Horse Sense

Ed. The article is dated but the author, Wesley J. Smith, shows how sexual behavior and our ideas about the intrinsic value of the human being (theological anthropology) are related.

The Daily Standard | Wesley J. Smith | August 31,2005

The debate in Washington state about bestiality is actually a fight over human exceptionalism.

A WASHINGTON MAN died recently from internal injuries he sustained while having sex with a horse. After his body was dropped off at a hospital, police discovered that out-of-towners had rented a rural farm and then made local animals available for use in bestiality. Yes, video taping was involved.

This disgusting story should have had a quick ending with the arrests of the operators of the human/animal sex farm and their swift punishment. However, police discovered that there is no law against bestiality in Washington. So, even though a man is dead from a very intimate injury, even though police confiscated hundreds of graphic videotapes of people having sex with animals, apparently nothing is to be done about it.

Enter Republican state Senator Pam Roach, who announced plans to introduce legislation in the next legislative session to make it a felony in Washington to commit bestiality. “I found out that Washington is one of the few states in the country that doesn’t outlaw this activity,” she told me. “This has made Washington a Mecca for bestiality. People know it isn’t against the law and so they come from other states to have sex with animals.”

Roach told me she is receiving cooperation from the Democratic leaders of the legislature, but to her surprise, the proposed bill has stirred some controversy. The most prominent voice so far against outlawing bestiality is the Seattle Post Intelligencer’s liberal columnist, Robert L. Jamieson Jr. In a July 23 column, Jamieson ridiculed Roach’s proposal, writing that practices such as
masturbation, oral sex, and gay sex were once considered wrong, too, and so why worry now about human/animal copulation if the animal isn’t injured? “Human sex with animals remains a towering taboo, booty and the beast. But as Princeton University philosopher Peter Singer, the father of the animal rights movement, has put it, ‘Sex with animals does not always involve cruelty.'”

In a follow-up column, Jamieson accused Roach of engaging in “knee-jerk lawmaking and moral hysteria” in order to pander politically to “animal-loving voters, of which there are many.” Responding to Roach’s condemnation of the bestiality videotapes found at the sex farm as “pornography with animals,” Jamieson countered, “Isn’t pornography of the human variety legal so long as children aren’t involved?” As to Roach’s argument that having sex with animals is wrong because they can’t consent to sex, Jamieson noted that animals also don’t consent to “being ground into all-beef patties,” and accused Roach of “taking animal love to extremes,” for seeking to outlaw bestiality.

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  1. This article does bring up an important point: If we reduce ourselves to mere animals how can we have any God-given responsibilities as stewards of nature, and not mindless beasts?

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