Orthodox Priest Who Converted Muslims Murdered in Russia


RIA Novosti | Nov. 20, 2009

A Russian Orthodox priest, Fr. Daniel Sysoyev, who carried out missionary work among immigrants from ex-Soviet republics, many of them Muslims, received over a dozen death threats before his murder on Thursday, a Russian paper said.

Fr. Daniel of St. Thomas Church in Moscow foresaw his death, writing in his internet diary that he had received telephone threats from Muslims. Fr. Daniel’s evening ‘talks’ for inquirers included several especially designed for Muslims.

Daniel Sysoyev, 34, was shot dead by a masked gunman in St. Thomas Church in southern Moscow on Thursday evening. The killer entered the church, asked for Sysoyev by name, and opened fire with a pistol at close range. The priest was hit in the head and died later in hospital. His assistant was badly wounded in the attack.

“The main theory is that religious motives are behind the crime,” a spokesman for the investigating committee of the Prosecutor-General’s Office said in comments broadcast on the Rossiya state-run TV channel.

The Komsomolskaya Pravda paper said on Friday that Sysoyev had revealed in a recent interview with one of its journalists that he had received 14 death threats by phone and email.

“They’ve threatened to cut my head off 14 times,” the paper quoted the priest as saying. “The FSB [Federal Security Service] got in touch with me a year ago to say they had uncovered a murder plot against me.”

Sysoyev also told the paper that in the past year, his church had “christened 80 Muslims, among them Tatars, Uzbeks, Chechens and Dagestanis.”

He was also quoted as saying that other Orthodox priests were “afraid” to carry out missionary work among Muslim immigrants.

“They are afraid of revenge from the Muslim world,” he said.

Sysoyev also worked with people seeking to quit religious sects, and Russian State Duma MPs asked on Friday for more information on the groups involved.

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Boris Yakemenko is rather naive. This is unfortunately an all too common fate of those who work for converts amongst the followers of the Religion of Peace.

“Blessed are those, who are persecuted for righteousness sake,
For great is their reward in Heaven”. Glory To God.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

As the translator of the Yakemenko piece, I shall say openly that not only is Dave naive, he is ignorant of the Russian scene. Fr Daniil’s murder is only the last in a series of terrorist attacks on clergymen… most of whom were Muslim (as Professor Roman Silantyev ably points up in earlier writings on such attacks)! He sounds like someone addicted to Right-wing Talk Radio, I fear.

In any case… Mr Yakemenko’s comments are not focused on Islam… they are focused on the spiritual degeneration in contemporary society… there is NO mention of Islam whatsoever. Dave has an unhealthy hatred of Muslims deep-down… there is no doubt that there are Muslim terrorists, but, not quite so many as the looney-right (who are just as bad as the looney-left) would have you believe.

In any case, the crime is being investigated by the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is headed by General Rashid Gumarovich Nurgaliyev, a Tatar Muslim and patriotic Russian (indeed, he served most of his career in the militsiya in Karelia (no Muslim hotbed that). Dave should withdraw his statement… it’s not in accordance with the facts.

If you have trouble with a Russian topic… don’t hesitate to e-mail me… I’ll do what I can!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo
Voices From Russia
Art and Faith

My other site is focused on Russian art… why not give it a look… search for “Pavel Korin” in the search-box… I think that it’ll be your cup of tea. Look especially at my article on his magnum opus, A Farewell to Rus. THAT says it all.

Sorry Barbara, but this is not about “right wing” radio. As an Arab Christians who has lived under the tyranny of Islam and this is EXACTLY how they react when any Christian dared to preach to Muslims. Many of my family and friends saw countless instances of similar Orthodox Christian priests and missionaries who were murdered for daring to speak of Christ. Also, many Muslim converts to Orthodoxy are threatened and slaughtered. That is the truth! Stop trying to create the impression that we’re exaggerating.


Speaking like a typical dhimmi. As long as you pay the jizya tax you feel that the muslims will leave you alone, history has proven otherwise.

