Sleeping pill wakes men in vegetative state

Ed. Deep coma is something we know so little about and to argue that people suffering from the malady are as good as dead is nothing more than a presumptuous display of the deepest ignorance. Culture of death advocates won’t be swayed because they love death more than life. Others would do well to take pause however.

The Guardian Sarah Boseley May 23, 2006

A drug commonly used as a sleeping pill appears to have had a miraculous effect on brain-damaged patients who have been in a permanent vegetative state for years, arousing them to the point where some are able to speak to their families, scientists report today.

The dramatic improvement occurs within 20 minutes of taking the drug, Zolpidem, and wears off after around four hours – at which point the patients return to their permanent vegetative state, according to a paper published in the medical journal NeuroRehabilitation.

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