The War Democrats Believe In

By Don Feder | October 20, 2004

The Democrats have been characterized as a party of peace marchers and flag-burners — a Neville Chamberlain cadre chattering away on cable TV, knee-jerk internationalists who’ve mistaken the United Nations for the United States Marines.

I must protest this calumny.

Under the right circumstances, the Democrats can be Sgt. York and Audie Murphy times Rambo. There was a little war of which Democrats are exceedingly fond — so much so that they’re still bragging about it five years later.

It’s a conflict that didn’t involve allegations of weapons of mass destruction. The nation we subjugated wasn’t a sponsor of international terrorism. (This time, we fought for the terrorists.)

It wasn’t remotely related to national security. And the justification for our intervention turned out to be a complete fabrication.

For 78 days in 1999, we bombed Christian Yugoslavia (our ally in two World Wars) to aid Moslem separatists who were tight with Osama bin Laden. Ever since, NATO has occupied its sovereign territory — with disastrous results.

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2 thoughts on “The War Democrats Believe In”

  1. This topic came up during a radio show today, and the guest, an editor for the New Republic, got very upset when the issue of Kosovo mass graves was even questioned (that alone tells me that these are the right questions to ask).

    So this afternoon I tried to find information on the Kosovo mass graves. I did a Google search (sorry, I don’t have a lot of time for in depth research) from which come the following:

    Holbrook visits Kosovo mass graves to “bear witness” , which refers to 100 bodies in a “suspected mass grave”.
    19 bodies exhumed from Kosovo mass graves
    Kosovo mass grave uncovered , which refers to a grave from which 15 out of possibly 90 bodies had been exhumed.

    So is Mr. Feder a denier of mass graves in Kosovo? Maybe not, The Globe & Mail, not exactly a conservative news source, reports that the mass graves claims should not have been believed.

    I should point out that the reports linked above are rather different from what one finds if searching for information on Iraqi mass graves . Now we’re not talking about 100, 90 or 19, but thousands in mass grave after mass grave after mass grave.

    This is all complicated stuff, and I’m uncomfortable boiling it down to body counts. For me the issue is Old Media’s free pass given to Democrats. That is what I find very disturbing. In this political silly season, why have we heard nothing from the media on Kerry’s support for indiscriminate bombing in Kosovo during the Clinton Administration? Wouldn’t one think that kind of information is relevant when a man who wants to be POTUS?

  2. It should be noted that Bob Dole was agitating for this military action in Kosovo for years before it happened. Mr. Dole, some may recall, was the Republican presidential candidate who lost to Mr. Clinton in 1996. So while criticisms of the war may be just, the suggestion that they were just “wag the dog” foolishness are a bit over the top.

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