Why communists loved communism

WorldNetDaily | Craige McMillan | July 24, 2008

Communist government officials always loved communism – because they never experienced it. Apparently the same is true of Democrat officials preparing for the “I’m a progressive, not a communist” lovefest in Denver, Colo. Consumers in the mile high city pay 40.4 cents per gallon to the state and feds for each gallon they extract at the gas pumps. Unless, of course, they are Democrat muckety-mucks zipping around Denver in their free (provided by General Motors) cars, which have been filling up at city pumps to evade gasoline taxes.

Gasoline taxes are imposed by Congress and state legislatures to build and maintain roads and other infrastructure related to automobile transportation. But I guess the holier-than-thou crowd that makes the laws has become so used to exempting themselves that they just assume an exemption any ‘ol time they feel like it.

Government muckety-mucks in the old Soviet Union had special department stores only they and their fellow Communist Party anointed could shop in. There you could find all the “evil” products produced in the Western world – at highly subsidized prices. Subsidized by whom? If you have to ask and you live in Colorado, just look in the mirror. You’ll get the picture.

When questioned about their sweetheart deal with the city, Democrat officials responded with their usual ethical pabulum: “The Republicans are doing it in Minneapolis, too!” You know; everybody’s doing it …

Yet, according to the Rocky Mountain News (July 23, 2008), “Teresa McFarland, a spokeswoman for the Minneapolis-St. Paul host committee, said its members are getting their gas at public pumps.

“‘We’re not getting a tax break on fuel,’ she said. ‘That’s not the setup at this end.'”

Oh, my! Yet another ethical quagmire for Denver communists – er, Democrats “progressing” toward communism. And it worked so well for so long for Bill Clinton while Monica was delivering those pizzas.

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    I read the article, but I’m not sure how it relates to me. If the Democratic party is getting non-taxed gas, that’s either illegal or inappropriate. Also, another article I read said that the city didn’t have a contract with the party to provide gas, and the city has a prior history of entering into business arrangements without fully executed contracts.

    I don’t see this as a “scandal,” but as a yet another failure of the city’s contracting process. This needs to be addressed in an official audit, and probably a change in management, given the history. It’s not communism, but city officials not doing their jobs. Obviously I don’t know all the details, but from what I’ve read the situation is inexcusable and needs to be corrected. I spent a number of years in materials management in a public agency, and the stuff that goes on in the public sector never ceases to amaze me. The stories I could tell you . . . . .

  2. Jim’s not rich, or a party insider. Nancy Pelosi uses her role as Speaker to reward her husband’s clients like Starkist, while lecturing small business owners on their responsibilities to workers. Al Gore talks about global warming and then jets around on private aircraft.

    Big time liberals are often hypocrites, the same way many pro-family values Republicans are on their second or third wives and Phil Gramm dismisses middle class economic pain as all in our heads.

    Jim is a working class guy who suffers with the rest of us. He may have a different opinion on how some things should be dealt will, but no one is going to give him an exemption from the solution.

  3. Glen,

    I only wanted Jim to see an example of what I was talking about in another post.

    I agree that there is hypocrisy on both sides. HOWEVER, while conservatives point the finger at the libs, they also point out their own. The left seems to overlook their hypocrites, along with their lawbreakers, and anyone else on their side that makes them look bad.

  4. I would say neither side is much for owning up to their own hypocrisy. McCain ditched his first wife and latched onto a sugar mama whose daddy paid for McCain’s entry into public life. Not much different from Kerry, really, but no one on the Right is going to concede that.

    I would say the both sides of the political spectrum are incapable of self-analysis. Any time you point out the flaw of say, McCain, first response is, “Yeah, but Obama….”

  5. Glen,

    First of all, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are running a good, strong leader.

    That being said, comparing Obama and McCain is…well there is no comparison. I’m not a big McCain supporter, but “hands down” he has it over Obama. I mean look at another stupid comment he recently made, “inflate your tires,..geta tune-up, and you’ll save all that gas,etc.” What?

    You said neither side owes up to the hypocrisy. I submit to you that Republicans and Conservatives went after Bush when he wanted to nominate Helen Meier, his counsel and personal friend, to the Supreme Court bench. Prior to “the surge”, Bill O’Reilly was condemning the War in Iraq. Rush Limbaugh(whom I personally can’t stand) is still aginst McCain.

    Now let’s look at Sandy Berger, former Clinton staff NSA chief who went and illegally removed secret files from the DOD/NSA so the 911 Commission couldn’t see them. what did the Dems say? They just laughed it off and said “oh that Sandy! He shouldn’t have done that!” Wink wink. Or how about N.O.W. who would not support those women who were sexually harassed by Bill Clinton? Good ol’ James Carville called Paula Jones “trailer trash.” Gee, I thought the Dems were for the “down trodden”?

    Sorry Glen, libs are sheep. They just follow their leaders withut questioning them. They can’t think for themselves. That’s why they make good “communists.”

  6. I would say that traditional conservatives/Libertarians are definitely not sheep. However, a large section of what currently passes for ‘right-wing’ is actually statist and not terribly prone to self-analysis. There were many people on the ‘right’ who support Harriet Meyers, and to this day that group bristles over any and all criticism of George W. Bush.

    I’m voting Bob Barr, so I am not going to defend either of the main party candidates. I prefer McCain to Obama, but that is about the same as preferring death by gunshot to the head to death by hanging.

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