EWTN Catholic Network Being “Cautious”

Lifesite John-Henry Westen

Network cites Canadian hate crimes law as reason for not releasing program in Canada

Two days ago, LifeSiteNews was forwarded a firestorm of emails from faithful Catholics in Canada regarding the world’s largest Catholic media network – Eternal Word Television Network – not airing programs on homosexuality in Canada and Europe.  The emails referred to an exchange between a Canadian viewer of the network and a producer at the network.

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Craven at the BBC

The New Criterion

In their continuing effort to raise consciousness, spread enlightenment, and deprecate the traditions that made Britain Britain, the BBC has posted extensive information on major world religions on their internet site (www.bbc.co.uk/religion). A friend directed us to the section on Islam. It makes instructive reading for anyone wishing to chart the progress of the virus of multiculturalism—that odd compact of self-righteousness, nihilism, and pusillanimity—in elite British society.

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The New Counterculture

Meet Rod Dreher, a conservative who is critical of capitalism.

Wall Street Opinion Journal GEORGE H. NASH Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Rod Dreher, a columnist and editor at the Dallas Morning News, is a self-confessed member of the vast right-wing conspiracy. As a lapsed Protestant who converted to Roman Catholicism several years ago, he is an unabashed religious and social conservative. He has little use for the morally relativist and libertine tendencies of modern liberalism. Too often, he says, “the Democrats act like the Party of Lust.”

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Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church might form alliance

Porto Alegre, 17:04


Liberal reforms in Protestant churches, allowing female clergy and same-sex marriage may prompt Orthodox churches to consider a tactical alliance with Roman Catholicism to defend traditional Christian values, Russian Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev told journalists in the Brazilian town of Porto Alegre.

“The gap between the traditional wing, represented mainly by Orthodox churches and the Roman Catholic Church, and the liberal wing, represented by many Protestant churches, is only growing day by day,” he said



Moral climate change in Britain

WASHINGTON BUREAU: Terry Mattingly’s religion column for 2/15/06.

One of the demonstrators was a small child with a placard that said, “Whoever insults the prophet kill him.” Another marcher wore a suicide bomber costume.

Other signs in London said: “Behead those who insult Islam,” “Europeans take a lesson from 9/11” and “Prepare for the REAL Holocaust.” The organizer of the Feb. 3 event told the BBC that he looked forward to the day when “the black flag of Islam will be flying over Downing Street.”

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Gay Episcopal Bishop Seeks Treatment for Alcoholism

New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church, is undergoing treatment for his “increasing dependence on alcohol,” Robinson said in a letter to the 49 churches in his diocese.

Robinson, 58, voluntarily checked himself into an undisclosed facility on Feb. 1 for a four-week stay. Robinson said in the letter, dated Monday (Feb. 13), that he had the support of his partner, Mark Andrew, and his two daughters.



A Pragmatic Heresy

Robert Woodson applies tested, anti-liberal principles to combating inner-city violence.

ROBERT WOODSON is the founder and head of the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise (NCNE). A former civil rights activist and community organizer, he is one of the many 1960s-era liberals who was mugged by reality. In Woodson’s case, it was the reality that the civil rights movement had become a middle-class cause with little relevance to impoverished neighborhoods.

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Dissolving Marriage

If everything is marriage, then nothing is.

Canada, you don’t know the half of it. In mid-January, Canada was rocked by news that a Justice Department study had called for the decriminalization and regulation of polygamy. Actually, two government studies recommended decriminalizing polygamy. (Only one has been reported on.) And even that is only part of the story. Canadians, let me be brutally frank. You are being played for a bunch of fools by your legal-political elite. Your elites mumble a confusing jargon to your face to keep you from understanding what they really have in mind.

Language Exam

Let’s try a little test. Translate the following phrases into English:

  1. Canada needs to move “beyond conjugality.”
  2. Canada needs to “reconsider the continuing legal privileging of marriage and other conjugal relationships.”
  3. Once gay marriage is legalized, Canada will be able to “consider whether the legal privileges and burdens now assigned to marriage and other conjugal relationships can be justified.”
  4. Canada needs to question “whether conjugality is an appropriate marker for determining legal rights and obligations.”

[Answers: The English translation of #1,# 2, and #4 is: “Canada should abolish marriage.” The translation of #3 is: “Once we legalize gay marriage, we can move on to the task of abolishing marriage itself.”]



Italian Lawyers Asked to Prove Jesus Existed

Friday, January 20, 2006

ROME — Lawyers for a small-town parish priest have been ordered to appear in court next week after the Roman Catholic cleric was accused of unlawfully asserting what many people take for granted: that Jesus Christ existed.

The Rev. Enrico Righi was named in a 2002 complaint filed by Luigi Cascioli after Righi wrote in a parish bulletin that Jesus did indeed exist, and that he was born of a couple named Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem and lived in Nazareth.

