Gay priests’ lovers to get pensions

From London Telegraph Online:

The Church of England is to grant partners of homosexual clergy who have registered under the Government’s new civil partnership scheme the same pension rights as clergy spouses.

The disclosure, made at the General Synod last night, could prove an embarrassment to the bishops because sexually active homosexuals are theoretically barred from the priesthood.

Only a few homosexual clergy have so far risked facing censure by publicly declaring that they are living in same-sex unions, but the prospect of gaining pension rights for their partners may prove an incentive for many more to “come out”.

The bishops plan to issue a letter for the guidance of clergy and others before the Act comes into force.


Heresy case pressed against Kerry.

This is an internal to Roman Catholicism but interesting nevertheless. A Catholic lawyer is pressing a case against Kerry, Kennedy, and others who wrongly portray Catholic teaching on abortion. I’m not quite sure how a heresy case can be pressed against a lay person given that they don’t represent the Catholic teaching in any formal (canonical) way. The right order would be correction by the Bishops, ISTM.


Famous Atheist Now Believes in God

Associated Press

NEW YORK – A British philosophy professor who has been a leading champion of atheism for more than a half-century has changed his mind. He now believes in God – more or less – based on scientific evidence, and says so on a video released Thursday.

At age 81, after decades of insisting belief is a mistake, Antony Flew has concluded that some sort of intelligence or first cause must have created the universe. A super-intelligence is the only good explanation for the origin of life and the complexity of nature, Flew said in a telephone interview from England.
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‘UK church faces life underground’ Top cleric sees implosion, persecution coming

World Net Daily
© 2004

Christianity in Great Britain is imploding, fragmenting and will soon be driven underground, says a senior adviser to Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

Jayne Ozanne told Williams and Archbishop of York David Hope that a time of great persecution for the church is coming, reports the Times of London.

In a private report to the pair, Ozanne warned the outlook for the church was not good – that it would continue to implode and self-destruct over homosexual clergy and other issues. She says that its future will be one of an underground movement comparable to resistance movements during World War II.
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The Democrats’ Self-Created Hell: The ‘Godless’ cannot win

By Richard A. Viguerie and David Franke
Richard A. Viguerie and David Franke are the authors of “America’s Right Turn: How Conservatives Used New and Alternative Media to Take Power” (Bonus Books, July 2004).

November 15, 2004
John F. Kerry is hardly the first politician to be rejected by religious Americans for failing to measure up to their standards.
There was Thomas Paine, for instance, the pamphleteering superstar of 1776, whose ‘Common Sense” — published in January of that year — lighted the fuse that became the American Revolution. By December, the brash optimism with which the war had started was facing the chilling reality of Valley Forge. Paine came through again with “The Crisis,” which Gen. George Washington read to his troops before they successfully attacked the Hessians in Trenton with their morale restored by Paine’s passionate call to arms.
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Anglicans to ban gay bishops?

The Anglican Church will order its world leaders to sign an unbreakable covenant forbidding the ordination of openly gay bishops, according to British reports.

The covenant will be unveiled in a long-awaited report, in an effort to heal a deep rift in the church over the issue of homosexuality.

The Church’s 38 provinces would be made to sign a “unity agreement”, preventing the ordination of openly gay bishops such as Gene Robinson, who was consecrated in the United States last year.
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Father Pat’s Pastoral Ponderings

By Fr. Patrick Reardon

It is well known that commerce tends to dominate the transmission of culture across geographical divides and ethnic lines. It is the merchants, arriving from afar, who chiefly barter the achievements and accoutrements of diverse civilizations; it is businessmen who tie the world together.

Knowing this, we are hardly surprised to learn that history’s earliest examples of shared international vocabulary—words and phrases commonly adopted across deep linguistic divisions—derived from the lexicon of commerce. The traveling salesman, as he transported his commodities, transmitted also the terms of trade. When merchandise made its way across the world, mercantile expressions tagged along, if only in the sense of a price tag. As the products became common, so did the words.
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The Evil at Beslan

For those who remain confused about whether the terror perpetrated at Beslan was evil…

They Knifed Babies, They Raped Girls

Nothing justifies or excuses this. No “cause” can explain or soften the brutality displayed. In Orthodox theology evil has no ontological reality, it does not exist as an entity unto itself. It cannot be rationalized or explained. It can only be named. Evil is moral chaos, represented in scripture as the swirling waters that drown life. (Now we may begin to understand what Christ entering the waters at baptism is really about.) Beslan is complete and utter moral chaos, a depravity drawn from the dark nights of Dachau, Lubyanka, or the killing fields of Cambodia.


Worth Its Salt — Can the Church Still Impact American Culture?

Although written for an Evangelical audience, the autor makes important (and insightful) points relevant to Orthodox believers as well. Thank you to for bringing the piece to our attention.

(AgapePress) – For Christians in America who believe their faith can and should have an impact on their culture, it has not been a good year.

In less than a 12-month span: The Supreme Court struck down state sodomy laws, in effect invalidating both natural law and the Judeo-Christian foundations of our nation as a sound basis for our society; The Episcopal Church consecrated an openly homosexual man as one of its bishops; The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court legalized same-sex marriage; and a halftime show on the Super Bowl — in which a pop singer’s breast was exposed — shoved in nearly everyone’s face just how debauched our pop culture has become.

Nothing that Christians or pro-family groups have done has seemed to stop American society from rushing headlong down the tracks to moral oblivion. It appears that secularism and postmodern relativism have successfully teamed up to overthrow Judeo-Christianity as the dominant philosophical force in our culture.

Read the entire article on the Agape Press website.