When Faith met the Free Market

Life, Liberty Blog | Daniel | April 22, 2009

Is the Christian Faith compatible with a Free Market economy? Many lay people and most clergy would probably answer that question negatively, especially during these times. But is this really the case?

Kevin Allen, at Ancient Faith Radio, discussed these topics and much more with Chris Banescu. The answers Mr. Allen received are very enlightening. This is a must listen to anyone, not just Christians, who work for a living, which means it is a must listen for everyone.

Do you treat your employees the way you treat your best customers? Do you work everyday to build long term profitability and increase long term value? Do you, each and everyday, work to meet and exceed your customer’s expectations?


After listening to Chris Banescu’s interview I much prefer the phrase, an ethical and free market. A big reason the world, economically speaking, is in its current condition is because we have neither a free nor an ethical marketplace. Government picks winners and losers. Corporations treat their lowest employees worse than they treat their corporate jets and fleet of limousines. Consumers, just to save a buck, buy products made with slave labor.

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