Embryonic Stem Cell Flop in California

Laura Ingraham | by Raymond Arroyo | Feb. 1, 2010

Without so much as a press release, Embryonic Stem Cell research is being slowly defunded by the State of California. Remember Proposition 71, the California initiative that pledged $3 billion dollars of public funds to this dubious research? Back in 2004 voters in that state bet that embryonic stem cells held the key to untold cures and therapies.

Six years later, after destroying innumerable embryos and devaluing human life, they have nothing to show for their investment. Only adult stem cell research has shown any promise. By reprogramming adult stem cells, researchers have produced astounding results; curing everything from type 1 diabetes to spinal cord injuries.

In a move to save face, the Investor’s Business Daily reports that the state via its California Institute of Regenerative Medicine has shifted most of its grant monies towards ADULT stem cell research.

After demonizing this research for years California has seen the light. Perhaps President Obama will now reconsider his federal funding of embryonic stem cell research and acknowledge what science and the state of California learned the hard way: morally objectionable embryonic stem cell research is a waste of taxpayer money.

When he lifted the Bush federal ban on funding embryonic stem cell research last year, President Obama vowed that his decisions would be made “by facts, not ideology.” The facts are now clear. Let’s see what becomes of the ideology.

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More about California’s Proposition 71 which became law back in 2004:

Church Groups Foggy Up Stem Cell Initiative
The sponsors of Proposition 71, the “California Stem Cell Research and Cures Act,” are promoting a measure that would allow researchers a constitutional right to experiment on embryonic stem cells, and equip them with almost $3 billion in public funds. The drafters of this initiative have cunningly phrased their proposition to purposely avoid using the words “embryo” or “embryonic.” Hoping to obfuscate the real biological issues at hand, supporters of Proposition 71 are deliberately trying to circumvent an honest debate on the issues and legalize research on human embryos without the public’s full understanding of the truth.


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