Abortion rhymes with death

Townhall.com Jonah Goldberg Jun 16, 2006

A Princeton professor Robert George, one of America’s leading moral philosophers, recently visited the Vatican for an audience with the Pope. He faced an age-old dilemma: “What’s a good gift for the Pope?” This time the answer was obvious. He gave him Ramesh Ponnuru’s new book, “The Party of Death.”

Ponnuru, my close friend and colleague at National Review, has written the first serious pro-life book for a general audience in decades. It is a humane, sustained and, most of all, respectful argument about respecting life from abortion, eugenics and euthanasia.

“Respectful!?” I can hear the shrieking now. “It’s called The Party … of … Death.” Indeed, the mere title has enraged some to the point of distraction. Time’s in-house blogger, Andrew Sullivan, spent days denouncing both Ponnuru and the book while admitting he hadn’t read a word.

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