing about them.
    This evil, wicked witch, Hillary Clinton, is in on all of this too. However, judging from her obvious, blatant lie about being under enemy fire in Bosnia, when she really was being welcomed and given flowers, shows that she is stupid. She’s too stupid to lead a nation. I wonder who is going to be giving her orders of what to do when she becomes President of the U.S.A.

  3. I just saw a photograph of Hillary gulping down a shot of whiskey. This may explain why she mistakingly thought that she was under sniper fire that time in Bosnia. (Whiskey packs a punch, much like sniper fire). I realize that this whiskey drinking she engaged in was a publicity gimmick. It was just a condescending effort by her to make her appear to just be a regular person. (She’s going after the redneck vote). However, it takes practice to be able to down a shot of whiskey and not have serious side effects.

  4. Mike,

    Just when I thought Hillary would turn attention away from her lies about Bosnia, she used a recent appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to joke about her Bosnia sniper controversy.

    Now her husband is bringing back the story again and lying for her.

    What’s wrong with that family?

    I was thirteen in 1992, but I can still vividly remember the feeling when snipers fired around me in Bosnia and this will stay clear in my mind forever, no matter how sleep-deprived or tired I get!

    Author of “Not My Turn to Die:
    Memoirs of a Broken Childhood in Bosnia”

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