The Real Skinflints Church Colson January 4, 2007

America’s Charity Divide

Are conservatives and Christians becoming too narrow and selfish? Are we hypocritical skinflints, indifferent to the suffering of the needy?

The liberals say so. But is it true? Do conservatives and Christians really love their money more than they do the poor?

A new book by an expert on charity says: absolutely not. The real skinflints, he writes, are secular liberals.

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Progress: Benedict and Bartholomew to Meet Again

NC Register Edward Pentin December 24, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI and the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople are considering a proposal to attend the next round of joint Catholic-Orthodox theological discussions in 2007.

VATICAN CITY — In what theologians are describing as a highly significant gesture, Pope Benedict XVI and the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople are considering a proposal to attend the next round of joint Catholic-Orthodox theological discussions in 2007.

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Pope Blasts ‘Dismal Theories’ on Gays

Ed: It’s Reuters so the quotes are probably selective and the context a bit skewed. Still, very interesting.


Pope Benedict spoke out on Friday against legal recognition for unmarried couples and “dismal theories” on the rights of gays to marry which he said stripped men and women of their innate sexual identity.

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Archbishop, Pope, call for tolerance

Kathimerini Danilo Schiavella December 15, 2006

Pact to mend ties signed at Vatican

Pope Benedict and Archbishop Christodoulos call for tolerance.Pope Benedict XVI (right) and Archbishop Christodoulos sign an agreement following historic talks at the Vatican yesterday. The two religious leaders issued a joint appeal against religious fanaticism and violence.

Archbishop Christodoulos and Pope Benedict XVI, after a landmark meeting at the Vatican yesterday, issued a joint appeal against religious fanaticism and violence, and pledged to pursue “the difficult path of dialogue” in order to heal a centuries-old rift between their two churches.

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Pope and Moscow Patriarch to meet in 2007, say reports

Rome (ENI). Pope Benedict XVI and Patriarch Alexei II of the Russian Orthodox Church may meet in early 2007, according to unconfirmed reports circulating in Rome and Moscow. There has been no official church confirmation of the rumours, but if such an encounter did take place, it would be the first meeting between a Pope and a Russian Orthodox Patriarch. The Vatican is mulling the possibility of a meeting in Hungary in 2007 between Pope Benedict and Patriarch Alexei, the Italian weekly Panorama has reported.

Which One God?

National Review Online Bat Yeor December 4, 2006

Comparing the Muslim and Christian conceptions of God.

With the passing of time, hidden challenges, which for a long time had been growing unnoticed and unaddressed, can suddenly emerge into the full-blown light of current events with a force which seems quite overwhelming. Today the Western world, or Judeo-Christian civilization, shaken by jihadist terror, is being rudely awakened to theological realities blurred for decades. From clashes of civilizations to the jihad that is declaring to the planet its genocidal intentions, rational discourse concerning faith is becoming increasingly fraught.

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Patriarch – Pope visit rebroadcast


Individuals who may have missed the November 29, 2006 live broadcast
of the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI to the Ecumenical Patriarchate
and the Doxology of Thanksgiving may now watch an on-demand re- broadcast online at

Pope offers message of strength to Christian minorities in Turkey

New York Sun Brian Murphy November 29, 2006

ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) – Pope Benedict XVI began his pilgrimage among Turkey’s tiny Christian communities Wednesday by paying homage to an Italian priest slain during Islamic protests and expressing sympathy for the pressures facing religious minorities in the Muslim world.

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A tense time for a papal visit

Los Angeles Times Tracy Wilkinson November 25, 2006

Turkey, which doesn’t recognize the Roman Catholic Church, is still rankled by Benedict’s comments on Islam.

ISTANBUL, TURKEY — To reach Turkey’s most important Roman Catholic church, a visitor must scour a traffic-choked street to find the metal doors, walk down a flight of stairs, cross a courtyard and finally step into the consecrated basilica.

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Ancient Christian site in Istanbul becomes ‘very sensitive ground’ for Pope

940 AM Montreal November 27, 2006, EST.

ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) – No moment of Pope Benedict’s trip this week may be more closely watched as his walk through the majestic Haghia Sophia, a domed complex whose history spans Istanbul’s stormy evolution from Christianity to Islam.

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Pope Benedict’s visit considered gesture of support for the Phanar

Kathimerini November 27, 2006

The pope’s visit to the seat of the Orthodox Church is taking place during a period when the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Christians living in Turkey are facing a daily struggle for their human rights and religious freedom.

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Turkey poses daunting tests for Benedict

National Catholic Reporter John L. Allen Jr. November 24, 2006

When Pope Benedict XVI travels to Turkey Nov. 28-Dec. 1, he faces a series of challenges that, like concentric circles, become larger and more daunting as they’re arranged around one another. Coupled with the intense media attention the trip is certain to draw — more than 2,000 journalists are expected to follow the pope on his first visit to a majority Muslim state — these complexities make Turkey the trickiest high-wire act of his pontificate to date.

Benedict is scheduled to make stops in Ankara, Ephesus and Istanbul. Among the conundrums awaiting him:

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Europe’s Religious Future?

National Review Blog Stanley Kurtz October 18, 2006

For a long time now, secular liberals have taken it for granted that history is with them. In this view, secular quasi-socialist Scandinavia is the destiny toward which we all “progress.” Even the image of conservatives standing athwart history yelling “Stop!” is a backhanded tribute to the assumed historical momentum of progressive secularism. More recently, however, we’ve seen suggestions that history has changed direction. Falling fertility rates in secular Europe, and in the relatively secular precincts of “Blue” America, seem to presage the coming dominance of religious and conservative “Red States,” and an increasingly Islamic Europe.

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Oriana Fallaci willed the bulk of her library to a pontifical university

Yahoo News October 21, 2006

Oriana Fallaci willed the bulk of her library to a pontifical university because of her esteem for Pope Benedict XVI.

Oriana Fallaci had described the pontiff as an ally in her campaign to rally Christians in Europe against what she saw as a Muslim crusade against the West. As she battled breast cancer last year, she had a private audience with Benedict, who was elected only a few months earlier, at the papal summer residence in Castel Gandolfo.

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Orthodox leader says Pope’s visit to Turkey will boost Christian ties

Today.Az October 20, 2006

Greece Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Turkey next month will be a welcome opportunity to help improve relations between Christian churches, the head of the world’s 200 million Orthodox Christian said Thursday.

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