Islam has only spread through terrorism and the endless slaughter of christians, jews buddhists, hindus and whatnot.

This was an act of jihad.

Why are there not people of other faiths in saudi arabia openly practicing their faiths?

Typical semitic ideology, what’s ours is ours and what’s yours is up for grabs.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sorry. Your version doesn’t fit the facts as reported in the Russian news media or as Russian friends have described it. For example, Daniil Alekseyevich was not merely a polemicist against Islam… his thesis for his kanditatura was on the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists. Another one of his books was entitled A Walk from the Protestant to the Orthodox Church.

No… I do not accept your argument for it does not correspond to the facts. No… I am not an “apologist” for Islam. No… none of you appear to have the slightest knowledge of the situation that exists in Orthodox-Muslim relations in Russia.

Daniil Alekseyevich was murdered by an unknown assailant. The M.O. is very similar to that used in the assassinations of Orthodox priests and Muslim imams over the past few years. If you were familiar with the Russian press, you would know this.

I stand by my statement… it is based on a long knowledge and experience of the Russian scene. Anyone who screams that the murder of Daniil Alekseyevich is Muslim revenge is a bloody fool and I say so openly. Only a person ignorant of who Daniil Alekseyevich was could say such. Lord, have mercy!

One need not be familiar with the scene specifically in Russia to recognize the likelihood that Muslims murdered this priest.

Around the world, Muslims often murder those that disagree with their religion. Even more so when a Christian leads someone out of the abyss of Islam. Even more so when that leader is a Christian pastor/priest.

The fact that the murder took place in a church is an obvious hint that it was most likely motivated by (a rival) religion.

It appalls me that there are people eager to apologize for a religion that would quickly slaughter them when it becomes convenient (just as Lenin and Stalin did with their “useful idiots”). And, some of those people are in official positions. For example, less than a half-hour after the Fort Hood massacre — and long before any investigation had fully begun, much less finished — a spokesman for the FBI was quick to tell the Lamestream News Media that the event “was not an act of terrorism”. They said the same thing after the shoot-down of Flight 800, and when a Muslim drove his car into a crowd of students on a university sidewalk (while shouting “Allahu akhbar!”), and when a Muslim murdered Jews outside a synagogue, etc., etc.

Here in the United States, this Islamist-based murder would pass what we call “the duck test”.
(If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck.)

Some people also try to make the lame argument that “we all worship the same god”. Ha! If that were true, then why do Muslims refer to Jews and Christians as pigs and monkeys, and why do they try to kill as many of us as possible? Answer: because their god tells them to murder us!

Lord have mercy.

Tom Kovach
Mount Juliet, TN
(near Nashville)

Barbara has the spiel down pat. Blame everything on “talk radio”, look for moral equivalence everywhere, and always, and forever, deny, deny, deny the fact that these kinds of killings are a global phenomena occurring everywhere there are Muslims. They kill each other (“honor” killings), they kill cartoonists, they kill priests, they kill Christians, they kill Buddhists, they kill Jews. They kill, they kill, they kill and after a short break sitting down to read the Holy Quran (which urges them to kill, kill, kill) they kill some more.

In every country on earth they are at war. In those cases where they are in majority, they are at war with each other.

There has never, ever, been such a consistently violent religion as the Religion of Peace.

I respectfully disagree.

Islam is a religion. It is simply a religion to the wrong god — a false god.

(Allah is the ancient moon-god of Mesopotamia. He is the son of their sun-god, Baal. Yes, that is the same Baal that is mentioned frequently in the Old Testament.)

For more detail on this, and many other things, please read my book: Tribulation: 2008.
(click here)

I’m glad to see, though, that so many Orthodox Christians take their faith seriously enough to be willing to challenge Islam. This is refreshing, as compared to the mealy-mouthed approach that so many modern “Christians” in the United States take to the encroachment by a religion that openly seeks world domination via forceful subjugation. We cannot take our faith seriously and still have “Rodney King syndrome” (“Can’t we all just get along?”) with regard to Islam.

