Blagovest Bells Appeal to Orthodox Community

Blagovest Bells - Orthodox Church Bells
Blagovest Bells
by Mark Galperin –

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Christ in our midst! Since 1998, upon the blessing of Father Stephan Meholick, Rector of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in San Anselmo, California, I have tried to create an awareness of the once self-evident essential role of bell-ringing in Orthodox worship as prescribed by the Church’s typikon.

Consequently, I have facilitated the selection, purchase, importation, installation, and implementation of traditional Orthodox Church bells here in the U.S. and also in Canada. This work has been rendered as a project of Expanding Edge LLC, under the trade name of Blagovest Bells. Our Blagovest Bells are ringing now in more than 100 churches across North America.

As the result of the current US economy downturn, our churches are experiencing serious financial difficulties, which results in a decreasing number of bell orders. Because of that, Blagovest Bells ( recently hasn’t been generating enough revenue to take care of my family, so I have to restructure my occupation.

However, orders are continuing to come in and I believe that this valuable service for the Church and Orthodox community should be kept alive. For this purpose I want to transfer the Blagovest Bells business partially or in full to trustful hands. If anybody is interested, please call me at 415-244-0495 or email me at .

God be with you!

Mark Galperin
Blagovest Bells –

Blagovest Bells - Orthodox Church Bells set

Blagovest Bells - Orthodox Church Bells sets