British Bishops Urge ‘Carbon Fast’ for Lent

AOI | by Fr. Johannes Jacobse | Feb. 16, 2010

LONDON (AP) — Several prominent Anglican British bishops are urging Christians to keep their carbon consumption in check this Lent. The 40-day period of penitence before Easter typically sees observant Catholics, Anglicans, and Orthodox Christians give up meat, alcohol or chocolates

But this year’s initiative aims to convince those observing Lent to try a day without an iPod or mobile phone in a bid to reduce the use of electricity — and thus trim the amount of carbon dioxide spewed into the atmosphere.

Bishop of London Rev. Richard Chartres said that the poorest people in developing countries were the hardest hit by man-made climate change.

He said Tuesday that the ”Carbon Fast” was ”an opportunity to demonstrate the love of God in a practical way.”


What utter foolishness and lukewarm thinking! No wonder so many churches and Christian hierarchs have stopped being the salt of the earth they are called to be.

Tragically, their functions as bishops is to Discern the Truth in all matters of faith and life. If they believe in the giant hoax of the “man generated CO2 causing global warming” that has been exposed for the outrageous lie that it is, then what does that say about their ability to discern reality and truth in general.

Also, don’t lenten foods generate more human C02 and methane “emissions” than a meat-rich diet? Doesn’t that cause a “moral conflict” for these Anglican bishops?