George Demos: We Must Rebuild Orthodox Church at Ground Zero

George Demos
George Demos
8/3/2010 – Anastasios Papapostolou –

Greek-American Conservative Republican Candidate for Congress in the First District of New York George Demos appeared on Fox News recently. Demos called on The Port Authority’s Executive Director Chris Ward to immediately stop his bureaucratic roadblocks and that the rebuilding of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church at Ground Zero must be a top priority.

Demos stated that it was disgraceful that the Port Authority of New York/ New Jersey reniged on a deal with Church officials and for over a year has refused to meet with the leaders of the only house of worship actually destroyed on September 11, 2001. Demos noted that our government is spending billions of dollars to rebuild the infrastructure of Ground Zero, yet no plan exists for rebuilding the Church. Demos reiterated that our Judeo-Christian values are under attack in our nation and that rebuilding the Church transcends any particular denomination.

Demos also renewed his call to investigate the sources of funding for the newly proposed mosque near Ground Zero, given the serious questions about the background of the mosque proponents.

Demos concluded that we owe it to the memory of the 3,000 victims of September 11, 2001 including the 168 from Suffolk County; many of whom prayed at St. Nicholas, to rebuild the Church.

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8 thoughts on “George Demos: We Must Rebuild Orthodox Church at Ground Zero

  1. Finally, an upright man in office who cherishes the values this country was built upon. Kudos to you George Demos!!! I’m with you and many others are too, I believe.


  2. Good show Mr Demos,good luck on your campaign. New York is fortunate to have a person of your caliber to run for the office you are seeking.

  3. I would like you to keep also an eye on the donations that have been collected for the rebuilding
    of the Orthodox Church at Ground Zero.

  4. As Americans we should hope that both projects could go forward. Our country was founded on religious freedom for ALL! Not just for Christians or Jews. And if that isn’t enough, should we tear down all the churches near the site of the Oklahoma Federal Building since a Christian bombed it? Let us be reasonable and remember that not all Muslims are terrorists, just as not all Christians (even Orthodox Christians) are saints.
    “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

  5. Eleni…I fear that you miss the point. Islam is not merely a religion, but it is also a social and political ideology as well as a legal system that is antithetical to a democratic republic. To be blunt, it is inherently incompatible with our government and the concept of liberty. The very thing you wish to extend to Muslums (religious liberty) is something that their “faith” seeks to stamp out. So few understand what we’re dealing with when it comes to Islam because they categorize it as merely a religion. It is not. The goal (and danger) of Islam is to convert the world to its viewpoint and way of life using legal and political means. Look at every country in the world where Muslums are a majority and you will find violent persecution of all other religions.

  6. One does not have to be a Republican or an Orthodox Christian — I am neither — to agree with you 100%; this church needs to be rebuilt before other, newer, projects are being considered.

  7. Eleni,

    It seems you must have been educated in Greece, where like most of Europe, and increasingly in the U.S. and Canada, liberalism has warped your mind. EVERYWHERE Islam has spread, Christians have been virtually wiped out. Remember March 25? Yes that Greek Independence Day that you probably are aware of? Well the Greeks were slaves to the MUSLIM Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) for 400 YEARS. They were considered Dhimmis, which for your liberal brain-washed mind, is ISLAMIC-SANCTIONED SECOND CLASS CITIZENSHIP. What? well my dear sister, because it is straight from the KORAN. Yes that holy book that Muslims (and the folks who crashed the airplanes into the twin towers) inspires those to KILL THE INFIDEL.

    Before you tell me about the peaceful versus, know that the KORAN is not sorted chronologically like the Bible. Instead there is a doctrine of Abrogation which means the peaceful versus (Mecca period), that fools like you reference, have been canceled by the later violent ones (Medina period). Read some history and you will also find that Orthodoxy is virtually BANNED in Turkey. What? Name one new church in an Islamic country. Better yet, find a Bible in the open Islamic market. You won’t my dear sister because it is BANNED.

    Yes, many Muslims are not terrorists because fortunately they don’t follow the Koran. The let’s love one another, peaceful, let’s all get along, is proof that Christ is in our midst and if they would only be exposed to the Bible by people like you instead of propagating and aiding the myth at how Christianity has damaged Islam you may in the end be saving your future family generations from the slaughter in the name of Islam. By the way, McVeigh was not motivated by the Bible, you simple-minded, brain-washed idiot, but by his hate for the U.S. Government. There is an ABSOLUTE DIFFERENCE between someone who is of a particular religion that commits a crime, and someone that commits murder because his holy book says it is OK (and be rewarded in heaven) like in the KORAN. I challenge you to find one verse in the Bible that says to kill the unbelievers.

    Before you mention the Crusades, know that the Orthodox suffered tremendously at their hands. In addition, there were no Crusades in Egypt, Indonesia, the Philippines, the Sudan, and Chechnya were Muslims are waging war again non-Muslims. It’s the U.S. fault? You ignorant fool of history, the U.S. wasn’t even around when within a 100 years of Islam’s prophet Mohammed (7th century), the Islamic sword was slaughtering and conquering non-Muslims. Do us all a favor and for once read the Bible, the writings of the Church Fathers to include St John of Damascus who labeled Islam as the 101st Heresy. You will see how your warped liberal mind is enabling Islam to turn you into a Dhimmi in the Western world. Then again, maybe that’s what you want. Fool!

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