Imagine Abortion Was a Terrible Disease

An Orthodox priest places the horrors and evil of Abortion in their proper perspective. | Fr. Jason Kappanadze | Aug. 13, 2008

There is evil, injustice, pain, suffering and unfairness everywhere, and our Christian hearts must be wounded by all of it. But would you consider the argument that the worst of these is abortion?

Imagine if a terrible disease began to spread through the country, resulting in 50,000,000 suffering deaths — the equivalent of 1,851 OCAs. Imagine that the disease was able to mutate, avoiding every attempt to eradicate it, and able to appear in different forms at will so as to infect as many victims as possible. What if there was no end in sight for this death machine? Would the headlines or office talk be about health insurance, or global warming, or distribution of wealth? I think not!

Wouldn’t the human race come together against the plague? Wouldn’t we try to protect our fellow human beings from the many forms of this infection? Wouldn’t we be beating down the doors of government and science to find a cure and take this curse away from us?

Or would we extol and promote those who eloquently offered the disease as a good thing, a compassionate thing, a valid choice for a civilized human being, progress for the human race? “If elected, I will protect and defend your right to choose to be infected and die.” (40,000 people rise to their feet cheering). How would we regard charismatic leaders who encouraged us to breed the very disease that would eventually wipe out not only baby but the innocent prisoner and unwanted grandma, too, as if God’s willful gift of life could be recycled?

I’m burdened with a very simple, aging mind containing no nuance by which to justify the unjustifiable, or to make it just one of many problems.

Thanks for listening,

Fr. Jason Kappanadze
Elmira Heights, NY

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