Fourth Letter to a Secular Nation | Mike S. Adams | Jun. 3, 2008

One of the toughest things about reading Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation is deciding when he is expressing total ignorance as opposed to total dishonesty. When he accuses Christians of spending more energy “opposing abortion than fighting genocide” I lean towards the latter explanation.

Informed readers know that the distinction between abortion and genocide is blurred by the fact that 512 out of 1000 black pregnancies ends in abortion. It is also blurred by the fact that 37% of all abortions are of black babies though blacks comprise only 12% of the population. Christians are more likely than atheists to oppose abortion. This is because we have always been more outspoken against racism than our atheist counterparts.

It is also clearly dishonest for Sam Harris to say that Christians “are more concerned about human embryos than about the life-saving promise of stem cell research.” I have never met a Christian who opposed stem cell research. Every Christian I know supports adult stem cell research because it has produced 73 clinically proven applications – many of which are outright cures of known diseases. But we oppose embryonic stem cell research because it has never produced a cure of any sort and does not appear to be on the brink of doing so.

Just a few weeks ago, the nation was shocked over reports that a Yale University student had intentionally impregnated herself and induced abortions on several occasions. Specifically, it was asserted that she did so in order to use the blood of the aborted fetuses as part of a display of “art.”

Is it any less depraved to intentionally create and kill life in order to obtain research monies? It is difficult to trust that their motives are humane given their failure to produce anything of use to the medical profession.

It is very difficult to take Sam Harris seriously when he declares that “both Catholic and Protestant churches have a shameful record of complicity with Nazi genocide.” Obviously, whatever sins of omission the churches may have committed in the past with regard to Nazi genocide are now being atoned for by Christian opposition to Planned Parenthood’s genocide against black America. And we are opposed in our efforts by none other than Sam Harris.

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2 thoughts on “Fourth Letter to a Secular Nation”

  1. I disagree with a few points made here Mr. Adams:

    1. First, he states, “Christians are more likely than atheists to oppose abortion. This is because we have always been more outspoken against racism than our atheist counterparts.” While Christianity does call racism evil, this is not the reason we oppose abortion. Yes, planned parenthood was created with the intent to put eugenics into action and it still continues that to one degree or another; however, if one asked 100 Christians why they opposed abortion, you may get possibly one who would mention racism as the reason or one of the reasons why.

    2. Second he states, “But we oppose embryonic stem cell research because it has never produced a cure of any sort and does not appear to be on the brink of doing so.” Again he mixes up motives here. To put that forth as the reason why Christians oppose embryonic stem cell research would give us, as Christians, no reason to oppose it should it be found to produce cures and advancements in medicine. Again, if you polled 100 Christians you may possibly get one, probably Mr. Adams here, who would put ESC research’s lack of results as their #1 reason for opposing it.

    3. Why would he concede Sam Harris’ assertion that the Catholic Church and Protestant sects were complicit in the Nazi genocide? That is an outrageous claim!

    Now on to Mr. Harris:
    It is extremely hypocritical of Mr. Harris to use the example of the Nazi genocide in an article defending atheism against Christianity. The Nazi ideology was explicitly atheistic and had atheism as its foundational rock. Around this rock was its belief in eugenics coming from Darwinian evolution (a connection already discussed at length on this blog). Social Darwinism was put into effect by the atheist Nazis and no one needs to be reminded of the results.

    The dishonesty continues when Mr. Harris reprimands Christians for spending too much energy combatting abortion. Abortion, as it has been advanced by planned parenthood and other organizations has its basis in eugenics (again a connection already discussed at length) and so has a link to the Nazi ideology. To sum up, he reprimands Christians for spending too much time fighting against the greatest stain within our own country that the Nazi legacy has left us , while at the same time reprimanding Christians (unfounded by history) for being complicit in the Nazis crimes.

  2. Points well taken.

    A short analysis of people who do not believe in God: They tell lies.
    White lies, half truths, clouded aspects, partial statements, partial quotes, part anything, make it look good statements, and anything goes if I like it; are their vocabulary. Fix these up to make me look impressive. It is all about me to them. They love to put others on the defensive. It is all for negative attention-the me again issue-even political/social agendas that they adopt. Me wants to be different-me wants:

    What is a lie? Ask any child-they know.

    A true Christian uses faith and reason=Truth in all they say and do.

    What is truth? Ask any old person-they know.

    A recent opinion I have developed: (I am very old-truth.) There are no atheists-they are liars. They believe in God! If one were to research this statement, they would come to this very conclusion I am sure.(Give them a lie detector test.) Remember, they have an agenda; and will say and do anything to promote it. Remember, also that Lucifer believes in God, and he has an agenda. It is all about the me in them. P_ _ _ e.

    The cure is Love from Christians. And we are on our way! We started with the arms outstretched in the year 33 A.D.

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