Fr Daniil was a greatly brave young man who believed in Jesus Christ very sincerely, which is a very rare case today. He put God in the center of his life, and he was not afraid to follow Him as far as it is required in the Bible. Not too many people read the Bible with open hearts anymore, unfortunately. I think Barbara needs to rethink her understanding of Christianity if she can so easily criticize the priest murdered in the Christian Church, priest who was not afraid to preach Jesus Christ to muslims (because he said it is a sin to exclude them from preaching just because of the fear to face prosecution from them).

Yes, he was no tolerable. He did not like the word: “tolerance”. He said in one of his interviews: do you know what does tolerance mean in medical settings? It means a lack of immunity, and tolerance is a sign of serious sickness. It happens when people have cancer, AIDs… Our society is very dangerously sick. We don’t know our faith anymore, we lack strong faith in God (even if most people think otherwise), because our society does not live based on moral values, but we live material oriented lives. We, as Christians, have to remember what Bible tells us, and remember that faith without actions is DEAD. We have to put GOD as a purpose of our life, we have to remember that our life here is very contemporary…

Muslims want us to be tolerant to them. But what it means? They sued me for my book where I encourage christian girls to avoid marriage with muslims. Muslims said this book creates hatred between christians and muslims. My book was published for christian audience, it was distributed through churches’ bookstores. What rights muslims have to tell me, Christian priest, what I should tell to my godchildren for their good? I don’t ask to use violence, I just explain the difference between us and that such serious decision in christian life as marriage should be made on safe grounds between people who have same values, otherwise there would be a tragedy, and the victim (almost always) will be the christian person.

Another example: In disputes with muslims, I openly say that my religion is right and their is wrong and give them my reasonings. Muslims get mad, and want me to be quiet. Why should I be quiet? I have right to believe in my God, and anybody who believes in different God would also think that their religion is true and best. I have no problem to hear the same things from muslims about Allah. But if my arguments are stronger and they feel defeated they don’t give me arguments anymore, but just threaten to kill me if I don’t get quiet. But Jesus Christ said: DO NOT BE AFRAID. And that’s why I’m not.

Muslims want to control what Christians should believe, say and teach among christians. I don’t believe in such tolerance. True believers are never tolerant, because the TRUTH is one. And person who believes in God (in any religion) is never tolerant to agree in his heart with other gods.

Christianity asks us to tell nonbelievers about true God, but it is up to the people to accept our teaching or not, because our God wants only those who want to chose Him freely. We don’t force our religion on others, we respect their free choice. But muslims do force people to convert, and kill the people who chose to convert from Islam to Christianity….

We have no rights to be tolerant today, we have to follow Christ sincerely, and to protect our faith in our hearts. We have to grow good seeds in our hearts and prepare for future eternal life with hot hearts. We can not tolerate wrong values FOR OUR LIVES, we have to reject them if we want to be true Christians.-

This is my understanding of one of his interview. He was so young priest, far from politics and judicial systems. He was sued by muslims multiple times, threatened by them (he wrote in his internet journal last month: my muslim friends with their “religion of true peace” again threatened to cut my head off today…). He believed that he will be a martyr one day… And he was a true Father that saved lives of many… And many are missing him now… May God rest his soul in peace! Please pray for him!

I translated half (I’m still working on it) of his last sermon:

Dear Antonina,

Thank you for your translations of Fr Daniil’s words; I believe as time goes on more and more of his works will be translated from Russian into other languages. If you keep providing English translations then I will be very grateful, and make sure his message reaches a wider audience.

Dear Alexey,

Thank you too for your translations!


his thesis for his kanditatura was on the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists. Another one of his books was entitled A Walk from the Protestant to the Orthodox Church.

Wow, I’ve missed the news reports on all the Witnesses, Adventists and Protestants committing violence against Orthodox Christians. The media must be biased against Muslims, because I haven’t heard of any other than the Muslims doing all the bombing, assassinating, beating, and killing. I will be more attentive.

Peace on earth, Good Will toward man.

To quote GK Chesterton, “Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.”