Cascioli, a lifelong atheist, claims that Righi violated two Italian laws by making the assertion: so-called “abuse of popular belief” in which someone fraudulently deceives people; and “impersonation” in which someone gains by attributing a false name to someone.

Cascioli says that for 2,000 years the Roman Catholic Church has been deceiving people by furthering the fable that Christ existed, and says the church has been gaining financially by impersonating as Christ someone by the name of John of Gamala, the son of Judas from Gamala.more


Episcopal bishop removes priest in dispute over gay clergy

Ed. note: This article manages to say everything except the most obvious point that the priest got removed because he objects to the Robinson, the gay bishop.

STEPHEN SINGER Associated Press Writer January 14, 2006

HARTFORD, Conn. — The bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut on Saturday removed a priest from his duties in a clash over the elevation of a gay bishop in New Hampshire.

Connecticut Bishop Andrew D. Smith stripped Mark H. Hansen, formerly of St. John’s Church in Bristol, “of the right to exercise the office of priest in the Episcopal church.”

Smith acted six months after Hansen’s “inhibition,” or suspension, that began July 13.

“It’s a very sad day,” Smith said in an interview Saturday.

Diocesan officials said last year that Hansen was suspended because he took an unauthorized sabbatical and St. John’s had stopped making payments on a loan for its building. Hansen maintained he notified Smith about his plans.
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‘Gay horse’ case dropped


AN OXFORD University student who called a policeman’s horse “gay” will not be prosecuted.

But police stood by their decision to take him to court for “homophobic comments” after the Crown Prosecution Service yesterday dropped the case.

Sam Brown, 21, from Belfast, approached the mounted officer during a night out in Oxford after his final exams last May, and said: “Excuse me, do you realise your horse is gay?” Moments later, two police cars appeared and he was arrested under the Public Order Act.more


The Lion in Winter: Why ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ is Winning Over America

How did a movie about crusaders, a sacrificial lion and talking beavers gross $67 million in its opening weekend? The not-so-unlikely marriage of Hollywood and C.S. Lewis.

By John Zmirak

What did you do this past weekend? I spent part of mine in a Times Square theater full of adult Manhattanites at a movie with talking beavers. And a perky 8-year-old English girl with crooked teeth. And a cute widdle goat boy named Tumnus. No hunks on screen, no babes, and nary a kiss. The only “hot” woman in the movie was a six-foot-plus satanic witch with blonde dredlocks, and a kinky habit of torturing centaurs. The film’s stars were teens and children, but there wasn’t one kid in the audience. Nor were these moviegoers bused in from some Evangelical church—there were too many women wearing black, holding hands with Nader voters. I wondered aloud if this was a bunch of stoners—but sniffed around in vain for a whiff of the banished herb. Nobody snorted at the moments of outright Christian allegory, or scoffed at the galloping satyrs. Only one person even got up to go to the bathroom. These urbanites sat, spellbound, for more than two hours, some with tears on their cheeks, and at the end they burst into applause. At last I had to face the fact: New Yorkers are into Narnia.

So are Americans: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe made $67 million in its opening weekend, covering almost half its costs, and received glowing reviews from most major papers, including the Logos-phobic New York Times. (Only the lowbrow New York Post and drab suburban Newsday disagreed.) Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is a hit—and the prospect of six more Narnia movies, to compete with the Harry Potter franchise and drive C.S. Lewis all the way up the bestseller lists. Look for Lewis sections to spring up in the bookstores, crowding up against the Tolkien shelves, in a veritable onslaught of Oxford Christian whimsy. It helps that so many of the writers who review the movies grew up on the Narnia books, and still remember fondly the moments of imaginative epiphany they provoked.



Feminist group to re-think major faiths

A group of progressive female theologians of various faiths in Germany formed a religious group to reflect on their traditions from a feminist perspective.
The Inter-religious Conference of European Women Theologians is a conglomeration of Muslim, Christian and Jewish women who want to take religious interpretation into their own hands, Deutsche Welle reported Tuesday.
“Until now, dialogue among women in the church was kept at the level of exchanging recipes or pouring each other tea,” said Rabeya Muller[German convert to Islam], one of the group’s founders.


Navy Chaplain Goes on Hunger Strike Outside White House Over Uniformed Prayer Rules

Thursday, December 22, 2005

WHITE HOUSE — It’s almost Christmas, and U.S. Navy chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt is on a hunger strike that includes nightly prayers outside the White House.

Lieutenant Klingenschmitt, an Evangelical Episcopal priest, says he won’t eat until President Bush signs an executive order allowing military chaplains to pray according to their beliefs.

Klingenschmitt, who began his fast on Tuesday, says Navy admirals have told him that he can’t pray publicly in Jesus’ name unless he’s wearing civilian clothes. He’s continuing to pray as the Bible says Jesus instructed, but not in uniform.