Liberal Fundamentalism

Wall Street Journal Online Monday, May 16, 2005 12:01 a.m. EDT

Who are the intolerant extremists?

(Editor’s note: The editorial appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 13, 1984.)

We have been following the extensive theological commentary in the press on the subject of politics and religion in the current presidential campaign. It might not otherwise have occurred to us that so many editorialists and columnists harbored so many deep, pent-up opinions on religious worship, voluntary school prayer or Christian fundamentalism.

What we have been looking for but have so far missed in this great awakening of religious writing is a short sermon on the subject of liberal fundamentalism. And so in the spirit of Samuel Johnson, who once wrote homilies for his church pastor so as not to fall asleep during Sunday services, we would like to offer a few thoughts on what has been far and away the most messianic religion in America the past two decades–liberal politics.


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