The making of the Christian-jihadist myth

Kathleen Parker, November 17, 2004

Following days of spin and commentary, we can confidently declare a new urban legend: George W. Bush was elected by right-wing, science-hating, vengeful Christian zealots – “revved up by rectitude,” as one pundit put it – and America is embarked on a hatchet-wielding jihad against heathens, pagans and infidels.

Colorful. But then so is pollution in certain lights. It’s also wrong and awfully ignorant coming from the side of the political spectrum that considers itself the more intelligent segment of the American population. Not only did the right wing not elect Bush – only slightly more evangelical Christians (5 percent) voted for Bush this time around than in 2000 – but Bush himself is far to the left of the so-called “moral right.”
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Can’t tell right from wrong

Rabbi Shumley Boteach
The Jerusalem Post
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The New York Times eviscerated Bill Clinton’s autobiography with a censure that would have finished off any other author…

BILL CLINTON is the product of a 1960s generation which believed authentically in love and goodness but whose intentions ultimately brought no permanent, positive change to the world. Virtually all of the great ’60s initiatives petered out with little to show for it. For all the talk about universal love and global peace, most of that generation’s idealism was jettisoned just as soon as they entered the workforce. Even Clinton ended up dismantling the welfare state once he became president, which went against the grain of the socialist idealism of his youth.
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Pope denounces “self-centered demands” for abortion and same-sex unions

(06-04) 07:58 PDT VATICAN CITY (AP) —

In his latest blunt assessment of U.S. society, Pope John Paul II on Friday denounced the acceptance of abortion and same-sex unions as “self-centered demands” erroneously depicted as human rights.

The pontiff said that “in the face of such erroneous yet pervasive thinking,” visiting U.S. bishops should stress to congregations “their special responsibility for evangelizing culture and promoting Christian values in society and public life.”
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