Stand Up for Religious Freedom – March 23, 2012

Nationwide Rally for Religious FreedomThe Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom is being held Friday, March 23 at noon, local time, outside federal buildings, Congressional offices and historic sites across the country. The theme for the Rally is “Stand Up for Religious Freedom—Stop the HHS Mandate!”

Thousands of Americans of all faiths will be participating in these peaceful rallies, organized by the Pro-Life Action League and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society to oppose the new mandate from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that requires all employers provide free contraceptives, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs through their health plans, even in violation of their consciences.

Religious leaders and other public figures will speak out against the HHS Mandate at each Rally site. Holding signs reading “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” and “Stop the HHS Mandate,” participants will offer hymns and prayers for our nation and pass out literature to the public about why the HHS Mandate is unconstitutional and Un-American.

The Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom will be a peaceful, family-friendly, non-partisan, ecumenical event. For more information, please see the Rally Guidelines and Protocols, below.

Stand Up For Religious Freedom

Rally Guidelines and Protocols
The Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom welcomes all participants, of whatever religious persuasion—and even those of no religious faith—who are united by support for and desire to protect the United States Constitution’s First Amendment right of religious liberty currently under attack by the HHS Mandate.

It is not the purpose of these Rallies to promote or advocate for any political party or political movement. Thus Rally participants are asked to not bring political party or candidate signage to the rallies or distribute such literature.

All those who attend are expected to comport themselves peacefully at all times while asserting their Constitutional right to freedom of assembly.

Families, even those with small children, should feel at home and comfortable attending this Rally.

If opposition protests are conducted, Rally participants will not engage counter demonstrators or hecklers with loud verbal argumentation, name-calling or derogatory remarks, nor will such opponents be physically engaged in any way.

Any interference with Rally participants’ rights to freedom of speech and assembly will be referred to police authorities by local Rally leaders.

If Rally participants are approached by media for comment, they should refer reporters and journalists to local rally coordinators for an interview.


7 thoughts on “Stand Up for Religious Freedom – March 23, 2012”

  1. Held at noon on a Friday? Really? They do know that most people work don’t they?

    Don’t hold it on a Saturday when most people can show up.

    It’s like people just want to fail.

    • Excellent point — a weekend event could allow many more people to participate — perhaps this should be held every month on the first Saturday until the President begins to realize we the people will not allow our religious freedoms to be taken from us!

      • I know they will reply “Well, the members won’t be there on the weekend and the media goes silent on the weekend as well.”

        Here is a reality check, they won’t be there on Friday either and the media won’t report it anyway. But, just to give you a heads up, there is this new invention called the “internet”. It has a new media and people can shoot their own videos and share them across what we call “social media”. You no longer have to rely on NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, NPR, CNN, HLN, MSNBC or FOX to know what is going on.

  2. I will go even though it is a work day, i will give up my lunch time. Many more will do the same and that sends a powerful message.

  3. I can take the Dart Rail close too Our Lady of Gadlupe Cathedral in Dallas, but where from there as I will be on foot? I have a great sign ” ABORTION CLINICS / AMERICA’s DEATH CAMPS” but am cosiderin ” Haughty Pharaoh Obama, Let My Babies Live!” GOD Any thoughts before I paint my shirts? HHD

  4. Gosh I was going too add ” Nazi’s Murdered 6 Million Jews, 1 Million were Children. America has murdered 60 Million Babies.” I didn’t because I thought it too over the top. It needs more moderation? HHD

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